This is the real reason why designers hate knock offs and she nuh fraid fi get sued under the TRADEMARKED LAW! How you fi call yourself real and a bare fake tings you buy. Only ting real bout you, is the fat pon your body. Bought yuh nuh eat nuff, who you a tell dat? Di whole a we have yiy caan si you swallow a baby wale. Bout MBR Boss! Weh dat mean?
Everyone knows your big fr**k and you pays people to s*x yo heafty a*s and we all know your living situation and your Section 8 queen, who front shows and parties for people and. . . Yuh hole salt like, yuh hole kill mon, send dem a jail and deport dem. Di time and money yuh tek fi mind mon, Yuh need a bipass surgery and body lift. You is not a good friend.(EDITED)

11 thoughts on “GATHERED BY THE SENDER

  1. but she fat the designers don’t cater to her type. but I am not knocking her because little miss rich n wear nothing but fake.

  2. Sender just stop deal wid the woman since u obviously nuh like har, she a force u fi be har friend? Also anuh everybody weh fat eat nuff, some ppl have sickness weh them not even know bout weh make then gain weight

  3. Sender why are you focused on what the woman is wearing fake or real she have on clothes. You think everyone out there is wearing the real shit. Wear what you can afford and if it is fake then wear it well. Why you do butt hurt over the woman because the man dem is having her front their parties and not you, don’t you think they don’t trust you. Low the woman and do something more progressive instead of watching face.

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