1. WOW! Men nowadays need some serious guidance. It amazes me how much a man can big up any other man at any giving time, but never big up their women. As for his grammar and the proper way to construct a sentence. If he don’t care I don’t care. Hopefully he’s not allowed to help his kids with their homework.

  2. This boy is another one love post n can’t spell now a brag bout him clothe n noh concert bout constructing a proper sentence.
    I wish they had take education serious the way they take dancehall n name brand serious.

  3. Direct Translation: “Up Life same way, nothing don’t change but me clothes. Big up mi nigga Damo. Real Youth. #2050lifestyle”
    Translation normal people can actually understand and comprehend:
    “I’m still living the good life. I’m still the same person. The only thing I change about me are my clothes. Respect to my friend, Damo. He’s a genuine person.”
    Good morning Met and all!

    1. Him right caz it look like di new year going to ketch him cant even spell fi save him life..but wah di heck dis deh concert mi fah? man a change clothes suh mek him are gwan.. :ngakak

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