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  1. love it…keep em coming Tanya…Born n raised in the Gideon myself, know about the struggles all too well, where gunshots were like music to my ears, friends dying of them every other day was the norm(sad but tru), raped n molested been there at a very young age, but thru it all it took a while but I also overcome the trials.. thank god I have a fighter spirit in me who won’t allow me to quit, or give in to ppl who has done me wrong…maybe because of what I’ve been thru, I try and see the good or potential that each individual has in them..

  2. People, people I am asking you to pleas listen to every thing she says before you all pass the judgment on her, Tanya I love your honesty, that is what stands out in your personality to me, you might sound raw, but you are true to the game big up your self, you came and you conquer,. We have a whole lot of electrition :peluk and plumber in Ja, hair dresser, and dress maker, and we never went to school, I want soe ppl to understand that when some women talk about selling pussy it may not mean like actually going on the rod like that, but could other wise mean if you sleeping with a man he has to contribute to her living. Big up u self and guh trough Tanya, is your life and your struggles and is your history, if I never walk a mile in your shoes, who am I to judge you. :peluk

    1. She right about the light and water..we never had light but I remember water was always a must have. Light a luxury ina ghetto

  3. Good day Met, Metters, Peepers

    Tanya big up yuh self str88. I totally understand everything that you are saying and get it. I agree most ppl(IMO) weh run off and try sort out dem self dem have more drive dan di one dem weh come up here easy, mi see it all di time. We all go through it and bwoy mi feel it fi yuh but what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger. You are very ambitious and is a trying lady, keep it up and may God continue to bless you abundantly.

  4. :shakehand2 @ Bam & Met…water n light once the bigga heads dem cut it off, yuh wait till round 5- 6pm when dem nuh come round nuh more n mek a likkle man turn it back on…lock it off throughout the day n repat the method till yuh can pay the bill…

  5. Met I know you understand every thing she is saying, and I can relate to most of what she saying specially we that live n the garrison of Kingston, where gun shot and tear gas was a common assault for us as children, big up Kingston 12 in Trench town big up 4th street where the gunshot was music to our ears, for the people who never live it, leave it, don’t even make a comment, because every man is a fool to what him don’t know, and trust me some of you don’t know, I feel it and I know it, and if you feel it then you know it. ( Rita Marley)

  6. Tanya, I stopped your recording at 10:37 minutes and really don’t need to listen to anymore of it, but I do have just 1 question for you……why didn’t you record Part 2 as Part 1 and then Part 1 as Part 2? I ask you this because I now have a better understanding of your trials n’ tribulations, and can relate tuh NUFFFFF tingz weh ya talk seh, and some that you won’t……

      1. chuet u know yeppie doe easy oooooooooooooo but the man whey rape har and se a bay sketel come from whey she come from mi a wonder if him have kids

      2. Yes mi know dat Chuetty, but to me as the listener it sounded as if she was a lazy body trying to glorify certain livity, and that is why I took the stance in which I did… Now Part 2 is ah different reflection

        1. Put it like dis Chuetty, it did bun mi fe ar yesterday ca certain tingz weh sheena talk bout suh light heartedly mi neva tek it fe joke, not to say she was literally hee hee jaw hawing, but ah suh it did come across to me

  7. Yuh lucky seh yeen have good kind and loving parents ya ere mi, cause good parenting are the core foundation with which an abused person can overcome certain tribulations and continue to persevere and if not, you just have to do your best and let God do the rest….

      1. Metty mi naah guh lie…Part 1 recording still av mi ah way, but Part 2 clear up wholeap ah misconceptions..sometimes it betta fe jus block ah bury certain tingz, ah jus suh me stay…

  8. And anotha thing Tonya…please don’t get offended or tek it as diss up when mi seh mi can “switch up” mi accent, cause mi cannot guh ah di people dem corporate financial banking institution as bank supervisor nor IT firm ana chat up bare patwois, nope can’t do that :hoax2 …while in Rome I gotta speak as the Romans speaky spokey

  9. A di realist ting dis yet! I don’t know what ghetto life is, but I have heard stories from my friends and even helped some in certain situations. First link wasn’t so sure about some of the things, but she make herself clear in this one! This is a reality for a lot of people, and people of the ghetto in Jamaica need to understand the real deal! Big up uself girl and keep going. As you sey A GOD WE SEH STR8! No matter what the struggles don’t give up. From you have life you have hope! I wish you more success than you can imagine yourself getting!

