A Guyanese/Canadian national is the main suspect in the murder of 47-year-old pastor, Llewellyn Lucas, whose head was discovered in a vehicle driven by the suspect over the weekend.

The authorities say that the torso was disposed of at a farm owned by the suspect near Mile 32 on the Western Highway.

There has been speculation that the pastor had gone to the farm last Friday reportedly as an agent of couple to collect a debt on behalf of the two people.

Acting Commissioner of Police Russell Blackett told a news conference that “so far, we understand that there was some transaction that had been going on between these people and it appears that there was a fallout.

“We are still trying to uncover the final analysis of this before we put it forward to the public. But I must assure you that whenever this is done you will know the conclusive results.”

He told reporters that during the course of the investigation “we uncovered that four other persons were also involved, and by four a.m. Saturday morning, all persons were taken into custody.

“We searched the farm and we found what appears to be burnt remains of a body, as given to us during our interviews. That has been sent to the forensics for analysis,” the senior police officer said.

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