1. Sam, I’m happy you admit seh you are the lil girl’s father or I wonder if she pregnant with ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR KIDS :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup it’s ABOUT TIME!!!!!! Lance need fi sue the two ah dem fi all the money him spend pon that JACKET lol poor Lance, and I maintain SAM BEEN AH SLEEP WITH ALECIA FROM 2009, Sorry Martina ah neva Chyna WHO FAH FORHEAD YUH BUSS nor the next likkle one weh did ah serve food pon him boat ride him did ah sleep with, Alecia been your matey for YEARS AND YEARS BOO them finally can go public, and yeas Shorty lil monkey she was f**king Sam when she was ur bestie and when he took ur money fi go Jamaica……. he gave it to Alecia (that’s a fact) Ah baaaayyyy :ngakak :ngakak same way Sojie took ur money and give it to the bartender Roxi then moved to Florida with ur dance money lmao better luck with Steve oo

  2. Also Sender, Alecia coulda only be “First Lady” to a germ like Samora, he knew about all of her dirty deeds, how she clean up dancehall but guess what, he was doing the same, cause if him can stick him h00d inna SHORTY him can stick him h00d in ANYTHING especially a gutter snape like Alecia, f#cking dudes in barbershop bathroom, inna dance….anywhere, I feel sorry mostly for the children cause they have a whore for a mother

  3. But no man never big up Shawty so yet???? Or that I have seen I should say. Alicia come answer us and tell us uf yuh preggos because him say “Baby Mommy” and I always thought you had one child for Lance.

    1. It’s not Lance’s baby, Like I said shes been sleeping with Sam from 2009 that lil girl belongs to Sam Gotti, is her own bestie (not shorty) talk it and did ah cus her seh she need fi get her life together.

  4. Dem a 2 of a kind den if Shawty wah style Alicia because Shawty f**king unit ravas and claiming that Steve person on social media Shawty f**k anything she’s just disgusting any man stay with her a only because she spend pon dem. Truth be told when Samora did a f**k her him label her as sister/bestie never see him label her dem wah ere a only Martina now Alicia get this so Shawty it was only about the money u did a spend pon him.

  5. 2 a dem a germs but Alicia have more pussy principle than Shawty. Shawty how u feel Alicia inna the house and u walk and chat how sam bruk. Him have his own HOUSE inna america you still living with your mother and paying Steve to stay with yu and a f**k one a mi link mi won’t call name because it will be obvious.

    1. Sam own what????? Lmao ah bout 5 people name deh pon dah deed deh lmfao Martina did haffi help put towards the Mortgage too so weh yah really talk bout sis? So thieving Alecia haffi go fcuk and help dem pay off that 125 year mortage weh them ah pay oo

  6. Shawty the monkey is so bothered by Alicia when shi nah chat say the gal wear bare cheap clothes, shi say a jacket the gal give lance or the gal a f**k like dog BUT THE GAG IS Shawty you are a mattress and you suck every Man U f**k with. F**king nasty monkey

  7. With fantasy Sam don’t have to hide and f**k she’s a pretty girl that gal Shawty spender is super ugly. So Alicia push thru mama man fly out him fly u out to and Shawty had to pay for his expense when the 2 a dem did a f**k and went to ja

  8. Fansty is a whore she hide n f** polish too. She sent him her pussy pic etc. I hope she settling down. That house is in sam sister name sam owns notbing… sister n mother

  9. Full time smaddy give baby ape shawty a taste of her own medicine. Gwan thru Alicia pumpum anuh Bubblez n clip. Some gal a whore undacova n pretend like dem come off a table

  10. Oh plz Alicia f**k MARVIN the beast last year met and I’m sure if it I’m so sure of and Shawty tun round f**k him also last year wonder how Steve feel bout Shawty and her all around pussy both a dem a f**kist just fat Shawty f**k out deh way more and Alicia hide and do it. The man wah a nice pretty gal with shape fi wife up Shawty isn’t so GO AHEAD ALICIA just hope u settle dung pon the pussy now

  11. Right now Sam a look me every rass minute him call down mi phone an him neva tell me bout no woman until mi c it on ig good ting mi nuh run in pon no man

    1. Stop gi out yuh number to mangirl weh you no have intentions fe deh wid long term. Yu did ah entertain him knowing seh him record long an filthy. Have pride inna yuhself an stop gi out yuh number to common mangirl ah road. Yuh caa seh yuh never speead yuh legs but trust me Sam will seh otherwise dem mangirl deh no easy yuh hear mi ah seh ok

  12. Met my name is shawna and just yesterday sam call me look me and tell me a bag things anyway o call one of my friend and tell her i meet this guy at a party name sam she said san gotti i said no she seh send mi a pic i said he nt on my page anyway she send a pic to me and i said yes that him she told me plz leave him alone he talking to her friend i said who she the girl said dee that walk with kim and jodi i said ok anyway mi friend seh that why dee and alicia dont talk and it a bag a mix up but im nt getting in to dat right now she said why u think dee dont like shory…these dancehall ppl f**k each other too much …..cause all jodi and sam still a f**k and my friend talk to kim everyday sometime she wrong fi have me pon three way …tia in a tina wig and chat them everyday with champane martina friend that she live with now

  13. @shawna bitch u got jokes or u just wah send something in fi si if it ago go through cause every sentence in that post in a lie plus u need fi go learn fi spell

  14. @shawna you a really story teller an if yuh could spell it would a bad an nuh so bad @shawna go get a abc book or go back Jamal fu**ing dunce unuh always wyah come between people and them friends/relationship go stuff a dick inna yuh mouth an yuh bottom who so eva your are an stop chat foolishness

  15. @shawna aka shorty leave the ppl them and them good relationship and fine steive plz you too bbc mix up shorty why you spend your money on sam for go learn fi spell you too wicked bitch good pussy alicia you still a win me gal cause we knw a you are a yur dutty friend them cause every body a done you bbc pon pinkwall story teller get your fact’s rigth bitch

  16. Alicia pitney a raffle.. She does not know a who di pitney belong too.. Sam gotti lame as f**k just like the whack parties he be keeping in jamaica that no one goes to.. Shawty ever a mine some man har life sad bad.. She need fi tek har money and buy har madda a house instead a gi man damn she nuh tired fi mine man wid di army money.. f**k har and tek har money yes f**king man puppet… back to Alicia she a big whore long time.. Dutty pussy Alicia go pon Maury go find out who a di real pitney fada.. Careless gal

  17. @samfalselady yall acting like Alicia is the first woman ago raffle a pickny,,,if it’s not fi lance it most be fi sam wats the big deal the child is still going ave a father and mi know sam ago glad fi it because him ave 2 sons so a daughter is well needed,,,yall just mad because unuh say the girl f**k tom dick an Harry and a man still a wife her up and unuh f**k 1 man an nobody nah wife unuh up no man nah go out wid unuh nor put unuh pon social media leave the girl alone man a fi har pussy she f**k any body she want,,one man’s garbage is a next man’s treasure,,yall life sad nuh bloodclartt some of unuh need fi go beat unuh pussy wid a bible, a nuh she mek unuh pussy nuh good unuh a dead when sam put on the ring,,an stop call up Martina name because she move on an also sam so unuh leave the people them mek them live them good life and go sort out fi unuh own mi sick and tired a unuh inna people business #pussyancockypolice cho mi iggy fi unuh yuh see on that note bigup sam an Alicia all the way an again the baby have a father either way!!!

  18. @sam real frist lady ok so a you name @shawna bitch ok go learn fi spell then come back like i said big up me good pussy friend ally yes good look like seh shorty and martina a big friend ok

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