A wahm to some gyaaaall come tryyyy style people an dis b*tch can’t afford a babyshower😂 Gofundme account really? And ya max is $2,000 😩😑. ah wah neither yu or ya baby father have money for a baby shower but u hype u breeding for him. Where Is Champagne Lady ??? Why you can’t help your daughter out, didn’t u throw party the other day? Jillianna yu talk bout Jay 2nd baby mada all day everyday u need fi get a job and stop watch har p**y. Looking like a real broke foolish bi*ch God nah sleeeeppp That’s whyyyy u reap wah u sow. U should take that $2000 and get an abortion wit it , but wait it too late to BC 😩😩😂😂


11 thoughts on “FUND MY SHOWER

  1. Ole dutty cruff dem. A pure wutliss ppl in dancehall. Str8! Champagne Lady.. Sort out to family please. Embarrassment ting dis!

  2. What a disgrace!!!!. N then want ppl to turn around and buy good gifts too….. Joke dis

  3. Wow she so hype and can’t afford a bby showers . Shows yuh doing bad mama. Wah MAvado seh…”Nuff of dem fall bcus dem too hype!”

  4. Wow Champagne lady daughter?????? You Really joking this lady is like 67 years old TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY FIRST yo naked ass need to get yo like ya d
    Sighted a struggle It Don’t Look Good

  5. Sometimes I see some a dem ppl a dance, they will sell the soul for little hype. The women so busy mining the men they have no time for children and grandchildren.

  6. If you can’t afford a shower just have few close friends n family bring gifts and done . What the hell

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