Written by bagga flex from heavy metal sound crew in canada .
It’s very ignorant to speak about 50 lives like this in Orlando


  1. The shooter was hostile towards fags, but come to find out him did a dip him toe inna dem area. How Nigga confession good fi the soul. Bet you’re a die-hard tambarine shaker on Sundays too.

    Morning Met.

  2. Bagga flex how many kids that r in need of help r parents u are taking care of how many of the children that might grow up in child slavery ur taking care of? I don’t agree that 2 man r too woman should get marry but if then can give a kid a better life I have no problem with it…it sound angry like the dude who do the killing..are u questioning ur sexuality also??

    1. I agree with what you said about a same sex couple being able to give a child a better life. Gay couples, in general, tend to be high income household and tend to be highly educated, so there are in a better position to offer a stable home environment (not necessarily an ideal environment) and have the resources at their disposal to raise “successful” children.

      The facts are 90+% of gay people were born and raised in a heterosexual home, yet they turn out to be gay. I am not aware of any study that claim that a child raised in a gay home is more likely to become gay themselves.

      1. Smh not a better life nothing. A lot of those children raised by those same sex couples regret being raised like that. My gay friend says their children are very rebellious

        1. Of course you will acknowledge that a large portion of our heteretsexual population produced kids who are rebellious. BTW, most gay people are the offspring of heterosexual couples or straight single mothers.

          I think that if the preferred heterosexual couple is not available, gay couples should be able to adopt unwanted kids.

  3. KMT, you are upset about a gay couple raising a child because you believe this will influence said child to be gay or think that homosexuality is normal?? Sir, take a step back and look at your immediate environment. Why don’t you curse the party patrons who bring their 17 or 18 year old to the dance with them? Why don’t you remind the frequent champagne poppers who end up on the wall or in group whattsapp that their child support is past due?? When you see the women scantily clad (and shape bad) but have teenage daughters to set set example for, why don’t you admonish them and remind them that they need to do better for the sake of their child? When you see the dealers and scammers who chase and promote the hype life, why don’t you refuse their money pull-ups and remind them to create a college fund so that when their ass gets imprisoned or deported, their children are still set.
    Sexuality does not define whether a parent is good or bad. Ignoramus!

    ** Feel free to disagree

  4. But yet still dem big up pure batty man when dem a select lol Kmt. Why him don’t bun out di known batty man dem a Canada? Oh why cause a dem a support onuh dance right. Kst

  5. Met i don’t know about that but some friends of mine they r married for over 26 years they have 2 son’s that man own a construction company he work had every day n his first son is gay as gay can be..I know know 2 gay men that raise a son n he is a man as a man can be..gay is not something u can get it’s not a influence r infection people just born that way..just like if a person born blind r deft r dum

  6. all dem batty boys who dead wid dem dirty life are rejected by God the bible is very clear,I will not feel sad fi no batty man.

    1. God said in the word he detest liars. But I guess you’re perfect and everyone else is hopeless sinners. What he only died for you and no one else? Thank God he is not man, and his love is available to all, including those you condem. If you don’t know all he wants is a contrite spirit and a broken heart.

      Proverbs 6:16-19

      There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers

  7. I agree with him, sorry to each its own..i feel like gays gave up their rights to be parents wen they decided to be gay. You can’t be fruitful with the same sex. Not saying they wont give homes to the children but it does confuse the chrildren. Also i think he was gay, i think he was plotting, so he had to scoop out the place to go with his plan. And if he is gay, hes died to so…..but for life of me, it bugs me bc hes a Muslim hes a terrorist but wen the white boy went into the chruch and killed those black ppl, he was mentally ill. Right……f**k off

  8. If they are gay, why would they want to raise children that straight people produce? Sounds confusing to me…I agree with him onthat

    1. FYI, a lot of gay men have children by surrogates (sometimes fellow gay females), where one of the male is the sperm donor. A lot of the lesbian couples use sperm donate by fellow gay men or unknown sperm donors. So not necessarily straight people.

  9. When i read some of the comments some of u guy’s leave on here I understand why jamaican killing kids n old people…some of us Jamaicans have no love r compassion for anyone not even themselves bcuz u have to love urself b4 u can have love for people..we all need to respect humanity n life bcuz u wouldn’t want anyone take urs bcuz they feel it’s justified to them

  10. Another thing Mr bagga Bing how would u feel if ur playing in a dance n a gay man show up with a high power weapon n kill 20 r more Jamaican and seh jamaican u like gays that’s y he did it..Do u think he would be right??

  11. This is pure foolishness. Yes same sex couples cannot reproduce. But guess what!…how many children are in the system because their parents have failed them?…how many children are living without being nurtured and loved?…People need to stop being so narrow minded children need to be loved and nurtured and that does not require them to be raised in a traditional style home. The sad part about his comment is that he does not speak on the heterosexual predators that rape children and rob them of their innocence. A very few number of rapist are gay with the majority being heterosexual. Your sexuality does not determine whether you can love or nurture someone and your sexuality has nothing to do you bring a predator.

  12. It would have been much better had he not speak, now every baddie know sey he is a fool. You see when people a burn out certain tings watch and see if undercover dem nah dweet. Look how much people lose them life, all straight people too. What this have to do with kids being raised by samesex couple. The Bible say their is plenty of work, but so few workers. Is he taking in any, and how much? The gayness is not for me, I know I was born straight and me nuh believe inna this new trisexual ting. People who much gay ah a try it…foolishness that. Much everything we see people do we must try. I don’t like some of the antics I see or read about that some in the gay community keep up. But I don’t like some of the antics that the straight community keep up either, for example the bag of baby mother and no support. That said I don’t hate straight man. We must really stop with the judging of people. Mister, must realizd ah two straight people (if only for that moment) lay down and mek all dese abandon babies he is so concern about. What is he doing to address the situation other than voice his ignorance for the world to see? The Bible says, love your neighbour as you love yourself. Father in his infinite wisdom know sey we partial like that man up top, mand made sure when he give us his command never qualify it. In other words we are to treat all people regardless of race, color,finacial status, sexual orientation, religion, disability etc as you would want someone to treat you. Imagine if you were in their shoes. Plus, are we not all his creation and to do with as he please? Look how he never block out the sun or the rain and make it fall only on the rich and not the poor. Why, cause we are all his. At the Best the poster sound like he have some issues, at worst he hate himself like the murderer in Orlando. They are saying he was gay, too yet he perpetrated this violence on a community he belongs, too. at the end of yje day it’s better the poster spend his time gettjnv to know himself before putting his ignorance on display.

    May God who is merciful grant all who lost their lives peace. May he comfort the souls of the survivors, and the families who must live with this tradegy. Sorry for such a long post, Met

  13. Anytime a man so militant about gays they are usually wrestling with some feelings of their own. If a gay person is not hurting anyone why so worried? They sound curious to be so obsessed. 2018 and people still so dark.

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