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  1. Metty, mi listen to dis ooman ya tell ar beggy beggy story, an mi tap eeh right @ 5:24 ca mi couldn’t listen tuh nuhmore. She is what is defined as ah wutliss red yeye cruff….str88888888 WUTLISS!!! She mek it outta di ghetto come ah farrin yes, but she will forever have a non-progressive mentality of free entitlement. From mi start listen to ar talk, mi did know the direction in which sheen aguh guh wid it. She ah talk and ah bare tongue lashing mi hear as she ah chat up di tingz, sound like one ah dem raayyee raayyee typa gal an as dem chat every dem suckeen dem cheek ah tongue fe mek it pop fe style up di ting. My girl, if you was my neighbor abroad or ah yawd, you wouldn’t simi neitha way ca yuh love beg tuh much. 😡

  2. No tuh bloodclaat my girl, yuh shoulda shaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Dis maf**ka is mad at the entire got damn world for not tending to her wants n’ needs. Ah dem typa people ya wi mek yuh wa work haaawwwdddd fe move on up outta di ghetto, jus to get away from dem.

      1. Metty, I jus finish listening to her entire video, and true enough she go thru some rough times, as most foreigners do, but she sound as if she came to America thinking it was ah bed ah roses and didn’t want to work to accomplish her goals n’ dreams. Sell drugs, no…but sell ar pussy, yea?? Whad about yuh guh scrub some pot ah pan inna restaurant, do some live in work, cleaning job of some sort, like a few ILLEGAL immigrants that I know of who came here to succeed and not to complain ah gripe bout hardship eena Merica.

        1. everyone complain and as obara se we all have our stories, she feel better selling herself and not do time for it than sell drugs how or who am I to say to her which one more wrong? a nuh every restaurant a hire, the person is just telling people who a lef jamaica what to look out for before dem run ina dis place

          1. Metty, she can sell ar front and back if she choose to, but check out the mentality she had before she even touched foreign soil. Metty, she cyaah get hire if she illegal, but she coulda inquire fe si if any work deh bout weh she coulda get a likkle pay unda the table and gwaan bounce wid dat. Metty, boss lady, fam…we gonna have to agree to disagree on this one right here

          2. Yep which mentality? Most ghetto people live offa trust dat a nuh no mentality , u cannot walk and go look work every where ina farrin it depends on where u drop in here ..We a go disagree because u denounced and made an assumption bout begging which was not correct so mi did hafi seh a nuh dat. My madda and your mother and nuff people mother maybe neva chuss food but u cannot survive ina jamaica based pan minimum wage…..but check this..I had a friend who died about 12 years ago. She told me when she came here to her family dem start give it to har bout 2 weeks after she was in their house..no food she cudden eat nothing she was lucky fi get a live in job but that job u cudden leave a weekend it was once a month u get a day or so…this girl left her 7 month old ina har country come here ..got stuck in a live in work for years…when she finally save enough money fi mek a move and go get her child.. when she got to trinidad she died 2 days after she reach..her son she neva know him n she called me when she land a complain bout the money whey she send neva spend pan him etc..she got a heart attack 40 year old woman dead lef her only child so as mi se people have their stories but u cannot condemn a person like that so for that we will disagree

          3. I think she does good by telling the Jamaicans what can occur when family and the system are it on your side when you reach foreign.. Okay she had to prostitute but why continue renting your front…Use the hustling to go legit… Like pay for school and get a profession so that eventually you can get off the streets. She didn’t have a choice at first it was about survival but what about now? I guess she just love the sex now… Kind of an addiction …

  3. Good morning all, I started to listen, but mi cudden finish, but I got the gist of what she is trying to say. Everybody who comes to America have a story fi tell….some good and some not so good just remember that out of every bad experience come wisdom. The Jamaicans here in America (some ah dem) are not the same Jamaicans, people have to try hard not to lose their identity and stay true to themselves and their up bringing, but changes good or bad are a part of growth, and if someone treats you bad, learn from your own experience as to not do the same to another…My family came here when I was very young and we had some very horrible experience coming from living a very good life in Jamaica. Looking back now I guess it all HAD to happen!!.