  10. Big up yuself Tanya yu a realist…wi luv yu…mek all who a judge yu gweh from ya suh..atleast yu can talk ur story but some a dem shame fi talk fi dem own and den a talk bad bout yu…as mi seh before ur an overcomer and me and most a di metters dem proud a yu…blessing deh pon yu gal…God go with u cause ur a strong believer

  11. Tanya they say first impression last and the first video you sent in did not give a good impression of you at all.
    I believe after you read the comments you came back a little bit more intelligently but it still does not change my concept of you.
    Your story is the story of 90 % of us who grew up in the ghetto.
    If you was so good at doing hair, why go around and suxx so many diccs as you claimed to have done.
    You story is your story and the next person story will not be yours but theirs.
    There is 3 sides to every story , your side ,the other person and the truth.
    I went through 85 % of some of the things you mentioned and i still never went through all the fuxxing n suxxing you said you did.
    I took jobs where i worked long hours and was underpaid until my filing finally came through.( Only difference is i did not have to get married, as i came on a visa and overstayed while my mother filed for me,)
    I went back to school when i got my papers and obtained 2 degrees in order to live the life i knew i wanted to live
    Let go of all that animosity that you have up inside of you and get to enjoying your life now.

    1. Addicted what happens to a young girl who was raped not given a means to heal from it? What is your concept of Tanya explain please

    2. Addicted that is ur choice so wat if she fuxx r suxx is that all u can are from her story did the fuxx r suxx take away her soul let Tanya deal with the consequence of her deeds y r u like others so caught up into the suxx n fuxx aspect of the story????

  12. Let’s play devils advocate I’m an American born 34 yrs old I had my first boyfriend when I was 15 yrs old I gave him head all the time for the 6mths we dated but no sex I wanted to keep my virginity as the yrs went by I had lots more boyfriends like 27 r so, some I had sex with but all I gave head (cause in my culture giving head is no biggie) in college I would date 3 guys at a time who I had sex with (including oral sex) anyway I graduated with honors met my husband when I was 27 yrs I’m now a proud mother of 2 wonderful children and a husband who adores respect n realllyyyyyyy appreciates my sexual knowledge n prowess.

    How much of a better human being is this person than Tanya ???

        1. No man a because she admit se she sell because nuff people selling neatly n a lick out greatly pan prostitute because dem tink dem do differently ..Mi cannot hold someone selling themself over dem head because as mi seh nuff people whey a prostitute do not do it for the love of sex or addiction to sex

        2. Part 2 says she came here on a disney trip so how old people think she was ? The last time mi check disney trips were really given to mainly primary/prep school children

  13. chuety.. yuh know seh a suh earth run…if yuh have 9/10 good qualities, ppl will dwell pon the one bad quality…but from the first audio mi hear I felt the same as I felt now…because as I said before, having understanding is a very powerful gift..

    1. There u go Mz B understanding n knowledge is a great thing to have cause all me see a gwaan yasso a ppl that r so self righteous n dem no understand say fi dem sin Gooda greater than Tanya own cause she sin against har self n God but fi dem sin might affect many more ppl. To all go as far to say when the chick do the first audio she was selling puxxy then come onnnnnnnnnn B if u Neva sell puxxy how u know how the place sound when puxxy a sell?????????? Tell me now smdh

  14. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak chuetty weh yuh seh down to da sound in the background dem have lock dung???

        1. Met dat would a sound like u park some whey where ur not to park n u hear a horn blow n say to u self a who dat a blow mi now ? U know dem way deh but unbeknownst to me dere is a special sound to car horn when puxxy sale a gwaan mi madda vagina fram I was birthed smh oh my my my

          1. :ngakak thats how it sound to me like she was sitting in her car parked ..
            addicted come yere deh man u too bad come yah man

          2. :matabelo …..but on di real dem bawdddd fi true. Cause a probably just somebody a drive pass. I like her….for being honest. I like her because she determine. I like her because she is driven. Mi know somebody weh come yah wid papers an get job offer an tun it dung. Nuh have nuh odda wuk but tun it down.

