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  2. Guilty ……………….due to the taped conversations .( I made a clear connection with his sisters’s style and his) …also mi wah dem lock him up long time for the beating of that 17 year old girl and the way he disrespected Lisa Hyper …his overall attitude

  3. good morning my favorite blog, bloggers and blog head-mistress.

    kartel is GUILTY in my opinion.

    yes the case is very sloppy, best practices were not adhered to, evidence was tampered with, and a host of other things went on that does not sit well with me.

    but then the voice notes don’t lie, kartel himself was caught lying in his unworn statement, his lawyers did not present their theory of how they say things happened well and lizard to this day cannot be found,

  4. Guilty of Lizard murder and the murder of many more. Those four tear drops under his eyes are there for a reason. The buoy a old murderer, period! I hope they kill him a prison or if he is lucky fi touch road, they kill him as soon as he is set free.

  5. don’t need glasses to see that he’s GUILTY base on the evidence that his lawyers could not prove he didn’t send the msg dem an couldn’t prove it was not him on di video nor dem never place him nuh other place on di day in question .an also him fren dem tell on dem one another to

  6. In my opinion, INNOCENT, why? there is a couple reasonable doubt in the case and to send someone to prison for a long time , there should not be any doubt in other words the prosecution was very unprofessional and all over the place while the main witness was taking the case like a joke matter and finally no body and murder weapons

        1. Poor people bury so deep in the propaganda enacted by the criminal elements inna Jamaica NOTHING the police do will be seen as good whenever a one a dem own criminal elements on the hot seat.

          That nigga guilty of more than murder and since him can’t get a rope round him neck by legal commission I hope them let him go mek him own dem kill him. Selah

          1. Phantom dem hurt mi nerves. A lof a times people se God wicked because he told an army to eradicate a whole nation including babies…….some of them have some blood a run through dem u si smhh

  7. Lizard is not the only one Termite Kartel killed, He is Guilty! sen him way for couple years mek him gwan go release song like Jah Cure Reflections, mek him come back a road when him old and grey. MUDERAH, Blood dah pon you shoulda. WICKED Animal.

    1. He wasn’t there but his dog bit him and mad suss got a hold of the dog then tied him in the back of the yard????? Think before you speak plz!!

      1. you need to read first u too jumpy the person said they werent there personally so what are u saying ??? stop get worked up off ur emotions

  8. The evidence may or may not have been tampered with, that Phantom letter definitely wasn’t written by the the star witness his vocabulary ain’t of that standard. The evidence outweigh the reasonable doubt by a mile. The witness and one of the accused are almost blood related By virtue of being the uncle of shawn storm’s child so he has no ill-will against them. Kartel’s history with the law is not the best one and we all know that and being the coward he is he might not have played a physical part in the killing but he ordered it based on the bbms, vn and txt messages. The days Leading up to August 16 2011 there were a flurry of calls, txt, vn, bbms and the days preceding that only a handful were displayed. No doubt in my mind that they are all guilty but if the jury should find them not guilty it will not surprise me due to the fact that the police MAY have manipulated the evidence. I certainly would like to congratulate Lamar Chow for his bravery in attending court to testify against these hoodlums. May almighty God forgive you of your past deeds.

    1. I totally Agree with the now famous blogger (comment mek de news, lol), “the evidence out weighs the rsonable doubt by a mile”, GUILTY… yes HIM IS GUILTY!!!!!!!!

  9. To Kartel please ask God for forgiveness, because you know deep down in your heart that you have sumting to do with di yute death … even if is not you doit , ah you call di shots.. N if yuh get weh yu fi change yo name to kartel-demon.

  10. Voice notes messages n video proves his guilt he should be sentenced to as long as it takes to find Lizard r him body so tell me now if Lizard was not dead him wouldn’t surface by now???? Cause all if a inna dragon batty ole him a hide inna him would hear n know say Karthell amongst others a get tried fi him death

  11. ((((( GUILTY ))))
    All 5 guilty. Kartel should be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole (if that is possible in Jamaica). Shawn Storm and the rest should get a minimum of 60 years to life. Kartel voice notes are the deciding evidence. SS can’t guh roun seh a him tek Lizard a de house. Texts between Lizard and him sister saying where him going and what him fear gwine happen.

    Kartel bun dung him owna house fi destroy evidence and conveniently tek out him valuables before de fire. Police never manipulate lizard sister phone and texts. Too much things for the police to manipulate and coordinate.

    ‘From yuh a duh crime, yuh eva si suh much forensics?. Kartel a mek plans fi run weh guh Bahamas – evidence of guilt.

    There were shoddy police work in the process. However, the shoddiness is minimal when stacked against the overwhelming circumstantial and physical evidence of guilt.