  4. Bob Marley said “Every man have a right to decide his own destiny”….discouraging people to come to America because of YOUR own experience is not right, everybody’d journey in life may not be the same. Nothing happens by chance and we all have to endure the test of times, you cannot interfere with someone’s destiny!. You can share your experiences yes, but it does not mean that another will have the same, and even if they do some people can handle the what life has given them more than some, some less….but they have to live their life according to their destiny.

    1. And that is my stance Obara..by the way, good morning :peluk…I picked the good from the bad in her story, but all mi did hear ah party, kotching, beg yuh dis beg yuh dat, run ah ting, sell pussy, mi suck nuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffff cockie, etc., etc., etc….bare negativity mi get from fe ar story. Ah only hope she plan fe stop wid eeh enka enkaring mentality one of these fine foreign days, cause dat cyaah mek it inna foreign :hoax2

      1. u get negativity because a di tone and di badwords..because dat neva necessary …nuff selling gwaan wholleeeeeee heep as mi seh check dancehall cause dats what dem doing by partying..dem a sell neatly

        1. Metty, it’s not the cursing which came off as negativity. I wish her all the best, and ah hope she continue fe bun ar weed, as it seems to bring about autical consciousness within her, but she has got to change her outlook on life in general. I’m not saying that she’s a bad person, but what I am saying is that I believe that she has this mentality of free entitlement

    2. Mi nuh tink she mean fi discourage dem but some a dem doe have a clue..Mi neighbour a complain to mi wha day bout har mother whey jus come from the caribbean and she se di mother a guh cuss har bout cleaning her room..di madda doe cook although she is young and home n di lady work 7 days a week 12 hours a day…den di madda claim she only use one $35 shampoo…farrin hard so nuff a dem need fi know u really haffi wuk fi get where u waa guh and nuh tek di easy way out…nuff jamaican come yah and homeless..check dancehall :travel

  5. She is very RAAAWW but a lot of what she said is true, i have my story too, i’m sure a lot of the bloggers can talk about their bad experiences as well.

  6. @Yep :peluk @Met, yuh correct, but Jamaicans been ah tell ppl from day one how farrin hard (fi some) but dem doe believe, so mek dem come experience it fi dem self!!..some people come here with the mentality whey dem bawn with and do not want to go wid de flow of dem new environment, and America (New York, especially) is a fast paced place as oppose to Jamaica, some come tiniking sey ah drugs ah run de cut now a days, chu some fool whey deh yah mek de drugs money go dung an show off or deh yah pon video ah wash dem shoes wid thousand dolla champagne, some waan white man, some dream of yankee, some of batty freedom (gay rights), some tink as dem land dem is de next Oprah, Whatever the thought, if dem fi come they will, because ah suh dem life set up, what is to be will!!… however when dem come and de spark whey dem dream of dim (for some), dem will know by experience in de words of Biggie Smalls It Was All A Dream!!…

    1. Obara yes dem come here wid di need to know my neighbor mentality because a so dem grow …America is not the place fi dat nopes

  7. My family went through Hell at the hands of my aunt who sent for us, but my mother strong as she was managed and after a while we were ok, going through the battles of every day life of course, but I can tell everyone and anyone that America has been good to me, I was too young when we migrated, but I knew how much I loved Jamaica and still do, everybody on JMG knows how much I love Jamaica, America has been very Good to me and I must say I Love America!!!…Jamaica however is my first Love

  8. This lady is a function of her up bringing and I truly believe that most of her problems are a function of how she approaches life. There is no need to be cursing as much as she did and I can’t help but think that this is how she communicates at all times.

