Police in Haiti intercepted a shipment of about 200 heavy firearms, including assault rifles and shotguns, and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition at the port of Saint-Marc Thursday.

The National Police of Haiti (PNH) worked with customs officers at the National Port Authority (APN) to uncover the shipment that came through the port of Saint-Marc (Artibonite Department).

The report of the scene taken by Justice Victor Hugo St-Louis at the request of the Director General of Customs says the seizure consisted of:

150 12-gauge shotguns
9 double-barrel 12-gauge shotguns
5 M4 rifles
15 pairs handcuffs
10 pairs of boots
50 cases of 50 cartridge units .38 calibur
4 boxes of 1,000 cartridge units 9 mm
7 cases of 10 boxes of 250 chain units 12mm caliber
50 boxes of 50 cartridge .380 ACP
2 cans, 250 12-gauge cartridges
7 chargers 5.56×45mm caliber
1 M14 charger
12 uniforms (blue pants, black shirt)
5 tactical vests
1 Glock 9 mm pistol
However, the origin and destination of the weapons and ammunition were not disclosed. Haiti has been under an arms embargo since 1993. In 2009, the embargo was partially lifted to allow for arms for the Haitian National Police.


  1. Thank you Jesus about 500 people lives were spare based on this fine because without a dam doubt Jamaica was destined to be next.

  2. Yes, mi glad that these weapons never found their ways on the streets in the arms of murderers and thieves, especially on the streets of JA, we need more of these seizures

  3. This does not surprise me bcos Many of those guns will still be released on the streets and end up in other places like Jamaica.

    1. So the ones before weren’t intended for coup d’etats? Everyday Haiti plan coups, but too hungry and greedy to be bothered, so they pass off the guns…same damn amerikkkan weapons given to them to over throw aristead. Haiti should turn the guns on themselves since dem love harbor death.

      Jamaicans taking in guns from Haiti should also suffer like a paralyzed dog and die in agony and shame.

  4. What you saw there is not what they find that’s just a picture…I see alot of AR15 and it did say they find anything like that,away this goes to show that someone are some people sending guns to these rundown poor country just like in Africa… Haiti don’t have a proper road r hospital but they have enough guns to start a civil war anytime..

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