    1. sometimes mi nuh think first and a rush….but dem run wid it and logo it find all picture dem a get ridiculous now man

  15. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________MET N CHUETTY MI DROP BUDUF BAF JUS NOW!!!!!

  16. Met i do not want to go into my life story in details , as there maybe folks on here who would pick up who i am immediately.
    My mom left her children behind with her mother (IN THE GIDEON) and migrated .
    I have seen some things that a child should not have seen ( all because i was rebellious and did not act like the rest of my sisters)
    I have encountered hunger as a child too, went to school without lunch etc yet i graduated among the top 10 in my class.
    Now that i am grown , i realize i was molested by my neighbor but there was a little group of us kids who thought it was okay for this grown ass man to finger us and rub his penis on us.
    I went to a prominent high school in Kingston got a great education but got distracted by the fast bikes and dance hall.
    I came here on a visa in my early twenties and i still loved to party and all that.
    I returned to JA twice before i decided to “run off on my visa” My mom filed for me and it took almost 3 years before i got my papers in the meantime ,i did all sort of menial work to obtain a couple dollars to take care of my daughter back home.
    Its not that i am stuck on the suxxing and fuxxing but my thing is she emphasized on how much that is what she had to do as if there is nothing else available for an illegal immigrant.
    Her tone and words said a lot to me about her ( even if that is not the person she wanted us to see her as )
    My opinion of her is that of a( look good ) girl from the ghetto who wanted the glitz and glamour of the fake life that was portrayed by the flossers on videos and visits to JA.
    On her arrival she felt as if life would be easy and she got the wake up call that most of us that migrated got.THAT LIFE ABROAD IS NOT A BED OF ROSES WITHOUT ITS THORNS.
    My opinion she saw other female which in her mind is not as sexy n beautiful as her living a “gifted life” which made her bitter as she had a sense of entitlement.
    Trust me Met there are other stories out there worst than hers and they would not resort to making selling puxxy a livelihood.
    Folks are getting going out and giving your body to 4-5 6 different men in one night for cash and sleeping with your man,husband and getting taken care of all mixed up.
    That is two totally different scenario.
    I am normally sympathetic to females who went through the struggle but i am sorry “maybe its the way she told her story in Part 1 which is what i read first”Instead I feel disgust for her.
    She tried to clean it up in Part 2 which makes me wonder why give such a portrayal of yourself in such a low and demeaning way, why not come with your realness with some decency at first?
    I refused to be a product of my environment and i guess she was trying to show that she was from the ghetto by her speech but my belief is ghetto is a behavior not a place.
    Most often this type of behavior is what is used to stereotype us Jamaicans.

    1. Addicted where do I start? When she mentioned looking good she mentioned it along with the molestation, she never mentioned it with anything else and what she speaks is the truth. If you good looking ina di ghetto man a go tek set pan u and more than likely you will be molested. After listening to her video for me I saw her as someone who wants to get over her hurt and has never known how. You nor I cannot tell anyone to heal and what to ignore..nor can you say one’s experience was worse than someonelse’s because we dont what a person is capable if handling ..what we can do is say what we went through and how we felt about what but we cannot tell someone how to feel about something that bothers them nor tell them to downplay their feelings. Fi me Tanya right now, even though she is trying to reach out to people telling them not to expect to face difficulty here…she is hurting and you can see this by the confusion she displays when trying to speak about her experiences because they are too many so she doesn’t know what to focus on nor what to speak about first. Ghetto is a place but it is not an individual because even though we may all have similar experiences that are common to people from the ghetto it may not affect us the same.
      To a young person under 21 coming into the United States you cannot tell them really how to envision here or the life here because their minds are still growing and they have not fully understood life yet. For many including myself when u watch tv and see all a di freeness a come down whey u cannot buy in Jamaica pan a regular day ..no matter how smaddy tell u seh farrin hard u nah go understand until you experience it for yourself. A nuh lie she a tell se some people come here and have it easier than some, and dont necessarily make use of it…that is true..when u hungry and see someone wid a plate a food di dementia alone from the hunger a go mek u feel seh dem have di world and dem luckier than you..especially if you dont know how they achieved what they have..That is another lesson in life you have to experience to learn. In regards to her selling you cannot compare what other people went through and say that they had it worst and did not sell themself because you nor i still do not know what other opportunities she had nor what resources were available to her. She is a product of rape so please do not forget to take that into consideration. For many rape victims in order to appease the mind of its hurt they use sex as a weapon because at one point they were vulnerable..they become emotionally detached from sex, the become promiscuous and many other things

