1. Mawning everybody from front de frock luk aight. From back it luk wreckish. Weh de long zipper ah show fah…hidden zipper nuh sell ah shop or dem nah have none. Yu and yu clown fashion luk different yes wid unnu fashion failure….back to de drawing board yu go ma’am. Wheel an cum agen :maho :maho

  2. Your style is absolutely DEFERENT…and so is your spelling. That headband ears make you look like a Playboy reject. Good morning Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk

    1. Morning Yep! and readers, peepers and creepers.

      The front looks nice, can see the cut wasn’t even with the back…de back look like a big, black beach umbrella with a zip.

      De man look like a played out coolio.

  3. Goood morn met METTERS! My girl go a buy a new mirror cause it is clearly u mirror don’t like u cause anytime I c u u never Stan good. U frock look like over size plastic table cloth gwey u think anyone frighten fi stay bad frock. U a u man really match cause both a u don’t have a clue about being fly gwey stay bad Kizzy!

  4. Ms. Kizzy, why yuh neva paste bunny ears all ova yuh choose ah wear one pa yuh nose ah sew on wa tail tuh?…singing, ” what does the fox say?” :kr

  5. Ms. Kizzy, why yuh neva paste them same ball ears all ova yuh shoes ah wear one pa yuh nose ah sew on wa tail tuh? …singing, ” what does the fox say?” :kr

  6. Kizzy….mi know yu a peep as ujewal. By “fly”, do you mean the zipper in the front of your pants/jeans?…..or… you mean the insect that’s mainly attracted to garbage, dead critters and shit?

  7. The truth is this dress is nice! Remember she is perfecting her craft (gift from God). And she has improved tremendously. Many of us who are sitting here critizing her gift has many unused gifts. So gwan tru yah mi Kizzy yuk ting tun ova. You’ve designed many beautiful pieces that I see on your Instagram. Keep the courage and faith. And personally if my child gave me something to wear no matter how ridiculous it may look to others I would wear anyways to make my child feel good. Good job from a complete stranger who only knows if you via Internet.

    1. Puddie, well dat explain why the frock stitch up ah bytch up summen awful; ah because di ting “tun ova” ( your words, not mine). The sewing machine tun ova, thus damaging it, thus causing this collateral damage of a dress. Oh ok, now it spell sense

  8. lampshade comes to mind kizzy….. but a betta yuh support yuh owna ting yah practice makes perfect. why isn’t there a dancehall fashion design contest in JA?

  9. She always makes nice clothes for other people then makes these weird outfits for herself I don’t understand it

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