    1. But Nile, me curse bad word when mi get upset tuh, but when it’s time for me to switch up and get corporate you wouldn’t even know that I’m a Jamaican. My point is this…there is a time and a place for everything, and she needs to understand that ” kotching” inna foreign translates to rent. Bum ah plate ah food every now ah den, yes…but nuffe breakfaas, lunch ah dinner every nite…no ma’am!!! If ar owna family members label dem tingz ah put ar out…..ah wonda why?????

      1. I hope that you are able to switch up whenever you need to. However, you and I know the type of people who are not able to switch at all. Often times they believe that there is no need to…

        Da lady deh have beef with people who came on a Green Card–talking about they have it too easy…

    2. Ur right but it like the brain cannot grasp the fact that if u let go of that kinds aggressive mannerism she would be surprised how much farther she can get
      There’s a saying that goes u can’t tell a monkey that honey is sweeter that a banana. It’s just the wiring of the mind enuh n lack of exposure

  9. Mi say everybody have a story n this is hers n it sad but Yeppie we have to remember that circumstances make us who we are so obviously from the jump she had it ruff she took the opportunity came here n still encountered more ruff like a family member raping her smh but she used wat she had n went through a lot n she got her reward she is now straight,
    Anybody that knows me will say oh she proper English n prim n proper but lots a time mi deh road n stranger just a tell mi dem struggles cause I feel I can relate to each n everyone cause even if mi no go through the struggle I can still imagine n sympathize with it I hope she continues to work n pretty soon she will see that there’s more to life than weed n party smh

    1. I dont know how people smoke and that party ting go all the way back to slavery days…it was always used to find a mate das y mi se nuff a dem ina dance a sell neatly

      1. Yuh know say a sell she a sell neatly while making this vid. Yuh cyaa tell me say she neva out a door inna one car. lol

  10. Good Morning chuetty, I agree with you, however how long are we going to stay Victim to our circumstances???….All is Mind and Mind Is All, If a person go through something bad, (and live), holding on to the bad experience will not get that person any where, they have to let go and push forward, negativity breeds negativity….This is a life code… I have not met One immigrant without a story including my self, but when life gives you lemons make lemonade and don’t tell me that it is not easy, we have got to push in order to make life work for us. To be rich might not be for everyone, but we have to make the most out of life while we have it, and use our experiences to teach the younger ones or others in general..

    1. Obara :peluk :peluk yes and obviously this girl did her share of pushing taking this video as a celebration video cause she is saying wit all I went through I made it n congrats to her on that she didn’t stay victim she did a lot of tings that u r I wouldn’t do to be able to make this video so congrats
      All I’m saying is we all halve different nature n styles n it is not how u win the battle sometime U JUST HAVE TO WIN

    2. true but some people don’t know how to let go and its not really letting go because we never do but we condition ourselves above our experiences in order to survive..some people find that hard to do. I cannot imagine how it feel fi get up without a place to sleep or to be raped by a family member..farrin is a place whey change people’s way of thinking so in time this person will rise in the right way…

      Lalibela it is hard for some not to have and mi mean not to have in such a way that not even shoes u have etc…and den nuh feel a way when dem see people wid plenty wasting sometimes..Im not saying in a jealous way but how does a person not feel a way about that? It takes upbringing fi keep certain focus and ghetto people unfortunately are always a fence a way from the rich so their whole life has always been pining at the opportunity of others..

  11. Some people HAVE to go through struggles so that OTHERS may learn. THAT IS THE WISDOM OF GOD!!…because of some people mistake others will take heed…lesson learned… and the person who have gone through the struggle would not have gone through it in vain, they have contributed a service to humanity (however how painful it was for them), so that we may learn from what they experienced. Life on this earth plane is school!!

    1. Lalibela you know what makes us humans its that skill that at given time we are able to change that which is in us that is making us bad it’s almost like flicking a light switch, I will not sentence this young woman to failure I believe she can go on to do great things she obviously has ambitious so she can n will succeed. There is a Jcan saying whey no dead no dash it way she can RISE by the grace of God she can

  12. @ Met..dah comment yah shot!!! I

    “it takes upbringing fi keep certain focus and ghetto people unfortunately are always a fence a way from the rich so their whole life has always been pining at the opportunity of others”


  13. So if America so hard for some of we Jamaican just go back home nothing in American is free all dirt you have fi buy.

