God’s favor, how does it work?
God’s favor always precedes his blessings. This is by far one of the most mysterious acts of God that unfortunately go unnoticed by the average believer or person for that matter.
Our teaching today, is by far, not only an interesting one, but one that is informative and that will cause you to look at the favor of God from an entirely different perspective. I can certainly promise you that in this teaching you’ll discover that the favor of God is indeed a requirement to any blessing that you’ll ever receive from him.
What exactly is favor? Well, favor is defined as excessive kindness or unfair partiality; preferential treatment: to treat some people with favor and others with neglect. Simply put, to do something for someone, with or without any cause on their end that you would not do for others in the same position.
Bishop T. D Jakes has coined the phrase, “Favor aint fair”. Other believers speak of themselves as being highly favored by God, some even pray for the favor of God during certain troubles and trials in their lives.
The reality is, God’s favor is automatic when we do exactly what he requires of us. Secondly, it is the favor of God that sustains and maintains us during our times of afflictions prior to our blessings. It is a must that I inculcate this into your understanding, And that is, favor always precedes the blessings! Now as most of us would know, to be blessed is to literally be empowered, authorized, or sanctioned. The bible tells us that when God blessed them (Adam and Eve) they became authorized or empowered to do five things that they could not do prior to the blessings, and they were: To be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and finally to dominate Genesis 1:28. As an added fact, the bible further states that the blessings of the Lord makes one rich or brings increase to him/her and he adds no sorrow to it Proverbs 10:22.
Isaac, the promised son of Abraham, I found to be the perfect example of God’s favor preceding the blessing. His life gives a clear cut view of how God’s favor works, not just for him but for all of us who decides to obey God’s unadulterated proven word that can not return unto him without accomplishing what it was sent out to do.
Scripture revealed that there was a famine in the land during the days of Isaac, beside that of the famine of the days of Abraham. It was Isaac’s immediate thought to go into Egypt like his father did during his time of famine. However God appeared to him and insist that he stay in Gerar of Philistine, a place where the famine was intense. God promised Isaac that he will be with him and bless him, and also bless his seed, and make him great beyond his wildest imagination.
Let’s just pause here for a second, isn’t it just like God to make these extraordinary promises when there is absolutely no single thread of evidence to support what he is saying? Picture for a second, you’re at a church service, broke busted and definitely disgusted.
Then a man or woman of God decides to pull you out of the crown and begin saying to you thus sad the lord, “I see finances being repaired, I see you being wealthy beyond your greatest expectation, and I see you assisting others in their finances” It is only normal that you ask yourself the question, “is he talking about me”?. So, you can only imagine what Isaac must have contemplated when God said to him remain in this desolate barren place, for it is there I will bless you.
Nevertheless, Isaac obeyed God and stayed in spite of what was seemingly obvious. Interestingly enough Isaac sowed in the land just like every other occupant of that country, but according to the bible Isaac was the only one that received a hundred fold in that same year Genesis 26:12.
Now, let’s break this scripture down so that we can get clarity on how the favor of God is at work here. Firstly, the scripture did not say Isaac reaped a hundredfold, instead it said he received a hundredfold, there is a difference. To receive is to take into one’s possession (something offered or delivered): as in receiving a gift, also it means to have something delivered or brought to you. On the other hand the word to reap is defined as: getting a return, recompense, or result of something at an appointed time because of what was sown. Meaning, if I planted a mango seed, during mango season according to the laws of nature it must produce mangos during that season only. Nevertheless, because Isaac obeyed God, his obedience caused him to receive and not reap; suggesting God gave or delivered to him the hundredfold prior to the time that was appointed for it to come forth, which is the favor of God in action. Wow! What a stunning revelation.
Now, I made it abundantly clear at the beginning of this article that God’s favor always proceed the blessings. At present most of you reading this article right now believe I have it all wrong, In that when God gave Isaac the hundredfold that, that was the blessing, right?
Well, the truth according to scripture is, the receiving of the hundredfold was in fact the favor of God, because in that same passage of scripture it reads God blessed Isaac after the receiving of the hundredfold….. Wow what a revelation!
My dear readers if this haven’t enlightened your understanding then I don’t know what will. Just for a moment consider the promises/blessings God has made to you or what has been prophesied over your life. Chances are most of those blessings or prophecies has yet to come to pass. Now take another look at your life while you were waiting on the blessings can’t you see the favor of God extended throughout all areas of your life?
For the most part, we become so caught up with the blessings which are set for an appointed time that we take for granted the many favors that are being bestowed upon us that are advancing us to those appointed blessings. I clearly understand how one can over look these favors, because these favors come in two categories and they are: 1) just enough and 2) not enough. As an example your car gas gauge in on empty and you’re fully aware that you can not make it to your next destination. Then out of the clear blue someone gives you five dollars, it’s not much but just enough to get you to your destination this is favor. Your light bill is due and it’s $120.00 the Lord laid it on someone’s heart to give you $40.00 it’s not enough but you owe $40.00 less than you originally owed this is also favor. In both cases because it doesn’t cover the entirety of our bills we don’t see it as favor. In all honesty how many of you did not make the following statement, “Why God just doesn’t send the full amount”?
The truth is favor’s purpose in your life is not so much to provide some resources, but to assist you mainly with your trust issues that you have with God. As a reference point have you ever noticed that just enough and not enough shows up in the nick of time? Secondly, favor’s job is to also eliminate worry, after proving God by his favor in your many circumstances you should by now have developed trust and eliminate worry with a certinty that he will provide.
So my dear readers it is these seemingly insignificant acts that all of us take for granted, when the favor of God is running its full course. Please let us pause here and begin to ask God to forgive us for our ungratefulness and selfish attitudes towards his divine favor. Now, let’s begin to thank him for all his marvelous favors seen and unseen that has brought us thus far in spite of our murmuring and constant complaining.
As a final point my beloved readers, all favors from God are the prerequisites to the blessings of God. So, now that you’ve scrutinized your life based on this teaching and have discovered the numerous favors God has bestowed upon you, then make no mistake your blessings are guaranteed, signed sealed and shall be delivered to you in God’s appointed time.
Heavenly Father, I thank you that you are God and God all alone. It is because of your sovereignty that no one is qualified to question the favor you’ve bestowed upon us. I thank you for your favor that is the evidence of the pending blessings that you’ve promised us. It is my prayer Lord, that the spirit of ungratefulness and the lack of unthankfulness be destroyed and instantly be replaced with a spirit of thanksgiving and appreciation towards your many blessings. I ask these things in the matchless and wonderful name your son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing


  1. Good Morning Metty & Metters! :peluk Let the favor of God spread over our lives, and let us receive them with gratitude and praise towards our Heavenly Father. Amen

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