Teens seek refuge after advances from New Kingston homosexuals
André Williams, STAR Writer
Homosexuals linked to the ‘gully-bridge’ in New Kingston have angered atleast one parent recently after her son was assaulted while on his way from a match and had to run inside a church for refuge, THE STAR understands.
Information reaching our news desk is that the 17-year-old boy remains traumatised following Saturday’s incident, where a friend of his was touched on his bottom by one of the gays. After making their disgust heard, they had to run for their lives when other gays became involved.
Michelle Dwyer, the teen’s mother, told THE STAR that the police had to rescue her son from the church after a standoff for more than two hours.
“They attacked my son, and he had to run inside a church. He locked himself inside, and about 20 of dem stood by, some trying to get to my son. A church assistant came and tried to help the situation, but she, too, was told off. They were saying dem afi get my son tonight, and dem want him phone,” the mom said.
Dwyer continued, “When the police finally came about 7:30 and removed my son, from inside the church, him say the gays circle dem and start talk a bag of things bout weh dem ago do and weh dem can do.”
THE STAR was told that the teen was asked to point out his attackers and later taken to the station to give a formal report.
Dwyer told our news team that her son is willing to go public and let people know what took place so that it doesn’t happen again.
“I am angry. What if it were my younger son? Other people children have to walk there, too. People have gotten raped and robbed, but many are afraid to report it. My son is traumatised and said he would take his own life inside the church than to have any of them touch him,” she said.
According to Dwyer, the police say they cannot do much about the multitude of issues with these gay men.
She said: “If someone attack dem, den human rights come out, but if someone harm my son, how it go? The police dem tell mi say as soon as dem lock dem up, people in high places come and bail them or have them released.”
When our news team contacted the St Andrew Central Police Division, an officer close to the investigation confirmed the incident.
In addition, the officer also shed light on the nuisance caused by these gay men.
“They are responsible for scores of robberies and other acts of violence. To be frank, half the reports come from their clients …people who go their to conduct business with these men,” the officer said.
He further stated that the clear-up rate for the crimes involving these men is at a minimal. “Unless we catch dem in the act, victims are not willing to come forward because of the repercussions. When we detain these persons and the victims hear about court, they often drop the matter. We have a tuff job up here, man, tuff job.”
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  1. :siul Why is it that Jamaican police have to catch the gays in the ack of a crime but will lock u and murder the strait without proof of a crime? Jamaica nuh nice again… :siul

  2. Dem dutty nastiness gully dwellers, smaddy caan drap a bomb pon dem!! Police sey dem a seal off di gully, cancrete it off mek di nastiness dem caan go in dey go lib. If dem go in dey, mi hope dem sufficate from lack a air or di smell n bacteria in dey kill dem
    Damn brite a cum violate di ooman pickney n not even respeck church

  3. They are getting brighter and brighter with each passing day, jamaica people should never allow them to rise up to this stage, they are going to cause havoc on the island -watch

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