Mi seh met mi av a juicy piece a story fi yo! Wah day mi deh a movies and guess who mi see walk in hands in hands ??? No SEDEKI GOODLIFE and TIFFANY ! Yes mi love u wah see dem rass a laaf. Mi nah lie mi no really like the gall TiIFFANY NEWLiFE but she tan gud fii just have baby !!!! So the gal tell suck pu**y MARIO Weh a walk a suck n kiss up every gal weh him fuk Fi f**k off and gone bk to are good good man !!!, waiiii! Mi noe TiIFFANY Neva want dah dawg shit deh so all him did a try buy har out shi still did want SEDEKI and mi noe him Neva want dutty BABY STAR frm mor ning caz shi full a man ! Tho mi hear seh dem lef Met mi all hear seh Tiffany and sedeki deh a downtown and 3z and walk up and dwn ! Waiiiiiiiiiii. A caz tek it!!!!!! This too nice. So Tiffany name GOODLIFe AGAIN??????? Met mi go pan r Instagram and she poted this pic recently n a hide sedeki face then shi hurry up n delete it caz ppl a noe seh a him !


  1. gm met & metters :peluk .senda i was the other way around tiffy was frighten fi Batty man mario she love sweets too much :ngakak she run go pop big breedings think i was gonna hold him wrong :ngakak mario look nasty and sick baddd ewwwwwwww :dp SEDIKI U A GAL CLOWN :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Suh the dansa gal neva did a breed fi him babystar. Tiff a clown memba b
    how you get them is how you lose them lol. Stop mek yuh them send in story
    Sedikie get bk him strip idoit bitch because him fuk u n u have him
    matey mario baby

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