All mi can say a dat him caught between dunce and being able to read..idiot and fool..All in all him fraid a Sizzla bad him nah too seh a ting


  1. Met yuh just kill me dwell- “caught between being dunce and able to read…” :travel :travel :travel :travel :travel

  2. Why should he disrespect a dancehall/reggae icon? How is that going to benefit his career? He did the right thing and maintain his respect for Sizzla. If he was inquired about Alkafly then he could disrespect him because they are on the same level. Some people educated but has no common sense; the youth has common sense. Little Wayne said lick the lollipop and the same high society people supported his song, so why is it that they are so mad about Gage’s song? I love my country but we are so hypocritical. Even the other day a lot of Jamaicans were worshipping Amber Rose photos in her bikini on INSTALIE, and then they same one had an issue with Javana’s seductive fit at her boyfriend’s party. I need some people to stop being so bias against their fellow Jamaicans. Nicki Minaj slept with her man’s friend, how comes I don’t hear anyone cursing her and calling her a whore?

      1. Two different cultures yes, but Jamaica is more open to other practices today. Let’s be honest, them beat Ishawna bad and a big up Nicki like what she did was right. Also, is not Kartel nor Gage start sing songs about oral sex in dancehall. Go ask the people dem a who sing the song that states “A which gal, aw which gal a seh she nah suck, right yah now a dat run di cut.” Is from about that time the sucking start tek off, Met. I know we have a more conservative culture than the US, but our youths are on the internet daily and they are reading magazines and traveling to America and Europe, so we can’t blame artist like Gage for everything we perceive as taboo or immoral.

    1. In Nicki !Minaj defence she knows no better. Trinis don’t seperate friends and family they are equally opportunity lovers. So like the host says it’s different cultures. Gage cannot disrespect Sizzla or even take up for himself because he will probably get it in his throat. Amber rose is a stripped she wears what she is used to. Our culture does not accept certain actions.

  3. Does the songs represent the times or not? That is the question 10, 15 years ago you wouldn’t here some songs a endorse the woman dem fi suck nuh bollo. Why? Because oral sec was still taboo, now it seems like a regular thing. You have to wonder, did songs like destigmatize oral activities or was the stigma long gone and the songs followed suit.

    1. Baby Cham bust the sucking ting longtime before all these young boys. Hello Cham, me know you love get yuh proppa sock off. lol

  4. Him really out of touch di man seh it’s only music but wen di man touch on children him se him Nuh mek music for kids ……..but music a fi everybody.

  5. Real interview youth better that alkaline weh a act like him never hear bout a next dj outta jam…. Youth even if you fraid a sizzla yu nuh reach the level fi dis him an Mi respect tht….. Mek some money an try mek yu career bigger…sizzla yu is just a regular man like any man weh can get bullet inna him head… Don’t mek dem try hype yu fi dem waste rasta try dis yu pon a stage show …. Cause over the yrs di whole lot a dem act like dem can’t dead an dem bad an a fool dem weh a bawl phone wen the don dem an page dem …. Jamaica poor don’t thief f**k nuh batty just do want you can to survive an eat a food

  6. Suckings have been going on for as long as I have been watching porn *ova 20 odd years now*…songs like weh Gage sing, only popularizes it more amongst people who were once afraid tuh admit seh dem clean rifle…all tha same, bedroom behavior should be kept behind closed doors and parents should do their best at monitoring what their kids watch and listen tuh…

  7. And Fantan Mojah shoulda lucky seh him child neva ask him why him deh ah buss big split kick like cheerleader lol…

  8. Music is not for everyone as one reader states, u have music that caters to different people, some music as Gage said is not for kids and he’s right, the same way u have some kartel songs dat kids not suppose to listen or sing along to suh di man nuh seh nutin wrong.

  9. Fanton mojah child shuda ask him y him pants so tight. If the music is not fit for air play then ur kids must not be listening to it, every smart parent monitors wat their kids listen to.

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