1. Gm. why di clown inna di big ugly glasses soo hurt if Shauna nuh wah push har tongue inna Bop mouth Shauna deh pan ah mission impossible and I think she’s doing her best to make it possible, Shauna 1 ting di rotten teet mouth water ah kill mayyyy!!!!!

    1. Maybe Steego should push his tongue dung inna Gully Bop mout ah french kiss, show Gully Bop how much he’s loyal tuh di ting ah rate im as di world’s best artist. :nerd. That is what I think Steego Vibes should do.

  2. Shaniiiiii……is watermelon oooooo. But you know ppl talking this and that about Shauna and her strong stomach and ppl cannot believe she deh with Bop. But based on Shauna’s file, she is not prize either. She is not in any higher class than Gullybop. As far as I’m concerned, fi him stomach strong fi wake up next to Shauna ganja and alcohol breath every mawnin. I never see a picture of Shauna without a cigarette or a spliff in her hand. And we all know cigarette breath kicks like Van Damme. Who ever wife Shauna?. Gullybop might be the only man who truly loves her. I’ve seen her posts on FB in the past about love and heartbreak. Now she has found true love. I hope she appreciates it. Shauna is only body and face. She better hold on to Bop cause man will f**k har yes, but if she continue with the drinking and smoking and partying, no one will wife her. So she better hurry up and say “I do” to Bop. Congrats guys. I respect true love. ……no matter where is comes from.

    1. Cita, yuh ending comment is so on point…I respect true love as well, no matter where it comes from, but love is humble and thing mi know fe sure…when you kiss that one you love, it feels better than sex my girl, ah me fe tell yuh!!!!!…yuh feel it chu every fiber of your being; that muthafuhcka sends chills thru your entire body!!!!…you will know it when you feel it…so maybe Shauna and Gully Bop are both due for a dental visit so they can have that special moment…that special tongue kiss.. maybe we’re all due for a dental visit so we can deep kiss the one we love..yes indeed!!

  3. @mamacita but from what I see body and face is the only requirements for man nowadays. I see some real dunce head gal illiterate as ever don’t know to cook n clean n man pick them as wife so me nuh know

    1. Yes Anonymous. You are right. No doubt about that. But how long before the man leff har standing with her pretty looks and good up body. When di belly start look bang and di breast dem don’t stand at attention no more. If him stay him will eventually start buss har ass fi go in the kitchen go cook an go clean up di dirty house. Or him just might leave har for the ugly girl with good up lifestyle. Yes they will get husband. But for how long.

  4. Good morning JMG family! Just come back from yaad early dis morning, after spending 1 week there, and fe real a Gully Bop music mi hear all over de place, even in Ocho Rios, and Trelawny, him music tun up. On a serious note though, mi agree wid wey Steego a sey bout Miss Chin. Mi get de feeling say dat dis is a one – way street kind a love, worse she a half him age. Only time will tell if a de real ting.

  5. How come dis bwoy in a di glasses so hurt over gullybop and miss chin him must be a battyman who love off gullybop.

  6. Bwoy bop him luv kiss eeh! A mussi him name Henry Kissinger lol him remind mi a flava flave wen him did have di show pon vh1, him try push him tung inna di gyal dem mouth every rass minute who naa kiss him affi leave loll

  7. I agree wid Steego 100%. He is just suggesting that Shauna should show more affection if a real love and gully bop fi stop acting like a giddy headed kid and act like a man.

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