1. Hard to catch the context when u only see piece. But, these men need to learn how to do things another way. Fi dem training nuh show dem any other way than to throw her on the floor……

  2. Is not Marksman oooooo,is di Tourism Police, si di bandana plaid pon dem uniforfm, dem patrol di tourist areas. Maybe she is one a d ladies of di street whe “harass” di tourist dem

  3. good afternoon met but these are not marksman security officers, these are THE JAMAICA TOURIST BOARD TOURISTS POLICE OFFICERS…their duty is to prevent tourists harassment on the tourists hip strips but if they feel threatened in any way they are not supposed to take maters into their own hands but rather call the real police. that’s what they were trained to do………apparently this woman was soliciting something to a tourist and they spoke to her but she and retaliated by going up into the male officer’s face and a fight ensued……all three of them wrong and it should have never come to this and i especially don’t appreciate how the man abusing the woman even if she is a frequent offender hey should have called the real police to intervene

    1. SO what dem fi do in the mean time…mek she run?

      I don’t feel sorry fi har…she was resisting. The injury to har face look like skin bleach, so anything she easy fi peel.

      BTW…whey har bottoms de?

  4. This is so damn disturbing! I don’t know what this woman has done, but whatever it is, this male security officer should not be treating the woman like that…..this tell us we are in a society where there is no respect for women……this really bother me, especially when u see another woman defending what her colleague has done.

    1. Mind you…we see the end and not the beginning of the conflict. She is resisting an arrest by those authorize to arrest her. The technique the man use is when dem attempting to spit.

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