Mike Tyson go pan him show expecting to talk about the Toronto Mayor and him drop rape ina it..Tyson beat him bad verbally wid a smile

0 thoughts on “GET HIM TYSON

  1. “F**k you”_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. :ngakak :ngakak, piece a shit fi im nevah frig wid Tyson and or nobody like dat again. Gottah give it to him tho im nevah lose im cool. Tyson nuh joke a fart, Tyson seh, it more nerve wrecking to be talking to a piece a shit like sah..mi laugh till mi bawl. Son come a ask mi a wah wrang wid di I..woieee mi belly.

  3. Glad how Tyson handled it right there and embarrassed the shit outta him on live tv instead of remaining quiet just to appear professional. Same way, give it to him right there and then. Piece of crap!


  5. You notice when a large company has face time involving a sensitive issue they use minorities to add fuel to the fire or sqash the situation. Nathan Downer would have read the questions before he interviewed Mr. Tyson. As a human being no one wants to hear their indiscretions thrown in their face time and time again. Either you did not read or see the questions or your company set you up. You cant blame Mike Tyson for his reaction.

  6. I still don’t get why this reporter asked him about something that happened almost 25 yrs ago. Him paid his dues and serve him time, ask the man question that is relevant to today. If you even have to ask that, you ask it in a way that speaks about his transformation. Di man married with young children, no need to bring up him dark periods now. The media sometimes is just a piece of shit.

  7. Mike did a try haaaaard restraining from knock him the eff out
    U see how when the white man a try talk fi ease di tension how mike a stare the nucca dung and a breathe hard and him hand a slAp pon him leg when him a cuss di man
    Mumma one punch or ears nyam off fi him Mek a did outta road

  8. its da white boss set da f*ka ole neega on Tyson he need his check on friday DAT y da pussy go disrespect da man like dat him lucky its not da same Tyson from 20 yrs ago fukin pussyhole

  9. Yo mike Tyson ah di boss lol he said what you gonna do f**k you lol. He lucky mike changed his ways because mike would have ripped his arms off his body and beat him with it. We all know the devil bitch who accused mike Tyson was a money hungry lying bitch. But her day will come leave her to god because she’s a wicked bitch she tainted his life. After she drive go to his hotel at 3 am she ball rape. Who goes to a mans hotel at 3am and think there going to read a bible. I hope the money was worth ruining someone’s life. Anyway glad he handled himself well.

  10. The guy say ppl a talk say tyson rape case may interfere with Ford. Tyson tell him say him never hear dat yet. U see how media wicked?? Smh a talk bout ppl say

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