The Hanover police have theorised that robbery was the motive for the shooting death of a Hanover couple whose bullet-riddled bodies were discovered early yesterday in a thick clump of bushes in Mosquito Cove district, about three miles from their home.

The deceased have been identified as 56-year-old Balfour ‘Fire Bird’ Gordon, a bus operator, and Aleth Brown Gordon, 45, both of Eglin Town.

A third person, the couple’s cousin, who was also shot during the incident — which has left the Eglin Town community in shock and mourning — has been admitted in hospital.

“We believe that robbery was the motive. Although we are pursuing an individual, we have not yet arrested anybody,” Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in charge of the Hanover Police Division, Arthel Colley, told the

Jamaica Observer yesterday.
It was reported about 11:30 pm Wednesday the couple, their 12-year-old son and the cousin were at home when they were attacked by a gunman.

It’s understood that the gunman tied up the couple and the cousin, and placed them in Gordon’s Toyota Coaster bus and drove them to Mosquito Cove where they were shot.

Police said the son of the deceased couple was told by the gunman to remain inside the house, before they left in the bus. The youngster reportedly complied.

“After the three were shot, the cousin, who received gunshot wounds to the side, managed to escape and was picked up by a motorist on the Point main road and taken to hospital,” police source said.

The bus was later driven by the gunman back to the home of the deceased and parked, while the couple’s son was reportedly told by the gunman that his parents would soon be back home, according to the police.

Police said the gunman then ransacked the house before leaving.

Yesterday, DSP Colley appealed to persons who may have information about the incident to contact the Lucea CIB at 956-2304 or 119.

Several Hanover residents yesterday expressed shock at the incident.

Merit Dunwell, a bus operator, who said he had known Gordon for over 20 years, described him “as someone who can be depended on”.

“He (Gordon) was reliable and honest; we worked together and he would never, never tell you ‘no’. Even if he can’t do it, he will find some other source to help you. A number of times when I might have an extra job and I would call him, and if he can’t do it, he will get someone else to do it,” Dunwell recalled.

Similar sentiments were expressed by the large number of persons who gathered at the scene of the crime.

Eleven murders have been recorded in the parish of Hanover since the start of the year.


  1. These are quiet communities weh not even a break in you hear bout. This absolutely sad on every level, a child was made an orphan in the split of an eye. Robbery does not appear to be the motive to me. The police should start refraining from discussing any motive until a thorough investigation has been completed. All they need to say is that they are investigating.

  2. My God my God why, Why, Why, Mi heart a bleed no Mon in the space of a week a how much ppl dead and a pure two Dem a kill now. This story sounds fishy to mi still cousin only get shit inna side and the other two body riddled with shots no sah summn nuh right.

  3. Sad but why didn’t the 12 year old child when left behind at home not call the police or go to a neighbour? The killkers could have been way laid or the murders could have been prevented. Hindsight is 20/20 vision. RIP.

    1. So the child should be held responsible now? What a place we have come een. The child is a victim just like those who perished. Nobody should lay blame at his feet.

      1. Who said the child is to be held responsible?We should teach our children to sense danger and how to act. We can’t be too naïve, we,re living in serious times.
        Possibly the child knew the killer and never thought they would harm his parents.

        1. Whatever the rationale for your previous statement. I sure hope nobody in that child’s life ever make him to feel he is somehow responsible or could have prevented his parents death. Dealing with two dead parents is enough sorrows to bear.

  4. From the scenario I just read, I can’t understand how robbery is even an assumption. These police ass–whoop-soon, damn idiots. This has foul play written all over it, clearly a message is being sent to someone. Do your jobs law enforcers, Jamaica is probably the only country that solve crimes on the same day lol

    1. Dem too ridiculous man. No wonder dem nah solve no crimes dung deh. How di hell dem can draw any conclusions already. Fresh fresh crime widdout any confession or perp in custody and dem know motive. Nutten that has been disclosed suh far would meck me lead to robbery. You don’t take ppl to the secondary location fi rob dem. More time you get taken to a secondary location is certain death. If one person carried out the crime is highly likely not the first time the killer has killed, is someone who either know those ppl or a man for hire dweet. If is a man for hire, den who wanted dem dead?

      Couple days ago dem grabbled up some ppl in Hanover for scamming, is this crime related to that?

  5. I knew them good people very hard working people…what I don’t understand is how the good people in society always die and the ones who do very bad things live…God if ur out there can u please answer me..

  6. they said this was not a robbery its a family fued turned deadly the woman that was killed, her mother died last year and lef land and money and some of her family never like it so them kill her and her husband over dead and lef “allegedly”—- This man was a great man i knew him since i was a little girl sad sad situation if that’s the real story then these are the reasons why me don’t even trust family.

    1. Not impossible since ransacking did a gwan. Maybe dem was looking fi land paper, and money/bank book. Police can look into dat lead too. Every angle fi covered until dem discover the truth. You caan truss nuhbaddy deze days.

  7. If that’s the case it’s truly sad bcuz Fire Bird have been driving bus for over 30 years and don’t deserve a death like this..sometimes u sit and wonder if jamaican people are so hopeless that they would kill for any little that would make a difference in there lives..now look at man like this who is loved and respected and would give you a ride even if u don’t have fare..the work his way up to top and they kill him over family feud..who ever did this need to be gas and set on fire for all the entire Jamaica to see

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