1. Her body is not photoshot, i ve seen her my self countless times at the gym. She diets and works out really hard for her body. Maybe just a bad pic angle.
    The long flowing hair looks like clip in extension, remember she recently cut her hair in a bob style.

  2. Well Di pic photoshop u can tell by the hand and that wave in the water.. When are they leaving ….. Dem a bore mi in bora bora

  3. I believe she work on her body in the gym..BUTTTTTTT a nuh now she photoshop she used to do it before we have receipts

  4. No man, unno ah tek dis ting too far lol u can see she diet aka starve herself and was in the gym. Her body lookin good but she better maintain it cause she have the fat gene..you can tell from her upper arms the way it set and the lines in her face that her body built to carry extra meat. Big up yu self Kasi gym work paid off!

  5. Why are their still talk about this woman???? Most people make it seem like the woman pure evil or something and that’s the reason why they don’t like har or something… I just do not get the dislike from most… The girl looks good and she’s not ugly… We all know after a while, while we age are body will change, it’s going to happen to all of us and we are going to grow old and all, can’t stay young forever, so whatever she is doing, go ahead with your bad self.. Left the woman alone already har story boring now new story line…

  6. The swimsuit need bigger boobs that’s why it look so, she small up top. Because she loose weight fast that’s why the breast sag a little

  7. kmt me no business if she & bolt a whore & do pure freaky things, alot of who a cha wuda fk out bolt eye ball fi a soda, nobody not perfect mek she do her thing & live how she feel best. i look like a fat whale so me nah seh a ting bout nobody pickney.

    1. I swear on my toothless granny i wouldn’t gi bolt piece mi pum pum have scrupulous he turned alot of ppl off with his dirty 30 whorements and the way how mi jealousy set up towards mi man mi couldn’t knowingly share I’d flucking lose it.

  8. Smh what this girl do to u met a only when somebody comment supn bad u can say supn y u can’t say something nice when someone say supn nice bout the girl

  9. Kmbct di sun muss jealous :hoax2 all now di sun shine ina back ground pon land an water how it nuh shine pon r malice di sun malice poor batty swiper :hoax2

  10. If mi nuh know ntn else bout this gal mi know fi a fact seh dis gal photoshop r pics fi a fact !!!!!! Anuh today one of the first stories on this wall with kasi was the fact that she kept Photoshopping her pics that’s when she was way thicker and wanted to look more refined and skinny and yes Kasi have big bone cuz all she a exercise u see how arms them full a muscle she still can’t look refined like Kirsten Williams .. Kasi stop mek bolt tek u tun poppy show me na stop seh it

  11. Oh and side note met me realize seh mandi start follow both Kasi and Bolt

    Also what happened to Shaniele and Dae_dae met u need fi rerun da story deh how kasi fren up d mate dem n whole a dem have 3 some run e back cuz she a talk bout pic pan bolt page and bolt still have up pic wid dae dae aka shadae pan him page

  12. She just look dirty!!!!!
    Slept with 2 brothers
    Lick out bolt batty :najis a mean usain mouth nuh clean can u imagine di batty…
    Eat pussy ewwww girl your dirty….
    A lifetime a pain dis mumma….an a lifetime time a laughter fi mi cause all when met put up di end a year award Mi know Yuh have several a dem fi get… Dirty girl.

  13. And one of you people’s body looks like the girl all u met probably fava some old Zar leave the girl man I come here daily and u guys crack me up I never made a comment all these years coming here but sender u sound bad mind bout photoshop so what do u some of u have jobs I mean is this what u guys do for a living critique people u guys are a set of bigots

  14. mama met why do they come for you, when they know you are going to slay dem. Anyways our baby look beautiful in her school uniform this morning. (Ashley)

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