6 thoughts on “GOOD QUESTION

  1. Respect is earned it’s not a given. If this man has not been in his children’s life this to me is a major disrespect, so what should daddy expect! People love use the bible to fit their narrative. The absence of the father in a child’s life can bring some serious issues for the child. Every child deserves a father who is a consistent. Its a pity a lot of men didn’t get that memo. Sad.. Good afternoon met hope you’re well

  2. How yuh fi respek him wen if it was up to him alone yuh dead fi hungry. Only time and God can change that likkle yute heart.

  3. First song yuh mek yuh a diss yuh fada an den still a use di name fi music kmt oh please if yuh get dat ignorant fi mek diss song mi wouldnt use nothing of his build yuh own brand den.

  4. Ele Trunk has been disrespected since birth! I pray for the yute cause no man or wutless father is worse any negativity in life.

    Elephant Man will never bus again in life and a good. God blessed him so much and yet him heart still dutty against him own offspring. Make Ele move him PC

  5. Mi woulda diss mi father too if him was a wuckless pussyole father like Elephant Man. Him feel like him son fi automatically respect him cause him f**k him madda and breed her make him dehya lol. What a f**kin eediot! Yuh shoulda play a role inna di yute life, den him woulda respect yuh!

  6. Well Ele should feel good his son whom he didn’t take care of is emulating him. Him right to say “hopefully” and leave it there cuz he is one questionable character

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