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You know sometimes even when you’re doing Positive things, people will find Negativity in it?Take this case of a very popular Ncb commercial geared towards granting school children their wish for their school.Several. Of the kids wanted school bus,computer,library and even to go to Disneyworld.

The controversy surrounds this little girl asking for a cotton candy machine for her school. Cotton candy is probably the most unhealthy treat on earth,it contains Banned colourings like FD&C yellow,red.Some persons are saying Ncb ought not to have included such a request because it would be irresponsible to grant such a wish. A few persons are even criticizing the lil girl for wanting such a trivial thing and saying she’s Slow.Cmon she’s just an innocent child and kids love candy. It is highly unlikely but if there’s anyone interested in granting this lil angel’s wish, kindly see the attached.

4 thoughts on “GRANT A WISH

  1. People dem can go f**k off….i thought the little girls request for a cotton candy machine was the sweetest thing….NCB granted the wish… that don’t mean them going make cotton candy everyday….more than likely it going be a once in a while treat for the children!

    People need to go f**k off…cause if most of them were to get a wish granted it woulda goodly be some kind a crap! It bun mi fi dem….NCB made that little girl and her schools Christmas and I thank them for it!

    1. Apparently she won’t get her own cotton candy machine for her school….but a company/person who thought the commercial was sweet will be giving the school cotton candy! Merry Christmas to her!

    2. The wish for the cotton candy machine has not been granted.Thus the picture showing it costs $25000,if I had money Sighhhh.Visit the website to see how you can help if interested.

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