  17. Chuet for your information , I heard her reaction to the car horn and you do not have to be a prostitute to know how a Ho react to a car horn.
    We all watch TV.
    I am not going to get in no dam argument with you on this topic because as the saying goes.
    She put her story out for all to hear and each person will draw a different conclusion whether sympathetic, self righteous or whatever. :cendol

    1. And u know wat they say about ASS U ME I’m not arguing wit u n most def will not judge u from this post cheers luv have a good nite

  18. Met my cousin came up on a Disney trip as a chaperon and :ngacir: .
    She was 27 years old, there are a lot of adults that accompany the children on these trips.

      1. One more thing..When she started the second video mi think because she did a try tone down some of the feelings came back to her..listen to the first part good she sound like she did a cry

        1. Metty, the tears is a part if the healing process. Cry Tonya, God will slowly but surely wipe the tears away. Time and God, are the ultimate healer of all wounds :angel

  19. Addicted stop judge di girl…yu a act like yu nuh suxxx cock and gi yu man free puxxy…atleast u did have ur mother up here Tanya didn’t have anyone but har family who turn pon har after she came up,wat ur mom will do for u no one else will, so stop judge di girl and stop compare her situation with urs because it’s two total different situation … A suh sum a uno love chat bad bout people and unu a undercover freak…so wat if she fuxx and suxxx.. a di in ting right now atleast she get paid for it…it name survival…if ur mother wasn’t here,u wud have to fuxxxx and suxxx fi money to…a come act like yu decent…u didn’t even look at the fact she came here as a kid atleast u come here as an adult .

    1. if yah guh correct addicted duh dat but nuh drap enn bout “suxx n fuxx’ a inting caw a nuh evrybaddie inna dat oooooooooo please n thanks

  20. I agree that each individual handles situation differently as some of us may have a strong/stronger support team to help us deal with our issues.
    I have never been raped so i will not condemn her and make any assumption on how she will react or should react to such a terrible act.
    No matter what Met we all can agree to disagree on certain things.I still stand by my views on her choice of work.
    @ Chuet have a great nite yourself mi luv and i will sit here and decide which end of the ASS U ME i will stand at with my self righteous self.lol

  21. Addicted guh buy yuself sum tissue cause a pure shiiit a come out a yu mouth……until yu walk in a Tanya shoes and many others then yu can chat…atleast har fuxxx and suxxx weh di a badda yu get har somewhere.

  22. Lol met yu fren need fi have sympathy pon people when dem talk di truth bout stuff like rape and dem tings deh weh dem go tru…a woman wi name and wi have gal pickney to.

  23. met u lick di nail pon di head when u seh this:
    For many including myself when u watch tv and see all a di freeness a come down whey u cannot buy in Jamaica pan a regular day ..no matter how smaddy tell u seh farrin hard u nah go understand until you experience it for yourself.

    now, i really get the point of what tanya was trying 2 do an that’s to just tell di ones dem a jamaica seh america is not all what it’s portrayed as. there is substantial pain and suffering and it’s not all smiles and happy times wid money a grow pan tree and a line di road dem.

    mi haffi tek back mi speech from yesterday man, big an serious. tanya u ratings large yah mi gal. dwl @ di talented people weh bridge light an run water a ghetto…so tru. mi actually cry when u talk bout how u go school an neva eat an how u family dem deal wid yu…yow, u come correct today man, an mi relate to di struggle. big up uself, mi did seh u soun like a hustla, so mi know u kno how fi survive. look how u put together u portfolio an ting. GOD go wid u an all di best.

