Met this lady Konfidence say people spreading rumor on her saying she did work as a gogo in st. elizabeth . I dont know if its true or not. So who in st. elizabeth know the real story ?


  1. God know the hair touching a kill me…me have long hair and me touch it less than 10xs in a day…annoying. Who is she BTW, Met?

  2. She swear she cute….long brazilian weave but it’s thin my dear….what was the point of this video..who kares konfidence

  3. Is what happen to tha Clarendon dunce gal yah,she can barely speak English to rawtid , just chat the patois nuh gal, nothing wrong with dancing go-go , a it nuff gal use and elevate themselves.

  4. I was born with a gift. You don’t have to say I have born with a gift. And lowe yuh hair alone nuh. A di house she waan show off I think. Yes the place nice, now bye!

  5. crowface ad odda people hair is no a gift, whitney had a gift, Mariah have a gift, bob had a gift …talkin shit is not a gift try gogo my girl

  6. Not hating but where is this looks & body plus gift she’s raving about? she stays fondling with the weave like its real..btw you claim you got 6 subjects & yet you can’t speak better than that wonder what those subjects are? FOH

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