NEW YORK, (CMC) – The owners of the popular Golden Krust food chain in the US have filed a lawsuit to stop a rival Jamaican food company — Silver Krust — from partially using its name.
In papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court Friday, Golden Krust says it’s been “among the most successful minority owned businesses in the country” since opening in the 1990s, and the knockoff is hurting its reputation.
“Without plaintiffs’ knowledge or approval, defendants set up a competing Caribbean food restaurant they, not coincidentally, called Silver Krust,” the suit says.
“Defendants use the distinctive K in misspelling KRUST, and have merely substituted Golden with Silver in coming up with” their name, the suit adds.
Golden Krust claims that Silver Krust sells some of Golden Krust’s products, and “have gradually expanded their Silver Krust restaurant locations so they have become closer and closer to genuine Golden Krust restaurants,” according to the lawsuit.
There are currently six Silver Krust restaurants in Brooklyn and Queens, the lawsuit says adding that there’s been “actual confusion about the relationship” between the two chains.
The suit claims that when Golden Krust communicated with Silver Krust about the problem, a representative for Silver Krust “readily apologized” for the name, but has failed to change it.
Golden Krust wants a court order forcing Silver Krust to change its name and to grant unspecified money damages for the “blatant infringement of their trademarks.”
Silver Krust lawyer Bruce Colfin said he’s yet to see the lawsuit, adding that the dispute is “more complicated than it sounds.”
He told the New York Daily News that Silver Krust has “been in business for several years,” and that Golden Krust should have spoken up earlier.


  1. Morning morning but after golden krust food nuh taste good cut the crap and leff di people dem wid dem name a true silver crust a make more money than unu

  2. Morning, why don’t golden crust don’t improve their establishment by hiring chefs that can really cook the food, when they had first open on gun hill and was just bakery, the patty was the best, now that patty is like pure baking soda after you eat it, you belly start grow. the food a pure oil.

  3. Mi seh…di Silver Krust people dem seh di Golden Krust people dem shoulda talk up earlier :bingung All wen dem a thiefT yuh yeye dem outta yuh head, yuh fi still see dem and tell dem fi stop it.

  4. Silver Krust food in my opinion taste WAYYYYYY BETTER den Golden Krust. Golden Krust food does not taste authentic at all and there prices are WAAAYYYY to expensive. Silver Krust ALL THE WAY

    1. golden krust put sugar in everything not even dem pastry a say nothing ..i think i bought a duck bread from them a few weeks ago and the amount of sugar and salt in the bread mi cudden believe it…silver krust cutting into dem business man

  5. Golden crust is one of the worst tasting food mi buck up pon one Friday morning mi stop pon Jamaica ave n buy ackee n salt fish with fry dumpling when mi attempt to bite the dumpling mi sayyyyy is a good thing a no false teeth mi hab cause the dumpling tougher than the rock of Gibraltar mi just nicely carry back n tell har give me some boil banana di ppl dem meck mi fraid a flour badddddd mi not even a tawk bout the ackee when cook with the whole heap a shark meat swimming in oil smh

      1. Metsy it ain’t no joke ma’am right now anybody whey know how fi light a stove can give golden krust a serious competition no lie a true mi no hab the passion fi the kitchen meck mi no do a ting lol

  6. everything expensive fi choo, and dem love count di food when dem a share it. one likkle piece a dry up plantain, likkle dry cabbage like a Jamacia yuh deh an food ration. NEXT TIME UNNUH GO GOLDEN KRUDST SI IF ANNUH DI COVA DEM SHARE DI FOOD INNA, BECAUSE IT MORE SHALLOW WICKED SET, AND CRAVEN. Good job sliver krust!

    1. Me and someone did a talk bout that yesterday dem count every piece of meat fi put ina u plate like what dem a cook wid dearer dan other restaurants

  7. mi seh!! dem literally have a sheet put up weh mi si di girl a read before shi share di food an she count di meat shi count di spoon a rice.. mi seh na sah and shake mi head. I noticed the box was opening funny so when I checked only to see is the cover dem share di food inna. So next tim go mi seh to di chile don’t share my foo in the cover ,she say is the cover so mi seh ok share it in the next part, she say is desso dem seh shi fi share it ina mi laaf cus mi know a instruction shi a go afta, and mi nuh waah she loose har work. DISGUSTING SET!! IM GLAD THEY ARE FEELING IT!!

    1. Yes get rich and decide fi short change people instead dem season di food is so so sugar now people pick up whey a gwaan n it a beat dem bad. I hope dem lose di case because smaddy cyah pay $8 fi 3 pcs a oxtail

  8. Di best golden krust deh a east new york right a pennsylvania and livonia ave under the #3 train line dem food is very good di rest can lock dung fi mi

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