    Sen him weh an dash weh de expletive key.

      1. shawn storm will get the brunt of the sentence, he took the victim to the house had he not done that there would be no trial.

    1. They all have chosen to go down with the ‘Wor’l Boss’. Lizard’s death was so gruesome and barbaric that they cannot even bring themselves acknowledge committing such wickedness.

      BTW, as to the arrogant one who didn’t even know shy he was in court, he should get life without parole; a lifetime to think about why he was in court for Lizard’s murder.

  12. Guilty for brainwashing the brainless sheep and guilty for killing the poor lizard…I don’t know if the jurors get dem palm grease so it’s left up to them…

  13. G U I L T Y as charged. Lizard ‘missing’ presumed dead, the texts he sent to his girlfriend to alert his sister that fateful day. Within the confusion going on the dog bit the owner. Mr Chow came to court and told what he saw (eye witness account). Sketel was trying to flee the island – then last but not least the fake police report that was made stating that Lizard had committed a robbery – Sketel and the gang were trying to get away with murder…..

    1. de admin beg us tuh ignore such comments weh may lead tuh a propa tear out battyhole suh wi a gwaan chue dis very evelin….yuh wan too @^%@#&*& ^#$*$((@)*&# cut mi yeye

      1. Simplyyyyy…..
        Mummah, beg yuh duss gwaan design ah rocket launcher or wan biggah JMG glock deh, fi wen di GUILTY vedik read….

        Plz n tonks

  14. Guilty as f**k…..all now dem cyaa provide nooooo motive behind di big ole conspiracy weh dem a bawl bout….everybody know Bigga ford dem already if dem did hate kartel to di extent weh him a talk, dem cudda easily mash him up an get weh wid it, dem Neva affi bring him een alive, dem have no reason to frame him none wat so ever, di evidence is ova whelming ……if dem suh innocent why dem Neva take di stand? Why dem try bun dung di house? All now kartel not even provide a alibi to where him was are doing what on di day a di killing GTFOH loll

  15. GUILTYYYYYY all di way…..di amount a lie weh dem lawyer deh tell and it always bounce back pon dem…bwoy mr Taylor nuh ramp,him mek dem look like fool everytime kartel lawyer dem come wid dem f**kery

  16. met, mi know seh kartel passssss guilty…but…mi have a sneakin suspicion seh di court a go free him up sed way

    but i only hope they think long and hard about their decision and the implications this will have on society, especially with regards for the youth and criminal segments of the population. if kartel is found non-guilty, it’s only going to send a damning message that excessive crime and immorality are “ok” and an acceptable way of managing conflict. all when ‘worl boss’ ready fi voice some new tune and brag pon how him beat di case, a dem time deh nasty nayga a go feel seh dem can do as dem please because illicit behavior has no consequence. GOD bless jamaica if dem really let this man go free…smh

  17. The fact that the accused affiliates went to the extreme of fabricating a police report claiming to have been robbed by the victim is enough to prove it was a failed attempt to deflect from a murder.
    The texts from the victim himself stating he was on his way to the accused, in the presence of the other accused and in fear of imminent death combined with the fact the victim has not been seen or heard from since that moment.
    The multiple voice notes and texts messages include Shawn claiming of a pending death.
    The sworn statements of the victim’s sister
    An eye witness attesting to seeing the dead victim at the house of the accused.
    The dog bite as well as unsworn testimony from all the accused placing the eye witness at the murder scene.
    Shawn Storm’s statement of the victim being in his presence the last time he was ever seen or heard.
    None of the accused having a credible alibi.

    I see nothing other than guilt.

  18. Mi not even go xplain nothing.The accuse dem tell pon dem self.Clearly guilty,Kartel a 36 b4 parole and go join Zeeks.

  19. If Lizard walk inna de court house, Kartell free, him have uugh much pint five million. quafrillon dollaz and Busta Rhyme wid money fe help him plus Mrs. Curan, why him neva mek dem put up a reward fi whoever spot Lizard an can bring him come ah court ???…”..ah dat him shudda do!! …when trouble tek yuh pickney shut fit yuh”

      1. Talk bout walk in court, the multi million dollar question is why didn’t the defense call what would’ve been their star witness gaza slim to the stand she went to the police abs reported that she was robbed by Lizard several days after the killing. That would certainly poured cold water on the prosecution’s case.

        1. Fi real! Since lizard is alive…she neva deh nowhere near court ..Shawty or tiny cudda come seh him did home wid dem dat day whey dem did deh?

  20. lmfao mi just a wait pon the verdict i cant say. Mi nuh know a soul pon the jury and idk what they are thinking or if they got paid .. so mi just a wait everybody coulda bawl out weh dem think and vex till dem blue we wont know untill the day the verdict leggo

    thats all.