      1. Dwl a real thing mi did think the everybody have a big house and you can get bare things until mi set foot pan tha land yah

      2. tru ting man, mi a gwan strengthen har fi talk. don’t want discourage har cuz nuff a wi nuh so brave fi talk bout fi wi hard life, so yeah i do hope she continue fi drop piece-piece a har story. met, this topic cudda go on fi days cauz its so many layers to it
        -parent/child separation
        -rampant pedophilia
        -non-attentive parents due to work, man, stress, etc
        -lack of support systems for new entrants in the united states and their subsequent choices
        -family rift between recently migrated and more established immigrants

        i mean the list goes on and on. sometimes mi feel seh in the looooong run, after all the separation, animosity, pain, division, abuse, libatty tekkin…sometimes mi really wonder if it mek sense fi everybody jump at the chance to leave jamaica. although di poverty set a way, sumtimes it betta fi jus try build there, mi nuh kno?

        1. amen and amen…the pedophilia have many man branches… ina u last line mi a go se dis..look pan sidonie whey lef fi har ne likkle girl deh now n come here …it nuh good ooo

  24. @ Addicted you say afta yuh run off yuh lef yuh daughter a Jamaica …you fi listen to what the girl a say an stop chat foolishness you fi be careful, right now the molestation thing a Gwan a way you might lef yuh Pickney and yuh nuh know who a touch har as the girl say the pedophile thing mad dung deh stop judge and think smart pick the sense outta the nonsense you Neva know way can happen mi get molested too by my Maeda man and that was just one time mi Neva tell my mother neither but mi can tell you say right now my daughter nuh lef mi yiy sight mi not even want nuh man go round har Dem thing deh traumatize yuh fi true mek yuh all ova protected

  25. Facts please read and get your “Facts together” My daughter is a grown ass woman now living here in the USA.
    I have been living here in the US over 20 odd years.

  26. I just finished taking my shower and ready to go snuggle up in bed and decide to take a last peep at the wall.*****Sigh***** Its a hell of a thing when we read but cannot comprehend.

  27. Why did i not just go straight from the shower to my bed as i had planned on doing :cd
    Its a hell of a thing when we read but cannot understand.
    Let me break it down for you.If you noticed i wrote n the past tense when i made reference to leaving JA. I said i was in my early 20s , the question you should have asked was “How old is addicted now?
    Go read again and focus on ( see below)
    I came here on a visa in my early twenties and i still loved to party and all that.
    I returned to JA twice before i decided to “run off on my visa” My mom filed for me and it took almost 3 years before i got my papers in the meantime ,i did all sort of menial work to obtain a couple dollars to take care of my daughter back home.
    I am entitled to my opinion which maybe wrong and judgmental to some but no matter what it is my opinion which will not make or break Tanya.
    Now have a blessed night as i surely intend to do the same and jump off the bandwagon that you think is rolling on crucify Addicted street.

    1. next time wen yuh see dem topic yah juss cut yuh yei pass dem addicted please oooooooooooooo :ngakak caw a dat mi duh

  28. Good Morning Met. Thank God we see a new day. Peace Love and Unity to Everybody.. Met u no seh a from yesterday me listen to Tanya Part 2 and mi nah lie when she done mi haffi log off an go hold a meds ,caw mi heart did well heavy wid sum memories. Stii mi keep it moving ,yeh cause Gods love is EVERLASTING.. Met and Tanya thanks for Keeping it Real and Sharing. Tanya part two has given me a different perspective fi look pon, a yuh sey” never judge a book by di first chapter, keep reading” ……. So far your Story has been Eye Opening, Eye Watering and INSPIRATIONAL… RESPECT.

  29. Bwoy tha topic yah get mi heated!! Gwey gal the point I’m trying make is that you say you lef the Pickney dung deh the same man Dem web watch you grow up probably did a watch your daughter, you is a walking shit house you just need fi start walk wid a couple toilet papa fi prove it….yuh see when you live Inna glass house don’t throw stone a me yuh have strength fah a wah lickkle girl child yuh lef dung deh when you ask the Pickney Dem dung deh if Dem Eva play hide and wine a nuff things Dem a endure dung deh as Dem start buss breast suh …. a wah kinda name yuh woulda choose fi put addicted!!!! You must addicted to something cause see, you all know the sound when p#$$y a sell ,…this is a topic that 99% of woman including miself all man too can relate yuh sound like an intelligent dunce yuh did have yuh Mother here so when yuh a talk bout sellings yuh haffi go condemn all a wi cause when yuh deh a Jamaica the gal Dem naw talk to you if you caah gi Dem sumthing an when yuh party b4 yuh beg a gal a dance she a say beg yuh a drinks a way kinda woman yuh call Dem?????? MI believe way she say bout survival mi did haffi survive to something weh you obviously don’t know bout

  30. Touching,inspirational,real and cutting edge…Tyana big up ya flipping self gwan hold u ya head & work hard save you $$ and one day u will look back and be proud of your self….Big up to one of the real in da street Irie yardy sistren out deh oh….Met bless up and thanks for shearing….@Addicted you must easy you self!!!!!

