Hello Ms met meet tita new recruit nice pretty girl who loves to Dehumanise herself just for the gram parties nice bags and shoes. I don’t grudge them cause I can’t do what they do and run down their bodies but damn where ate their parents? Where has morals and self respect gone? Girl please get out while u can




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  2. Met not a nice bag and shoes all can b found in your nearest h&m forever 21 and if they do all the nastiness the men desire a Zara outfit airport hotel nothing special in the whore life they are not even in the barrel lol

  3. Met not that I am condoning whoring just saying if tita a whore from the 90S when all her associates where in diapers y she can’t retire obviously she is a worthless whorebag.these girls need to look into themselves and look at all the other whore a have cars red bottoms designers homes and get lavish trips stop selling unno self to d dutty man dem weh caan get nobody on dem country fi 3rd world prices if unno a go sell unno body mek it b worth while stocks bond a home good god a good shoes and stop sell it fi d forever 21 cheap and clean dem man

  4. Tweety 21
    Well said well said
    Dem gyal yah pussy coming
    Like open dump land
    An imagine weh dem ova deh ah duh to de man dem :takut
    Dem suppose tuh feed pon penicillin

  5. This is way off topic but I’m just curious the shamalee or however her name spell an the Wong chick aren’t friends anymore???
    Cause a couple days I noticed the shamalee girl page was closed an now its open an not one pic of Wong is present….but yet she an the chrome girl start link back as nino an shamalee deh back…I’m just wondering what type of friendship these girls have #noloyalty not a fan of non out a the 3 a them…not jealous or hating just fass as we Jamaican ma put it…sigh the leaves of appearance the have to keep up with must be time consuming…. Instead of uplifting each other an building each other to empower an rise about they secretly hate an bash each other…oh longtime reader first time writing…I must say I enjoy your site met keep up the good work…..

  6. They look like regular girls having fun. I don’t see anything about them that would say they are ballin.

  7. Me a wonder the same thing to anon about shameless and aneka cuz I noticed they took down each other’s pics and then I noticed chrome and aneka are friends again. I have nothing against them they all keep me entertained.

  8. If this #tita girl make you get visa to travel all over the world how much f**ks do you have to give in order to gain your Independence(cause this is modern day slavery) I thought black people were free but even now black a enslave black…(1) how much cocks your allowed to take a day and at a time (2) how much holes on your body are you allowed to use (is nose and ears apart of it)(3) what are the work hours like (is it like a Jamaican job where you work like 40 hours a week) (4) besides shopping, the food, many hairstyles, and the spike in Instagram followers plus the traveling what else do you gain “houses, cars, planes and businesses???? What does the pension plan looks like, what age are you allowed to retire and is there a hooka/call girl credit union??? What if your broke an in need of a lone who is gonna look out for the interest of the worker so they receive there just reward…just a curious mind…

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