Elizabeth Lauten, Communications Director at United States Congress saw it fit to come at the Obama kids for what they wore at the Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon. Dem seh Elizabeth Lauten move di message.. :travel
I will say ”The ”RACE” is not for the swift but for the BLACKS who can endure”,….May the good and faithful Lord bless Barack and Michelle because I couldnt dweet no sir

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  1. Judgmental criticism coming from a big moon pie face lookin ass white pig…this is where i’d loose all decency and BLAST dis bitchh tuh pieces, comin roun here f**kkin wid ma kids…they wore what is considered age appropriate; what gives her the right to attack these girls??..wid ar damn pig snout..

    1. When I finish wd har mi would have f go find a hole go hide because I would be acting up a damn fool of myself fxing her ass

      1. I would be standing right in the unemployment line afta mi dun tell dis gal bout ar sowa mumma…ON LIVE TELEVISION!!!…sometimes you gots tuh go off on certain people…you just gots tuh!!

  2. A must a ball gown dem fi have on dese low lives dranko intestines have no chill come on now these r teenagers kmft mi caa even badda fi cuss har nasty rawseee

      1. That shit full a duppy and mold like…certain organisation know whey fi do with that symbol of oppression.

  3. Ef this harard looking bitch!! The girls are dress appropriately, if her chunky ass has a problem whit Obama, then pick on him and leave his children out of it. They still mad a black man in their “white house”. The nerve of this bitch.

  4. What she meant to say was “Thank you Michelle and Barack for showing us what a genuine family should look and behave like during such a function, unlike my family who would have preferred to wear what someone else told us to wear. Sasha and Malia I would especially like to thank you both for not using your status as the president’s daughters to get away with unlawful things such as drugs and other illegal activities like what my family would do. Barack you have such a beautiful family and I grudge you everyday knowing that your daughters skins stay so beautiful during their awful teen years unlike mines.”

  5. I didn’t know one need to wear a special attire to pardon a damn turkey. It sucks when a parent(s) is in a position such a the Obama’s and crowbate like this bitch talk ish about your children, and u cant really say whats on your mind, it must hurt like hell. This dutty gyal need a tongue lashing from now till next November. Old hag!

  6. Met and Yep! was up besides this hoe up top? An assualt and battery would have been coming up my alley if it was my kids! There’s a time when decorum gets lost in a blackout.
    phuck the uppity codes of society! that bitch say the pickney dem look like whores…plain and rass simple as that…when becky, emily, cindy little blonde asses are wearing the same shit.

    1. Assault and battery wudda bin de first two charge. High crimes and misdemeanor mi ah talk bout. Yuh see all went secret service start shout off them order please Mrs Black*** “release miss so an so” ah de more me ago tear inna har. When mi dunn with har dem wudda charge me with conduct unbecoming, refusal to obey a lawful order and so on, and so on.

  7. Elizabeth Lauten yuh jus prove yuhself tuh be di biggest turkey of di season! Dyam fool Lizzy, yuh figet seh the Obamas nuh need fi prove tuh you or nobady else seh dem real and nuh hav fi put on ah show. Yuh grudge Mr. President cah yuh neva tek ah man weh handsome and smart suh…yuh grudge First Lady fi har man weh yuh nuh stop dream bout, and yuh grudge the nice decent girls dem cah yuh bitta and caan sleep when nite come. Dutty gyal Lizzy hop offa dem fenda and gweh. Guh count di wrinkles pon yuh ole tuff front weh full ah mileage. Jiffy Lube seh yuh firont due fi ah free oil change.

    1. Tuh how mi bringle, mi write firont instead of front. One more ting, pig face Lizzy yuh coulda guh from blond tuh brunette yuh still fava Miss Piggy. I lef yuh tuh time cause is only a coward pick on children. Dyam brite an outta orda.

    2. Yawdy$life mi luv it. Grugefull and badmindedness ah it ah kill de whole dem. Dem badmind him and him family (caw dem black and dem proud) but it still don’t matter caws dem spwarl out inna de white house and dem nah go no wey. Ah de grace of God and de people dat put him dere – so im nah left dat office until God sey him done.
      So, dem caan go dig a hole, chuckoff inna it until 2016.

  8. Well dem nah grow dem self and dem mada did mek dem go a di beyonstray concert and that she would be beyonstray if she could be any body else……………but mek mi flip di script miss lauten in case you forget they built the white house…………….they are the best representation since it was built…..there ancestors worked tirelessly to construct the BLACK HOUSE ….AND as you know they will possibly have a spot at the bar …like their parents …….Sasha and Mahlia legs tun up and buck mi really like the skirt dem

    1. Family :kiss If she catch more pressure unda har ass she’ll leave this world by the end of the year to! She don’t serve the world any purpose of good.

  9. Eguessing shes mad at their facial expressions, they clearly weren’t happy to be present….weh she mean they look like they belong behind a bar?? Dis woman mad

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