Yet despite Jesus’ instructions, the report of his power spread even faster, and vast crowds came to hear him preach and to be healed of their diseases.
But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. Luke 5:15 – 16
Moses was an amiable Prince in Egypt who enjoyed all the trappings of royalty and power. But when it was time for him to begin the actual training process of being the deliverer of his people, God took him away from the people and lifestyle that he knew to the solitude of a strange land (Midian) where nobody knew who he was and he certainly couldn’t throw his influence around. And even while in the strange land, God had to use the sight of the bush that was on fire without being burnt to get his complete attention when it was time for Moses to get to work as a messenger of God to Pharaoh. Moses time alone with God were historic and landmarks in his journey to fulfill destiny.
Most great destinies are only fulfilled when people find time to be alone with God and go through the training process as He would have them go through it. Fulfilling divine destiny is not a public business; it is a personal journey between you and the Creator God. In as mush our Christian experience constitutes fellowship with one another; there are aspects of the experience that must be dealt with personally, privately and alone with God. Jesus loved His disciples but He always created time during the early hours of the day to be with God. It is said that eagles fly alone while crows fly in groups; Christians are like eagles they must each develop their flight routine and schedule with God. You must know how to get away and separate yourself or else earthly voices will drown the voice of God and stop you from clearly hearing and following His leading. Besides, most big ideas are discovered and developed when you are alone and focused on God. The reason why you have been going through stagnation in your career or ministry could be that you never create time alone with the Holy Spirit. Form the habit of creating daily time for just you and the Holy Spirit and see the great difference that will make in your life.
Liberation thought: I am complete in the presence of God
Further reading: Psalm 42
• Every power working against me to work in disobedience to God, perish by thunder
• You ancestral seed of disobedience in me die by fire in Jesus name
• Form today I receive power and grace to obey God and the instruction of my father in the Lord to change my level in Jesus name


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