6 thoughts on “HAM HOCK

  1. This fat gyal always do n wear the most ridiculous clothes.. Girl chill n cover up..some fat girls r sexy..u cumin lke sum big British barrel.. Fava clown

  2. Dis big stinking pig is juss 25 yrs old woieeeee.. She nuh have no style.. Eva naked like she slim an crome.. Wukliss gyal yuh fi wear clothes mon.. No pride look how yuh full a lump young gyal…. All she kno fi do a tek outragious pictures wid all different type a man.. An she live wid har man.. Have some self respect girl..

  3. Goodie yuh big and look like spoil dumplin eeh, u nave nothing bout u, gal u fi wear things fi complement yuh big bloodclatt body, I want somebody show yuh babyfada how u behave when u deh a rd, all ur babyfada is a very nice boy a muss sorry him sorry fi u and breed yuh, or a yuh obeah wukka mumma tie him pan you.

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