Hi Met I’m writing this story to you because I want the rest of the world know what a piece of shit this man is. His name is Kedar. I never cheat or even engage in anything with anybody that was inappropriate. I went to the clinic for a follow up and found out I had herpes and I know for a fact that he gave it to me because I wasn’t with nobody else. He’s a woman beater and a control freak. He even hit his own family members. He needs help all he ever do is abuse people.I Confront him and he tell me he got a check up and everything is good with him which is a lie because we never use to use condom so obviously if I have something he’s gonna have it too. I can’t tell you how hurt I am about this. I gave this man my heart soul and body.I even got pregnant but because of the stress with him I had an abortion and told him it was a miscarriage. Its so unfair that I had to go through this.herpes is uncurable how am I ever gonna have kids without infecting someone? Please share my story before this happen to somebody else.

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  1. Herpes is not a death sentence. Understandably you are upset, but your health is YOUR responsibility! You should have known better than to let a man enter you without protection, especially a man who is not your husband, not even a fiance. Take your medication, cut out the sugar and greasy foods, eat foods that boost your immune system and don’t ever put your health into anybody else’s hands again. Wish you well. Yes, he is a jerk if he willfully infected you with the disease, but due to the nature of herpes he may not have known because so many ppl with the disease never show any symptoms. There are many silent Stis out there and that is why it is not worth taking a chance with your health for anybody.

  2. met can u please inform this lady that u can catch herpes with or without a condom, if she needs to learn more she can go online… sorry that u have to live with this forever, but life goes on try to keep on top of your meds so u don’t have breakouts… and in the future whoever you’re with doesn’t have to catch it if u try to keep ur breakouts in control… pray sweetie if God can raise the dead then nothing is impossible for him and he’s a healer..

  3. A lot of people in America lives with Herpes and have no idea, Simplex 1 is most common even if a parent who has it kiss their child on the mouth that child can be a carrier. Herpes is not a death sentence however I am imploring you to be truthful to your next partner, what people dont know is that, you can catch herpes even IF You use condoms, if you are having sex with someone who has an outbreak and their skin touch yours even if condom is being used you can contract the VD from their skin touching yours in the private area, Hence, Therefore, as foolish as it may seems, Your first date should be going to the clinic to get BLOOD tested not only for Aids but for Herpes and Syphilis. LADY?? Count your blessings it was not Aids, learn your lesson and move on, calling out this person and exposing Them will help None! take pride in your self, Yes you can still have kids.

  4. But she was quite ok taking the beating it’s just the std worry her ,wake up lady and start loving yourself

  5. [email protected] disclaimer
    senda how yuh so brave man yuh do the ting backwards eeh….yuh suppose to go get check with the man yuh want to ride raw and get the okay. It is a sad situation though. I hope you don’t beat yourself up about it too much. Educate others that is your mission.

  6. She could have it and never know she just happen to start having symptom after she had sex so she assuming she caught it grom him. You can catch it from kissing, oral sex etc,. The only way you caught it from having sex with him is IF at the time of sex he had a breakout on his sexual organ or on his mouth(cold sore). And it would have taken some time to show up in ur system unless ur immune system weak and couldn’t fight it off. Either way just say a the cheating weh you feel the man cheat you mad about smh

  7. nuff on here a beat up the girl and unoo probably have worst… the girl is a victim of abuse does that mean she should be bashed…

  8. Child please go do u research, herpes is clearly not a death sentence and u could have gotten that disease before u met that dude. Dude may not have it aswell as he may because its not detectable in men without breakouts, U can even contract herpes witout even having sex!!! so u r so disgruntled with the herpes and ok with the beating????? so I guess if there was no herpes u would b fine with the beating huh???

    1. I didn’t have any STDs of any sort when I met him..he’s the first and only man I’ve ever been with so how about you shut the f**k up..I just want everyone to know what he did..the beating didn’t start until I was pregnant I wasn’t ok with it I can’t handle fighting a man I’m in this country alone I have no one..I was suppose to just up and go to the police about the only man I’ve ever loved? I’m 23 years old forgive me for being lost

      1. Obviously you gave his name and contact number to the Public Health Department. They will do the followup with him to make sure he comes in to be testedand receive Counseling. My guess, if he is “in their system” as a known carrier and he is aware of the disease, there are steps that can/will be taken by them to stop the spread my this person.

        Given his cavalier attitude when you break the news to him, suggest he is fully aware of his illness and doesn’t give a shit. Do you still communicate with this individual? I can only assume the relationship is DOA at this stage, since you are willing to expose his name & picture.

  9. The moral of the story is: Everyone should go out an get a full battery of STD test done and before engaging in unprotected sex, make sure your partner is tested before and on a consistent basis to minimize being infected.

    Personally, I just had my first STD tests (HIV, Hepatitis A-C, etc.) after many years, although I rarely had unprotected sex over the years. I realize that fear of the unknown is what is keeping most people from getting tested. I still need to expand my test to cover other STDs.

  10. Sender people like u I appreciated because u don’t want wat happen to you happen to someone else, but isn’t badddd cause my brother have it and his girlfriend they have a baby girl she will be 2 in December she didn’t contract it. U going to be fine maybe you don’t have the one that give you the break out. That is y I did a physical in December thank god everything is fine. Be strong u be k!!

  11. Sender, you said that you went to “the clinic for a follow up and found out I had herpes”. What type of Clinic was this? STD Clinic? Why did you have the herpes test done in the first place? Did you have (visible) symptoms? Did you observe any form of (visible) Herpes-Related Symptoms with your man? Were you two living together where you could observe any breakouts over time?

  12. Senda mek sure yuh send een di results tuh Metty. Di man tek it too casual suh people need fi be aware. What ah show dung when him see him pitcho unda di “Beware of STI Carrier” caption pon di Wall…. :takut

  13. Herpes test is only done when their is a breakout. Blood only when demand it and most ppl show positive in blood test. Fluid from the break out is the true confirm.

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