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“And he that revealeth secrets maketh known to thee what shall come to pass” (Daniel 2:29).

There is no vacancy in the spirit realm; if you are not an indwelling of the Spirit of God, you make yourself a willing domain of the devil and an exhibition of his works. God created the heaven and earth; He created all things, both living and non living. He knows everything about everybody and can occasionally reveal a bit of information of anything by the gift of the word of knowledge to His own.

God reveals things through different means; it might be from a dream, a prophet or an Angel. Anything God reveals is a solution or a way out of a situation. God’s communications are spiritual. Everything about Him operates outside the ordinary. Sometimes, you just know in your spirit that something has to change in your life and if you don’t take advantage of that intuition, you could lose the moment. When a man of God tells you that the time has come for a change or for something to happen in your life, don’t take it lightly; be ready because a solution has just come. Only the obedient ones receive the victory. Instruction terminates destruction.

In 2 Kings 6:8-12, the king of Syria was planning to ambush the king of Israel and each time he planned, Elisha would warn the king of Israel not to follow that path and so he escaped several times. One day, the king of Syria called a meeting for members of his cabinet to ask who was betraying his trust. One of them who knew what was going on, told him that all his servants and leaders were faithful, except for Elisha the prophet who has the ability to see and hear everything they discuss in the secret.

When God shows you the trap your enemies have set for you and its location, it will be easy to overcome such plan. Most times, He communicates and reveals things through His servant. And no servant of God has the ability to see in secret except God reveals it. Anything revealed by God is a solution.

In manifesting the word of knowledge, your spiritual ears must be open and your spiritual eyes must be very sensitive to see beyond the ordinary. Your spirit man must be activated and alive. Psalm 147:5 says, ‘God’s understanding is infinite and without limits’. He knows everything in your life that has happened in the past, that is still happening and what will happen to you in the future. From now on, the Lord will open your spiritual ears to hear what He hears and cause you to know what He knows. Ask for this gift today!


Heavenly Father, I thank you for revealing all things to me.
Whatever veil that is programmed to cover my ability to hear from and see God, is destroyed by fire, in Jesus name.
I activate and heighten my sensitivity to spiritual things, in Jesus name.
Liberation Thought: I am alive and sensitive.
Further Reading: 2 Kings 6:18-12, Psalm 147:5, Daniel 10:12.
Yearly Bible Reading Plan: Romans 4-8

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