tamara goodaz this is the best laugh everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that wig that wig that wiiiiiiiiiiigggggggg dwmfl. you are the best looking clown in town. lady do not raise ur hands if ur not sure. sir woodstock is the next street over. lady in the spandex dress and church heels cover up please…jello anyone? ava b4 u and u tan bad friends dem chat people take a good look in the mirror at ur tummy. thank you


  1. Mi nuh know wat else to try Met,I did that mi tek out battery.I will sort it out….in the meantime mi haffi gwaan visualize inna mi head

  2. tamara is where u get them uglay tap dancing shoes deh from. u just get uglier and uglier every time wi see u. always tacky and loud.btw how u son doing? when last u go visit him and spend some quality mommy time with him? stop buff up u self cause while u going home every nite to a new dick we are at home with our kids and family laughing at u. poor example fe a mother. ava the time u and sweaty stinky jennifer friday saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday thurdsay stand up in club and tap and laugh about people have several seats try fix up and come again but come betta boo boo. u gut fava any busy road map. lady in a the cheap frock and church shoes where is u man alwayne fe tell u to cover up and stop embarrassing him. where is he btw? oh busy a cheat pon u with the next concubine as usual. star boy willie…moving right along. sweaty green arm gal maybe u and jennifer friday should stop running around the club like 2 pigs in a hog pen. it no look good. and to the girl in the 1st pic ur toes have a condition what need serious shampooing. ur hammertoes need immediate medical attention. surgery can fix that but it cannot fix u bad character.

  3. Ah Alwayne woman dat??…I thought he was with what’s her name??? No man some women fi stop play fool and wise up.. He is just another DOGGG just like the rest of them… Have dem Good Good woman at home and out ah road ah f*k down the place… SMH… LOL.. IT DON’T LOOK GOOD!!!

    1. alwayne use to have 2-3 different ooman in the club same time while she in deh as well. she knows about his cheating ways but she don’t care cause she can’t get no better than alwayne. sad but true

      1. Kiss her ass because she can do better than Alwayne you don’t know the girl you see her she have everything going for her. Alwayne keep her with him ugly self more than she needs him. I know so many man that wish that him could get her and she settle for that piece of shit. So if it was me like the girl mi left him an give u and u will c weh u get u f**king fool. As for Tamara get off the girl all u do is sit around a f**k with people instead of u go and go find a job and wash u ass.

  4. On a serious note , every day is about tamara, no for real, I can see very clearly that tamara, is giving you people head ace, on the other level, Tamara never do nothing to me, yet. , why every day you have to post the girl on this site, I sure damn know she may can’t visit her son but it don’t make her a bad mother, if she even want to go home to a different dick every night that’s on her, from I know that girl , she always working , she do her party , so why always putting her down, I can imagine who sits behind the computer and talking is worst than tamara, every time I come on met site and see something from atlanta, tamara, tamara, tamara, come on know, give the girl a break, a big one at that too. Not every body can. Dress, not every body can do what the next can do, every body fashion sense is different , so go get a life and leave tamara alone.

    1. she neva do nothing to you but she has to ALOT of other people. she sneaky baaaaaaaaad and love set people up fe do har dirty deeds. tamara is a piece of good for nothing dog shit. worse a poor example fe a mother. she love chubble people. i know her personally and know of plenty things that she say about people and do to people. bitch soon meet har waterloo.

  5. I was thinking about leaving the west coast and heading to ATL making it my new home but the dancehall scene out there seems to be dead. ugh Is that what I would have to look forward too, it’s boring in cali worst it would be in ATL. LOL

  6. So when tamara meet her water loo what u going to get from it, why you so mad , stop mad over tamara, anonymous , you are a jealous bitch, anonymous, leave tamara alone, I can imagine how much kids you have and different baby fathers, are u a mother, a good mother at that anonymous, to my view tamara is hurting you bad, such envy, wow, you are a bunch off fools, give the girl a break, the time u wishing bad for tamara and have time to come on met site, the good mother you claim to be go wash your kids dutty clothes, go bring your kids to the barber, help them with them home works scum bag anonymous, come bite tamara batty,.

    1. pity tamara can’t do all those things for her son dwbrcl!!!!!!!! truth hurts and a it a bite out tamara batty. gotta run now. time for supper with the family and my beautiful kids. then gonna spend quality mommy time with my kids. then kiss and tuck my kids into bed. then prepare them school lunch for my kids and get them school clothes ready. then wake them up a morning time and hug and kiss my kids and repeat that very same routine every day and not skip a beat with my kids. bye girl bye DWL!!!!!!!

  7. tamara we know that is you. gal save u bagga lip service fe u son. in a club a act a stalk raving fool and walk and cause trouble all the time. good fe nothing dancehall mattress.

  8. Anonymous u still a dead over tamara, all when u a done her point blank you still a dead old women , young ape, you still a dead over tamara, a no tamara fault make u park and can’t come out , keep hiding it sad for you , tamara son okay anonymous,

  9. Every single last one of them look pop Down! ATL are yah living in a box….nobody outfit look good….I can put in a cheap outfit and still Lol like a Bag of Money!!!!

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