  31. Tanya thank you!

    I’m not a Jamaican, but trust me when I say Caribbean living. If you grew up on any island and experience hunger, lights, water cut off. if yuh see the gas truck pass and yuh know yuh gas almost done and yuh dont have the $20 dollars to buy another 1, you are a survivor.
    trust me when yuh younger and all yuh family come down and yuh see they clothes and money, yuh really think America sweet, but until yuh reach here and experience it here yuh just don’t know.

    bless up yuhself Tanya!
    keep them coming

  32. @Addicted, you must come down to earth, stop living in the clouds, these things are real ,some of us are too high minded, and Christ don’t walk with the proud and the scornful, first comes pride then come a fall, humble yourself, remember your Mom was here, she paved the way before you, so don’t ever try to compare your self with what poor Tanya had to go through, show compassion even if that was not the way you think you would have done. Remember the key word here is Think, most times it’s when we find our selves in the place that’s when the real you comes on display.

  33. I mean nothing by my following question:
    When times is this hard on you in America, do you think returning home may be helpful or maybe the better option is to stay and turn tricks since there is no way of making any money in Jamaica?

    1. Quena I dont think she sold on the street for one..two when u ina dem situation there all u a think bout a how fi eat and how fi survive the next day…and time will pass

        1. She said she sold..that is why I kept telling people seh a because she se she sell dem upset…she was not a street prostitute …u have some jamaican man whey will deal wid u and pay

    2. Who want fi bex dis day yah bex and gwan. Crotches sell all when you never intended fi sell none. De oman sell HER crotches and made due so me nu see why it’s our burden to bear.

      Quena, I’m sure you know sey “turning tricks” is the slang for street prostitution. Selling from a location is referred to as “call girl” or “brothels”. The distinction is very clear in criminology because whores have class rankings too. Puxxy sell when you exchange dinner, drinks and sex afterwards depending a who fah belly did a roll from hunga, oman sell dem self fi ring as long term security…kmrct Whores are here to stay because is the first, oldest and surest way a woman can nhame bread when all hopes are gone.

  34. Quena I’m going to ans you from my prospective.

    I came to America when i was 15, I knew absolute nothing about the world, but the world where I grew up. When I sit now as an adult all I can remember are good memories, from climbing trees, to having “cookouts” by the river with my friends and brothers, from walking home with friends from school and eating sugar cane along the way. To me life was sweet because that was all I knew.

    I didn’t know until now (as an adult) the reason we all walked home was because our parents didn’t have money for us to take a taxi home.
    we had cook out at the river because some of us didn’t have food when they went home, so everyone brought something and we made a meal. shit sometimes we had one meal for the day and that was dinner so all day you would eat fruits until that time came.

    I cant answer for Tanya but she did say she came here when she was young, and could remember not being able to go home from school because of gun shots, sometimes selling pussy for 1 hour is nothing to the struggle of everyday life.

    1. Tanya said she was also 15 Status..A lot of people listen to the audio and dem pick out di large prints and not the fine print. In part 1 she said she suck and sell and dem chat har a Jamaica, people think if she did proud she would care if dem chat har or not? But mi wudda sell myself a million times than carry drugs from point a-b mi nah dweet

      1. Me can’t understand de reason fi de condemnation, and the shock and awe. I hate people who are comfortable and act like struggles don’t exist worldwide.


