14 thoughts on “FROM RAPE THE THEFT?

  1. Now more than ever mi strongly believe a drugz him thief from Wally and them a pressure her so she a try everything fi get him fi either carry it back or pay fi weh him thief. Hush Wally it comes with the territory thank God yuh never dead

  2. Was this a post and delete? bc i follow her on ig and mi neva see she post this. It is here Lord!! Did she know this before she sheltered him bc if so she is complicit

  3. Theres more to the story! Why this post missing from ur wall ms red flag…cum straight an mek we know what a gwan!

  4. Wally, Wally, Wally mi did tell you in the last post if you can’t report it to police, do not report it to social media. Now you have to come clear up this story for me. Is this shortman person a rapist and you have him around your son? You say you’re not keeping any secrets for him, that shows you knew all along he is a rapist. If you are spreading false info without proof remember you have a son and karma is a bitch. If you use to sleep with him just write it off as koki payment, if the koki never nice I am standing with you if it’s a refund you are looking for. Please come sort this out for me I am very confused. Did he steal you’re va ja ja and did not pay. Whole heap a questions Wally?????

  5. Wally hope you not telling lies on this young man about rape ‘ cause that’s a serious lie and judgement to say about any man especially a black man in america. Wally if unu get mixed up ina drugs cut the lost and go or don’t call down unnecessary disgrace pon this young cause am sure he wos you good friend or your camera man at one point. No lie it’s disgraceful on Instagram how you Wally behaving.

  6. i saw it wen she first post his pic and said hes a rapist and a pedophile, and now because him screen shot it and seh him a tek it to the police she change har story an a talk bout tief wally frawty mouth corner british yuh fi gweh wid yuh liad self just because yuh lie bout rape mi don’t even believe yuh bout the tiefing story wicked gal. yuh need fi change yuh name to wally wicked damn demon

  7. Wally need fe stop, first it was rape then a tief. Tell the people dem the truth a the weed the bwoy tek and you a do tha most as if it legal. That’s the game sweetie you win some you lose some besides d bwoy was you good good propa man weh you live wid and a f**k. A Bwoy wah use to work and pay d bills same way so why d hell you come a put him pon blast because him nah retaliate you need fe stop now man. Afta you deh a sandz wid next man d man av all right fe tek it caz you good as all tek d bwoy fe clown. People no know d half a d story and a pick side with har but always memba it’s three sides to a story her side d bwoy side and d blasted truth. You a belittle d guy and a act like it was a hard working 9-5 paycheck. Go and play a motherly role to your fish son who is a queer and STOP the Effry

  8. @met the man post on his ig screen shots of texts between him an wally, a weed di man tek from har and tru she nuh want the world know she tell lie, the man seh she give him weed fi sell and 3 get mess up at $800 each so that equal to $2400 and she a seh a $8000 him tief, what a wicked gal, wally a better you did talk the truth from first instead of telling lie seh di poor man rape smh

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