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After being missing for four weeks, a girl attending a prominent Corporate Area high school tells a chilling tale of being abducted and forced into prostitution, which could give some insight into where some of 4,394 children that have gone missing between January 2013 and March 2015 might be ending up.

The police, along with the Child Development Agency, have commenced investigations into the matter since it was brought to their attention yesterday by The Gleaner to ascertain the credibility of the young girl’s story.

Fourteen-year-old Shanique* went missing on April 8 after attending a counselling session at the Victim Support Unit, sending her mother into panic mode, because, although she had slept out overnight on two previous occasions, she had never been away from home for so long.

Shanique, who hails from one of St Andrew’s inner-city communities, in a changing story said she somehow ended up in Clarendon. There is where Shanique’s ordeal reportedly started, as she claimed to have boarded a car, with one other girl in it, to make her way back to Kingston. She said it had a ‘funny smell’, as though there was something coming from the A/C and that made her feel sleepy.

“The driver stopped at this building that looked like a church, but it was built with board. He came out and said to give him a minute and went to the back of the church and came back with three other guys who had weapons (knives), and said that we were supposed to come out,” Shanique said.

When she went into the building, she saw several other girls in various rooms, she said. The room she was placed in had approximately 12 girls, “some 11, 12, 13; the oldest one, I know she was 17”.

Shanique added: “There was a big woman there, who is not like us, she is around 18 or 19, and the other girls said she was there from she was young. So they use her to put on the makeup and stuff.”

The “makeup and stuff” that Shanique makes reference to was to prepare them up for the club which, she said, they were forced to work in at nights as waitresses, pole dancers and to have high-risk sex with numerous men.

“From the second day, which was the Thursday in the night, they gave us some clothes to wear, like what they wear at nightclubs,” Shanique shared. “They just put their hands in front of our face and we would fall asleep and don’t know what happened, then we just find ourselves at this nightclub with different, different guys there and we had to dance on poles and stuff, and if we didn’t do it, they would beat us, box us and choke us.”

Shanique said she and the other girls were forced to relive this nightmare each night for the 20 days she was held captive. Shanique said the men who frequented the club looked like working-class individuals, with some appearing to be foreigners, as they had accents and did not look like locals.

“The men at the club tried to have anal sex with me, but I wouldn’t cooperate, as it was painful, so I started crying and behaving rude,” Shanique said. “Just men came to the club. They forced some of them (girls) to have sex and video it. I had to dance on pole, act like waitresses; let them slap me on my bottom and those sort of stuff.”

Shanique told The Gleaner that the girls also had to have sex with their captors or face dire consequences.

“There is a long metal thing that they would heat up, and if we don’t listen to them or try to fight them back, they would stab us with it or so,” Shanique said. “I didn’t want to have sex with one of them and I was there fighting him off, and when he burned me with it, I didn’t want him to burn me again so I did it. They choke me and they slap me in my face and t’ump me when I didn’t want to do what they want me to do.”

She said the girls’ most substantial meal was crackers and bag juice, and they had to sleep on sponges on the floor or just sheets and were threatened that if they tried to escape, they would be killed and dumped in bushes or in the sea.

Shanique claimed that she and two other girls were able to escape last week after an argument between her kidnappers distracted the men who stood guard.

“Last week Tuesday or Wednesday, one of those days, a fight happened in the night, and just because they shot somebody, the people who were standing at the door and preventing us from going outside, ran into the same room where the incident happened and that allowed us to run out.”

She said they made their way back to Kingston and stayed at one of the girls’ cousin’s house in Denham Town, before she went to the Kingston Central Police Station on Saturday and made a report.

“Immediately, she should have been taken to CISOCA by the cops who took that report. It is unfortunate that something like that happened and nobody bring it to my attention and treat it so trivial, because this is a trafficking in person,” commanding officer of the Kingston Central Division, Superintendent Michael Scott, told The Gleaner.

Shanique, who turned up at the station very skimpily attired, was, however, released into the custody of her mother.

Scott, however, sent a team to the child’s house yesterday, after being contacted by The Gleaner and both mother and daughter were taken to CISOCA, which is now investigating.

Jamaica scored a Tier 2 ranking on the United States’ last human trafficking report, which indicated compliance and security deficits.

* Name changed to protect the child’s identity


  1. Wow!! Can’t imagine what they have to go through. Don’t know what I would do if any of them were my child .

  2. Oh my god!!!! I hate to hear things like this! Dem need fi hang dem criminal deh !!!!!! jesus !

  3. OMG!!!!….suh those children that r forced to work r missing.Before this was published special forces should have went in like a teef and rescued these children.I hope their lives isn’t in danger now,my God have mercy

  4. This explains why dem no stop find di school age pickney dem dead in a bush. Wow. Jus wow. Jamaican government need fi do betta. Lisa Hanna n di rest a dem dis need your attention a.s.a.p n stop gwaan like dis can fix itself.

  5. Sad story…..but I was waiting for the part where the girl took the police to where they were held captive and release the other girls or even kill there captives

  6. These horrific stories, and/or videos in the wrong context of children in JA are starting to become a torture. It’s like having a migraine that won’t go away.

  7. Yes I’m aware that child prostitution exist & kids, teens & women are being abducted and turn into sex slaves, but the way how THIS story is being reported, they’re too many unanswered questions… how did she reach back to Kingston after she escaped?? why did she go to one of the other escaped girl’s cousin’s house and not straight to the cops? Did she contact her mom when she got to the cousin house? why was her story changing in the beginning?? Need more info..

  8. Suh hear yah, wah happn to di place dem was keeping har at? Why dem nevah get info bout dah? Dem carelessness yah u si sah. Some a dem people yah weh innah authority/care and well being of citizens should not be there…dem fi innah some backabush a dig trench..KMT. You did good young lady, u nevah give up, you keep that up and you will be just fine…strength to higher strength. God continue to be wid u gurl:)

    1. I was thinking the same thing, but then I thought it over that she is only 14 and having gone through such a traumatic experience she may not be able to properly articulate what truly happened. It is hard for victims to speak clearly in the beginning, when they start coming back to their normal selves they are better able to clearly state their experiences. The authorities want details, but she want to forget it ever happened, so it takes time with them. They better ensure these girls get all the counselling they can get for as long as they need it.

  9. There is about 2 or 3 (law and Order SUV episode) that I have watched with this same story line…. This child is not telling the entire truth…. It will come out though… It is sad though…..

  10. well her story is sad but as stated before too many unanswered questions. She was abducted and held captive to work as a sex slave and WAITRESS. As bad as we Jamaican might be, we arent that bad, at least one person who may have visited this joint must have realized that these girls were working under force and they are underage.
    Second- these girls were hidden in a building in Clarendon yet she broke free and went to Kingston to stay with a FRIEND 1st, then to report the matter at Central Police Station. Cellular phones are prominent these days and to cover such a distance from Clarendon to Kingston and not ask for a phone call or even a please call me to her mother is somewhat strange.
    Third: The report was made to the Police and no raid was done to demolish such criminal activity especially on the emphasis that is placed on youths presently however her reports was subsequently published in the media without any arrest being made.

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