1. Most of em in they late 20’s except for Shauna but Shauna pushing 35 if she hasn’t turned 35 already. They all look old and tired in the face. Pum Pum dun out waste bloodclaat gyal dem.

      1. Di bitch look old. I don’t give a shit what her real age is. Her face tells a different story.

  2. If only boops can practice smiling her pictures would look 10 times better.Oddly enough Veachy, Kayann and Tyesh look the youngest..The rest a dem look like some long time big ooman

  3. lmao lmao funny thing is I know I’m older then all of them but I don’t look a day over 30, that club life will beat you down.

  4. Me nuh know not a soul inna dah post yah but my guess is 34 years 11 months and 29 days and that’s only because I’m staying within the confines of instructions otherwise my guess would be they are all close to being eligible for Medicare

  5. Dats what partying every week and sleeping wid a differnet man every 2 days have you looking like. Man stress and money stress a kill dem. Di biggest stress is the fact dem affi hide and teck di ppl dem man and no know when di beating ago come. That will have you worring to your grave. Big up to Munchie cause she change for the better since she got with Neal. Mi like har now.

  6. So how Kelly neva meck this Line up? Cause she look every bit of 39

    –Kayann your biggest stress is living in denial and trying to please John public .Everyone makes mistake so suck it and jump back pon the horse call life and ride it. You look bout 34
    –Alissa, You caused your stress I have no pity to give you. I like how you don’t let it define you tho, You go school and kept it look bout 35
    –Veachy, you preach how u doh care, but I always see a little girl screaming for help whenever I see your pics. You are still young go get a career and leave di dancehall man dem alone. You need to find a ole working man fi help you . Don’t worry about ur past that is an asset for di ole man dem. You look bout 38
    –Blackie, read veachy notes above and please stop breed fi ppl man. Mi no wah see no more sad fatherless kids . you look 50.
    —Rochelle, Mi cah badda wid you changing dem yankee boyfriend deh every month. Did you know you can ketch disease from a man Tongue too? Di sad part about it is how you always ah suck out dem tongue ewwwwwww. Yankee no brush dem Tongue nor teeth ,You a lickiback?? Barney gi you a break wid the kids and you a waste time insteada go meck some money like how u hands dem free up. You wutliss badd. You look 42 ish
    —Boops You are a permanent baby sitter and Paull only a use u fi maintance and fi keep him dawta updated. Him no affi spend a dolla. Gal go look a real life yah and stop dream. you look 45 ish
    –Shauna Mi rate you cause you always a look a dolla but why oh why you go breed fi di ppl dem hussy? You know a you alone and dat pickni so you life ago get sticky now you affi go go harder. You neva memba she once you breed di man feel seh him own you so all good treatment come to an end fi mateie.. Bwoy woman a really fool ova nite. U look 40 ish
    –Tyesh I neva see you wid a man yet but you always a get blame fi one. Is wha no baddie no wah own you up mama? You really do look under 30 tho.

  7. Some a dem look like dem a 30 nuff nuff and the others look like 40 nuff. In other words late 30s and early to mid 40s.

  8. Pic 3,4,5,6, and 8 all look like they late 30’s. All the rest look mid 40s to early 50’s. And this is no shade, I don’t know none a dem.

  9. none a dem big ooman yah up top nuh inna dem 20s 30s ah lie dem a tell bout dem age dem look late 30s 40s no decent man naw pickup none a dem n wife up ah dis party dancehall life make u ole pop dung

  10. If none of these women touch 30+ yet they need to chuck off a bridge because they are NOT aging gracefully!! All the bleach and thing have made dem look old nuh bloodclot!! It really a shame cause they should try school and job. instead of selling drugs wipin ass and partying!! when I say school i dont mean CNA. Dat nuh make gud $$$$$…….
    Who watches dem pickney when dem ah out pawty everyday dat God sey let there be light…cho!! DWRL

  11. The club life mash dem up every weekend in the club u guys act surprise dem gal look so old some of dem body look lumpy lumpy like when u cook porridge and it nuh come out rite !!!!!

  12. Mi a wonder If di ladies in pic 9 & 10 have a mirror in a dem house or if no mirror a family member or a friend. Cause me can’t understand why, them leave them yard n gone at and up in a di ppl dem place, n have di nerves fi pose in a camera light and tek picture looking like that.

  13. Good afternoon Met and all others.
    Yet they have the nerve to talk about “big woman fi go take a seat”
    Truth is us “big women” looks a lot better than this lot
    I know I age gracefully and looking younger than a couple of these “hot girls”

  14. Veachy suppose to ina har 20s but me a try figga if a ina dog yrs..all har foot dem look old.. jeez.. Veachy always a talk bout care zero an har pics dem a scream fi attention an help..

    Munchie jus have a old tuff face. sometimes it look like a touch transvestite face…even har mada look younger dan har..she no give har body time fi rest. she been around the block..she smoke, drink an night dew ina har mole.. breed from she a all tek a toll

    Shauna have a innocent look but we all know… hmmmm

    pic#4 look like a gran mada…she eida late late 40s or jumping 50s

  15. I am 34 and get mistaken for late 20s ALL the time and that’s WITH makeup. Without and a backpack I look like a college student. *GOODBlackDon’tCrack* :maho
    :bingung Chile these women were road HARD and put away WET!!! All di red dress look WELL into her late 40s. My GAWD!! What kind a life these women living?

  16. I couldn’t believe Alyssa wen she said she turned 26 other day.. Kayaan is around the same age as her too and look like big frigging women.

    Most of those women are at the 26- 30 yr mark looking like big ass women smh.. I never thought me, kayaan and Alyssa running same age. Ppl swear I’m 25

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