She luv di attention too cause if she a try hide why repost a pic of The Star. Kmt. Anywayssssss. Bosen get cut up… now gyal pu**y go get f**k up. Dwllll. Gullybop bosen has disappeared. Dwll. (Mi assuming dats di surgery) Lol. Chin say di teet can stay but di bosen gotssss to go. Dwllll.

0 thoughts on “GULLY BOP BOSEN FREE

  1. Is wha did swell up? him buddy? him balls? or is like him side di swelling a push outta? Den if she did a ride it before it cut, she neva fraid it buss n explode pon har? Or she did a use dat as excuse fi no give him none….well shi haffi ride it now dat it cut

    1. So she really f**k him bareback. I’m not asking cause of who him is. Just asking cause mi Never know fertile sensible woman still do dem things deh without FIRST securing a home fi raise dem child ina. Nuh Gully say pon Onstage say him need some more clothes. So how di money go share fi him, clothes, Chin and di baby. Den nuh di baby fadda have di son? I gone before di same man deh come trace me.

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