0 thoughts on “GQ IS A NEW OOMAN DIS A MINE YUH?

  1. Mi neva like Gq n Debbie she did stay real bad mi did always a seh is eida she a mine him or him really love har … but wait him n Aneka neva did a f**k inna wah day smh well new gal deh pan di block Debbie luk like shi nuh feel no way caz shi a duh rd sameway n still guh di same party dem weh him deh suh shi muss c di new gal

  2. Clean me throat morning met an meters, yuh kno a just few days ago me kinky a tell me say Debbie neice come from farrin bruk like dawg an d whole place in a frenzy , hope a noh low money mek dem separate for now , anyway is either him a try pull a card fe get summen she naa come up wid or she find a new toy buoy …an a dis week me kinky a say look how her mum a house roun a d ghetto wid d 99 a dem waan fix or better yet tek her out d ghetto an she been walking looking after every suitable toddler who can do d dirty tings dem to her , yuh know that’s why we as parents got to pray for our children’s an stop love likes an den pretend we a Christian an we son can be HIV positive or any other disease fe dat matter an we naa pressure dem fe go look wuk, very disgusting some a dem mum a ya

  3. Met i was about to ask yuh di same ting cause a mi watch a dance waah nite yah and a di new lady mi see and debbie stand up by r self…she cudnt even look inna di camera and yuh cuda see di hurt inna r face

  4. Hey I saw the preee cah mi see she one a par a British Link up heyyyyy mi neva thing GQ did really love Debbie none tall and a bare inspirational quotes him a drop…drop a grung when man love likes smh the whole a dem is a set see Andi a f**k Shamiele Aunty deh now. I was at a party and Petron come and sexy ding was there and I was like, watch the soul ties these ppl don’t even know that them soul intertwine and di sed spirit inna the whole a dem.
    It was just disgusting to watch mi just smh and a think to mi self.

  5. Me say a jus few days me an me kinky a talk an me a tell her any man dey round Debbie too long if dem noh dead dem go prison an if a farrin dem live dem must get deport and this is no joke , a some serious crosses

  6. Tell me what is Debbie big secret and me tell u bout the break up. A hope is not that she was a gogo in Mobay caz the world know a so she meet the rich white man.
    P.S. Is him left she

    1. her big secret is that she married and dey wid the white man a england weh mek she affi sleep wid Dog and that unda har stink and dem sey she or her sista mussi have some sickness, now please tell us about the break up

  7. well met is since before christmas 2014 me see the movements with him and Debbie, them was going through it seems. at him blazers and jeans dance debbie stand up wholeeeeeee nite n har face was stiff like starch, not a smile or movement and she was next to him like dem is strangers.

    this year me see ar par with lady rose and lady ann dem in de easter parties. she look hurt n sad
    me believe she did really love dat man……..but my girl ah so it guh… get wat im want and done wid u…….

  8. I wondered what type of job this man have because on IG he has like he just have hands into all kinds of things so it looked like he was doing very well and that him and his girl there was happy because I’ve seen them in all parties.. so what I get fi understand is that she Debbie was taking care of GQ with the white man money???? Why is she living in JA and not with her husband the white man…. It’s sad to know that she might of loved the man but I’ve never seen her smile in any parties her face is always serious…

  9. U know I had a crush on him for a long time, but I notice he’s too much into his self,and I always see him with this big woman, an mi say to mi self, this puss look like him want woman, fi mind him, so me get over that crush fass…cho..

  10. That girl name rose is a secret whore and she go chillspot Tuesday’s a act like she a smaddy and har name nuh inna di good book wid har stinking pussy

  11. yuh don’t know nothing about di gal har stinking pussy hole GQ and the sweet one run him… Good pussy speaks for it self it stink but it hole him

  12. to who said rose pussy stink clear u a walk and a smell gal pussy put any way yuh see dat stinking hole GQ him nuh let it a inch so it would better some pussy did stink cause him run left all the sweet ones fi di stinking one so clearly good pussy speaks for itself …..

  13. GQ and that gal not going to last I’m giving them a month. You no see how she look like Debbie GQ you all start repeat close already and now him have to go kiss konshens ass. Yo rose is a nobody she no live no wah a my cousin did a f**k her she just have color a nasty gal

  14. LOL at The Society Of Secret Whores, running to the aid of their now not so secret comrade Rose. So she’s just a good pussy, clean smelling secret whore. Got it… Well GQ is whore and she’s a whore, so whores of a feather… WHORES UNITED

    Rose is a nobody looking to be a somebody by means of GQ? she would be better of charging for the free sex she’s been giving to become popular. Kim Kardashian done buss offa sex my gurl, try again with someone that actually makes sense.

  15. rose live somewhere and have up are good job, GQ happy with her and she no look nothing like Debbie u see how Debbie look.debbie just dress good,good pussy a kill u

  16. Ok Rose or watever she name is pretty!! Mi kno Debbie personally n the white man. Firstly, him nuh live a England anymore; him live right inna mobay. The man love har n turn har inna smaddy n she not only a f**k pon the man weh gi her a fabulous life and store etc..her the bmw, hype store uptown n expensive apartment but she have up GQ n keep the man whose money she spending on GQ in private. Now GQ dash har weh like old cloth and she haffi just hold har corners! Inna life u reap wat u sow! GQ come in like a big batty man a pose off inna the man cyar bout his car fi get the Likkle frighten town gyal dem! All the fish fry events him a throw pity unno nuh know a the white man money she use n gi GQ fi throw these events and him a man? Which girl imma them right mind aguh pick up that boy who is clearly ok wid hyping wid man money n things? Him kno sey Debbie have har white man a mobay.. That’s no secret

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