Pinky please HMID, I hate that I have to do this but I’m so hurt 😭 You know I just have baby for this old dutty man General B and the man gone a dream weekend with other woman? The man bawl and tell me how much him love me and mi a di best thing ever happen to him and now him a do this. I’ve been calling him since Thursday and he’s not answering me and he didn’t leave any money for the baby. I had a csection and don’t have any help. I’m so hurt right now! This man is 50+ year old and I’m 34 and I gave up so much for him and this is how I get treated! Dutty man if you’re seeing this just know that I’m done with you! I’ll deal with everything else through the court!

11 thoughts on “GENERAL B DI BABY

  1. Then a dis floppy you a mad over way him career done from in the 1990 dwl baby mother how much you be no disrespect but I hope thing get better

  2. Why do women think that because they have a baby the man love and respect them… they don’t. That’s why you a babymama n not a wife…….

    1. Raasclaat, all wife a get dish dirt. What the fuck’s a ring if the man doesn’t respect the union? Anyways (rolls my eyes)

  3. A General B money or a the fame caught yuh…yuh neva knew that he is 50+ and moreover he’s an artist…so he’s going to have other women when one is unavailable.

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