        1. Phantom mi neither but what is more is that many people think seh fi dem struggle can compare to another person’s own and everybaddie have di same opportunities in front a dem

          1. Met, when me a encourage a person fi do something good and them start fi tell me bout somebody else in a de “same” situation I let them know that “NO TWO CASES ARE THE SAME”…there are always variables along wid “PUSS AND DOG NU HAVE DE SAME LUCK” !

            me love me patios cause somethings just more effective in da tongue de…lol

          2. it very colorful and get right tuddy point..english is very blah blah…di whole a we a nuh di same so how our situation fi ever feel di same? u literally have some people whey can really tek di hardest hits life has to offer but another person may not be able to stand it because dem nuh cut out fi dat n crumble

    2. Thank you for your story @Status. What you described as you putting food together and cooking my Jamaican Homies in Cali had described that as running a boat……I think they called it. Metty Kemar was one of those friends. Hearing these questions I often think that maybe you could of seeked out the Jamaican or Trinidadian consulate and seek a way to return home rather than go through this in America, but it seems that although you roughed it out in America it out weighed what you went through in your Countries. I know Americans here have stories and to that I am naive as (Gracias a Dios) that my only struggle as a young girl in the BX was our heat being cut and we having to sleep in sweats for a few days. My apologies again I have no idea how a person can return home if they are in America by oneself struggling…..feel free if the consulate is not the way to go. I only mentioned that as I lost my documents in Spain and was able to find assistance at the US consulate in Spain.

      1. Quena, Consulate fi wha? I think you would appreciate the stories more if you weren’t given the privilege to enjoy US citizen status as a Puerto Rican.

        Maybe you should listen to the stories of those who came to Bronx before Puerto Rico got that privilege. Also, if you are more of direct Spaniard/European descent and not a mulatto or mestizo descendant then you may never be able to relate to migrant struggles and rational.

        1. Common logic will mek anyone get insight to the struggles of many immigrants..Tanya was 15 when she came but for regular people who people think shudda go back because dem have it hard here..Mi know people whey go back a dem country but most a di time people nuh go back because you are going back to 0. The day to day living alone nuh bring dem thoughts deh to u mind.Whey day when di girl whey did go a di olympics fi jamaiaca di javlin thrower ..she lef di us n go home and was selling bag juice pan di street side and people ask what she was doing in farrin all those years and nuff people neva waa sorry fi har so six a one half dozen a di other..You cant please all the people even when u end up ina wall whey no one can walk through people will say there was a way…n dem cannot say where the way is or was but dem a go se dere was one. Yuh haffi jus live

          1. Jesus neva condemn di prostitute..he said go and sin no more..he condemned those who were ready to condemn her…people nuh jus happy get up and a sell dem p—y

          2. You got me on that one because I was wondering why she nu return to the states to up her stakes. You ask me a question and now me apply it to me self when me ask bout yesterday on somethings…now me ask bout next week…lol

        2. Phantom is not we alone face these things eno, I know this Russian lady till this very day living in American still wash her clothes by hand. She told me when she was living in Russia they had 1 water truck that use to come twice a week, and if you didn’t catch it at 5am that was it for you, and you couldn’t ask your neighbor for a bucket much less a bowl ah water because they were in the same boat as you. They had to rashtion food or go hungry.

          Some time you just have to find a way, selling isn’t the only way but for some it is, i’m not judging anyone cause I don’t what my mother had to do to raise 4 kids by herself.

          1. Status, I swear like you I hear stories from people from other countries and my, my…we have it or had it good. Me being a country girl whey river in abundance cannot imagine having to wait for water like that lady.

            Me also consider me self lucky fi live a country and a stark the drawing room a wait fi t.v. sign on at 6 much less meeting people who never saw one before.

            These simple things were and are my luxury goods in life.

      2. Quena mi always tink it bess dem gwaan bak home a dem yaad caw inna Jamaica light caw tief fram neighbah mi see big extension cawd a run cross verandah-to-verandah n jps bwoy dem caw cum climb nooooooooooooo lite post n tek dung dat else a warrrrrrrr DAT CAW GWAAN A FARRIN…A JAIL YAH LUK PON N FINES! Yuh neighbah a yawd wi gi yuh likkle food all kuntry ppl cova dung yuh dinnah put pon table fi yuh.. A one season wi hav dueh suh pants caw tun inna pum pum shawts, blouse tun inna belly skin an bare tings…up yasso yuh betta hav pants f one seaso an a shawt fi di nexx suh all in all wen mi check out NO WEH NUH BETTAH DAN YAWD


  36. Me have my life story and me can guarantee onu say two wine and bomflick feed me and kept me warm. Today me ALIVE and well educated and secure and I can say thank you to hardship for shaping me. All enemies can say “Mi rass a dah bitch de”? “Rass you alive”? or WOW!