    People so sure hes guilty
    People so positive he will get freed


  21. But MET mi have a question :request now Kartel seh him never know lizard right ??? him only see him when shawn storm have a show . so den now if di boss nuh know dis man how slim know fi seh him rob r think about it .dem really should a call r up man fi mek she seh how she know him if di boss nuh even know him

    1. fi reallllllll and u know mi hear se shawn storm n dem could not touch not even $1 outa dem pay when dem do show..a skirthell send him man dem go collect

  22. In my humble opinion, he is guilty, based on the evidence presented with texts messages, voice notes, and him Kartel and the others accused have no alibi placing them else where, based on these facts they are all guilty.

  23. Met, BLESS UP to u and to the readers for the summary above. I forgot some of these details so this was a good catch up.

    Taylor brings up a good point which he probably purposely left for last to bring the whole story full circle to how it all started. Why did Shawn Storm deliver the man to his execution ‘ceremony’??? How HIM sleep a night time??

    Based on the evidence presented…he, Palmer, better start asking for forgiveness even if it is just for his involvement with guns. Cause why gun haffi involve? The music wasn’t enough, the party wasn’t enough, the bleaching wasn’t enough.
    Like dem thirsty for more and more of dem not even know what – until dem need to see a sacrifice to satisfy, blood. Guns bring just dat, blood, destruction, death.

    The voice notes and videos, can u ever imagine if dem ever recover the video of the man begging for his life.

    Psychopaths all of them.

    I hope the reading of verdict will begin the purging process in the dancehall culture in general. It is 2014 we tyad of seeing gal skinnin out, fighting in the dance, breeding for this man and dat, and the man dem that wutless, have more kids than pots and pans, and a criminal record that stretch from BK to JA to MIA to GT to LA to TT to UK.

    1. we said it from the beginning se shawn storm fi get it wicked because him deliver the man and then text bout ” yuh hear lizard ran away” all now dem cannot say where or why him run away shawn storm a di wickedessssssssssssst

  24. Same ting mi seh to met! why him neva provide an alibi to his where a bouts on dat day? Him house burn dung an him nuh report it? an my big question is why dem never take da stand???? Dat wud b a perfect way fi convince me and many dat he is very intelligent as his fans say lol

    1. di batteyman whey day seh him a LEHJAN…a dat kartel fans dem seh him so as u seh him shudda tek di stand..from me innocent nothing nah mek me nuh testify pan my behalf but dem lawyer know dem a fool

  25. I think KARTEL is guilty but I think he may walk..
    The co accused 2 will be freed & the other 3 are gonna take it ..

  26. GUILTY !!!!! If Lizard is alive, den mi waan fe see him. Since nobody nuh see him, what explanation is given then for his absenteeism, the house smelling like a dead animal, the house being burned, numerous text messages, the dog bite wey Kartel get, Kartel planning on leaving the island, and so on.You mek me go play Buju song “Murderah” right now yah, and hope to God that the words of that song can have a major impact in the minds of the 11 jurors for the outcome of this case.

  27. Of course him kill the man but the world and the system dun corrupt a ready and a one a the hardest thing fi convict without a body…..a weh the funeral home man deh weh him gi the body Dem fi cremate how come him Neva in a this none at all …..mi sorry fi the youth an him family still but him ago walk and it sad but a just so the system corrupt kartel will get him day tho by the hand a god

      1. just the way how dem present de evidence..yuh suppose to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt..and mi nuh tink dem prove dat…police a use phone dat suppose to be in evidence and a lie..main witness a write letter and a lie..juror a meet wid defense lawyer..pare hanky kangaroo court business…case nuffi go so

  28. All of them will be found guilty and charged for MURDER. IF kartel isnt charged with MURDER i guarantee he will be charged with CONSPIRACY to murder. GOD NOT SLEEPING!!

      1. yes met, satan defeated hallelujah!!! GOD is the beginning and the END. I bet kartel neva know him deeds would catch up to him. you can hide from man but you cant hide from god! justice will be served one way or another.

  29. Remember dis @ the hands of man he will be found not guilty……….but wen or if him cum ah road…….Selassie I, kno, the heart dat hurts….has no guilt….only…..everlasting pain on earth.

  30. MET. Just seen on my facebook feed a story from Jamaica Observer.
    The police are investigating the disappearance of a worker at the Bennett funeral parlour in Kingston.
    Nothing can’t tell me that this isn’t related to this case. Go check it out!

  31. Shirley-anne palmer is guilty as sin and we all know it. While i must say reasonable doubt has been established, says it best. The evidence far out-weigh REASONABLE DOUBT and shirley should be given a life sentence wid NO possibility of parole and his co-defendants deserve the same fate..

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