1. And place of birth U.S Virgin Islands, Lord a mercy. I can bet him did think him well well safe and him a mighty God.

  2. Can you seeing him at the Airport/Customs and calling out to him….Kevin…kevin…Kevin Reynolds mi brethren.

  3. A bear virgin island birthie the man dem a use fi get citizenship. lawd hammasey pon dem and homeland security.

    1. nuff people have dem but mi neva know seh dem travel pon dem. mi think dem just use dem fi show police if dem get pull ova. Come to tink of it, mi know people with drivers liscence not passport

  4. Look like him cant even spell d last name weh him a use good, cauz dah signature deh look like a D. Genham him scribble :bingung affa dat nuh look like Graham weh him sign!!! Mi wonder if when them use wrong name sometime them nuh mek mistake & write them correct name?!

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