    Power to ALL FEMALES who over come hardship and cultivate them life fi NEVER face that again, while helping others.

  37. let me ask one question here an mi nuh really need nobaddie fi draw mi tongue ooooooo caw mi nuh christian otayyyy


      1. :repost: Prostitution :repost: Prostitution :repost: and SURIVAL OF THE FITTEST

        At times the deal isn’t just monetary.

        1. Phantom mi seh it already sehhh is because tanya se she sell dat a di problem…..look pan barkey and di ooman whey did dead tracey..she married to di haitian man di people dem seh she neva want him so because she neva want him she kip him and find a man pan di side..a prostitution dat ………… if u a go see a man and dont want him or not attracted to him but deh wid di man because of what he can do for you..a prostitution dat.. and women do it all di time see now all di jamaican man dem tek it up deh tuh till dem mek it look a way

          1. From early on I could of avoided struggles and reside inna uppa uppa middle and beyond but ME rather me FREEDOM dan fi go tek up bondage pon me self fi please people yeye and dem wagging tongues. Me nu owe no body but those who help me out at my lowest point and my payment to them is to keep striving and doing for others when possible.

            I side eye females who never wuk, but have up man things or divorce and tek man things and believe sey them house wife status mek dem earn it…hmmm sounds like PROSTITUTION to me… lolol. All when you a house wife you fi establish some type of income fi you self.

          2. Phantom some a dem ina dem house and a tek some breed a treatment and waa leave but cannot because di money and life a keep dem dere..DATS PROSTITUTION

        2. Yo my fadda was the worst with my mother and that, wife and under control. From when I was younger I ring off my ears and say Status if you ever end up in and any situation like this you a fool. Have yuh own, them can never take it from you. Struggle if you have to but never settle for less.

          1. status mi know someone whey madda deal wid dem so bad ina farrin she did haffi go ketch man and breed when she roun 14..not because she wanted to but when u owna madda do deprive u a pad and deodorant and soap as a youngster…wha people really tink di pickney dem a go do?

  38. Real talk that @Phantom, we have give our self a pat on the shoulders for going through the fire and through the floods, but we never burn up in the fire, and we never drown in the floods, we came, and we sought, and we over come the obstacles in our lives, and we are proud, tell me who I am now, and not what I used to be. If night was to turn to day a lot of people would’ve to disappear, them have a old time saying, when u think u sweet u stink, MNL on some of the that believe say them shit can mek tasty patty. them lucky them born perfect, they are not like the rest of us who were born in an imperfect world is earth we live and the ground hard.

    1. Damn right! Me have me Battle wounds physical and psychological. I swear I reminice on them and at times I burst our laughing or I tear up because of the memories and I find that I do both emotions when I am face with a task whey seem hard…YOW! when i triumph i just go ‘damn, good thing me face something like that already” lolol.

      1. Phantom if me fi start a doe tink dere would be enough book..and di scar dem deep I work on them daily but I pray a lot so mi good

  39. Metty mi seh I work with some young girls, some ah them only 15 and have 3 kids already, just cause them never have no mother or father to turn to, so them turn to the streets. Luckily in America when them breed young them get help. That don’t happen in the Caribbean. Yo you how much time i see my mother cry cause she never have no food to give we. My fadda in America a send $100 a month to a woman with 4 kids, to send to school, feed and by clothes $100US is $600 in Trini but trust when yuh 4 kids to feed that is not enough, and never could be.

  40. Blessed Friday evening Met and all others .
    Obs why you couldn’t give me deh advise earlier man???
    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak This is for all who condemning me for my opinion” MY OPINION” but forcing theirs onto me. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak .Oonu luddy.
    Yea 27 years ago mi RUN off pon mi multiple indefinite after having it for only 3 years and Uncle Sam said i had to sit my ass still in his country and wait until he tells me its okay to move.
    Hmmm i wonder why he neva lock my Addicted azz up and he had all my information? :ngakak .
    Mi nuh owe nuh badie no apology , i am on a blog site where we are all entitled to state our opinios and debate if we which to do so.
    Oonu think oonu right and mi wrong and mi fi suck up my thoughts and ride wid oonu but guess what ?

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