Met with all fairness Gina Blair Neva involve in bubba an him foolishness an take it from me. A fool she fool an blind by love. Me know from Schools days an know she a hustle from her eye deh her knee but she no kill nobody. Hear how she associated with bubba now. Caah she damn fool fool. Kevin Prescott which is bugs breed bubba sister Paula. So now because a bubba brother in law. Him manipulate her an make bubba come live her yard. An because she fool to him since him her first man an him deh w her from she bout 13. Cuz me nuh know how she can have her mate bredda run way come live with her. Anyways me hope this a wake up call for all of them make them go look work cuz right now the state have her 2 Pickney them that is age 2, 5. A the kids me sorry fa. Cuz a foster home ago grow them. A Sherlock Gina come from.


  1. Good morning everyone MET we need pictures please sender send on some pic deh fast fast old wicked di whole a dem

  2. When you see here tell her not to make moves with birds! Probably this will be the best thing that happen for the kids, if she has no family members for the state to hand them over to. If she was rass innocent, CLEAN the police would not bangle her up!!!

    1. her charge was possession of a controlled substance so how did she not know that she was in possession of a controlled substance? sender miss we know that you may think that gina is innocent until proven guilty but she shoulda tek wey herself from that environment. she old enough to know right from wrong so why jeopardize your freedom when u know sey them boys ain’t up to no good? gina good luck with you trying to explain this to the rock dale county judge cause :shutup:

          1. when rockdale county done wid dem boy o boy!!! it seh the house is a rental so i only hope the home owner nay mix up in a it neither because fe rent them dry type a house at $1800 a month u have to usually have 2-3 times that income so who in that house had valid n’ legal employment to show proof of income in order to rent dat dry mansion? trust n’ believe the feds ago probe dig deep and left no stones unturned

      1. The address was prominently on displayed in the original article you put up a few days ago. That is where I got the address.

    1. Morning Sweet..this thread is a continuation of murder charges linked to a Bronx murder…dem seh Georgia people inna the mix as well

  3. Last count dutty germs Kevin is up to 12 children. Thats a fact because I have one. I was young and naive Thank God Ive grown, continued my education and NEVER LOOKED BACK!

    1. Hello Anon and welcome to JMG *pulls out and cleans chair for Anon and provides warm cup of hot chocolate*…please get comfortable and kick up your feet as we interview you ma’am…how’s your day been so far?..wonderful, I hope….now, can you delve a little further with us, into who this Kevin Prescott is…and also, can you kindly provide a pic for us? We are so glad to have you join us here on JMG!!! :peluk

      1. @ Yep :malu :malu yuh comment played right out inna mi head. Mi all dey yah wait fi Anon talk up. No sah unuh bad ova here

        1. It is are here, we have to make this young lady feel welcomed roun here cause she can shed some light on these people for us and because of that, she will get nutten but the best concierge treatment roun here…Miss Lady, wheneva yuh free up, please to come back and join us yuh hear?!

  4. Dear Senda, nuh put yuh neck pon choppin block fi Gina. Cah look weh she mek happen tuh har two pickney dem. Real mothers protect dem pickney from di evils of dis world….not bring di evil tuh dem. Real mothers nuh put nuh man oba dem pickney, nuh matter if ah past, present, or future man….:travel

  5. @Yeppy Stush nu have no pitny fi kevin is only fu fool peaches and di fuss pitny him say a one frig him gi har and she breed the last likkle girl him disown

    1. WOW!!!!!! :hammer…so when she wore that weddin cake on her head the other day to the diamond n’ pearls affair, was that a hint to Kevin that she wanted them to get married so that she can come up from matey to wife? I sure don’t know what happened to that weddin cake by night end cause it was no longer at the top of her mountain head and her make-up was a hot runny mess, so I’m assuming the weddin proposal was refused????????

  6. Wait who been with Kevin from 13?
    Kmft don’t talk foolishness. She probably knew him since then. That means he had 7 kids on her before hers and 3 after hers, 2 before they were together…. And she was with him? Uhh huh? FOH WID YUH GARAGE! Just one of the many women that love the fast life and don’t THINK. Put your children first ladies!!! (She’s just the only one dumb enough to give him 2 children) #11 babymamas

  7. Fast life? And dnt think? Wrong cuz memba me tell u a she hold him dun more time if not all the time. Him a work off a fi her hustling ability. A she send fi him the last time him get dip. Like the post say. A fool she fool to him cause she deh with him from she a Pickney. About 13. Yes #facts. An yes him have Pickney before, during, after and with her. Me dnt understand them relationship. But u sound upset tru him give u one an gone back to Gina an give her one more. Gweh. Me Naah say she nuh fool fi him an she won’t be the first or the last. Me jus a say she anuh murderer

  8. #Facts 9 of the supposed 18 years he lived with two other women. They were his wifeys. Your second comment makes more sense. I would never be jealous of someone that has 2 children in the states custody…. Mmmmm and don’t forget his 20yr daughter that’s in jail now too! #dutty life #careless #sounds like your a family member trying to make a case for her lol lol

  9. Ask met a how long me coming pon Di site ya. From day one blog days an I only read an go tru but I comment when it necessary. Me an Gina is no fren an we’re definitely not related. U sound upset cuz bugs f**k u an dun wid u. Stop take out u problem an let the girl be. Y Neva call police when him breed u. U never know him wutliss when you go lay down wid him. But tru him Naah look him is ur worst enemy. U Neva know him Neva have a regular 9-5. It sound like u dnt get over bugs so u a chaw iron fi Gina. Lo the gal. Everybody make mistake. Pray if she wise up. Bugs couldn’t breed me all when him was bill gates so is trick u get trick an u Neva did a complain till now. Gweh man.

  10. U is a damn hypocrite. Him breed u an u never complain til now. An me know u know him a thief from morning an now a evening. Kmt. U should’ve call the police when him a look u instead of having unprotected sex with him. U should’ve do ur research but u licki licki an get ketch an now mad with the world. Come off ya wid it. Nobody care bout the baby mamma drama. Go beat u baby daddy an lo the gal alone. U an Gina a fool. The only thing is she have her own money. Not sure about u

  11. Yea Yea Yea (yawnnns) go to the hearings and support them. I have 3 with him and love them and him dearly. Looks like you want a ride too. I can give you his number if you want. 😉 …. never had a problem with Gina just your garbage posting.

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