  14. gm metty and bloggers, some people ungreatful because i send for two friends to come here and i never treat them bad, they never have to go tru anything like this gurl..mi swear pan mi pickney dem…dem live with me until dem could go on their own BUT because dem think seh dem reach a heaven dem nuh need no more payer, dem chat mi and mi kids dem like dog…some times the good affi suffa for the bad, baby gurl i hope you stay strong and be a woman so they can see u.

      1. informing yourself will not educate you on culture…nuh matter how much reading material out there u haffi experience culture for youself so everyone will feel the culture shock which is the main reason America may seem harder for many

  15. Mi a go put some points
    There is a sell p**** culture in Jamaican society from uptown to downtown…the way it is sold depends on where you are from. Its implantation begins as soon as children are able to walk ……… many are told ”mek sure u tek a man whey can give u someting”
    *Ghetto people in Jamaica downfall is always ”red-eye n badmine/jealousy.” sometimes u haffi sorry fi dem because dem suffer so much it hard fi see demself so other people become their focus..a years mi a talk bout it…u will see dem pass a house and tell their child ‘when mi get rich like dem mi buy one a dem deh fi u so mek him gwaan wid dat”..in the same breath the person wid di whole heep dont even know dem exist
    If u go in a Ghetto u will see a bag a uniform…everybody a wear di same ting maybe different color but this is all in an effort fi have whey di next person have…there isnt a culture of personal dreams and visions …And u can want to be as successful as another person but another person’s success cannot be yours…This is what they do not understand

    1. yuh know a real ting yah rite still a same way suh it guh….dem stuck inna dis compete mood instead jus a pree a way fe live tuh dem own comfort.

      1. yes is a kind of dementia and if u go ina one ghetto a jamaica now dem can tell u what everybaddie have but dem cannot tell u what dem have..everything dem have is because someone else have it..it is a very deep and dark culture because it takes away from creativity and the mind need fi produce

          1. People fi talk up bout dis kotching ting because me a remember now dis lady a se she pick up dis jamaican girl outside jus a stand up nowhere to go..tek her up and di lady could not get di use of her bathroom. The girl would literally spend hours in the bathroom

          2. mek a chead cuz mi hav few tory yah fe tell tuh….cuz mi cum yah come bloodclaat kotch pon floor weh carpet a mi blanket not even a bloodclaat sheet cuz dem coach nuh need nuh sinking spot nd dem 400 count sheet too gud fe me wid whole heap a disrespect behind it all step ova mi head tun on lite mi cuden sleep

            but mi kotch wid progress and pure ambition behine a dat!

          3. simply dat deh person wicked oo….if di sheet was 600 thread count organic cotton dem wudden sleep pan it demself either? shame pan dem

  16. @anonymous 10:05 you and a whole pile ah peole go chu dat, including myself…..My Aunt put us all out not even a month after we come, leaving us ah box bout and ah kotch fi just ah short while until God sent my mother some Help, when I began living on my own I began taking in people on account of what my aunt did to us, not one ah dem turned out to be any good, all ah dem was horrible people to me after a while and no thanks mi neva get… and there were times I reflected on those who I helped without thanks and regretted it, but now that I have a little more wisdom, I realized that it was not the thanks or the gratitude that mattered, it was the fact that I helped. I did a service, regardless of the outcome!!!…regardless of the thanks….That is all that matters, is that you did a good deed!!..

    1. Obara some a dem doe know how good dem have it till dem lef where dem was kotching but di good deed part really hard fi walk into when u think bout di tings dem some a di people dem do and u neva did a look fi thanks..some people nah look fi nothing but from what I see and know some people mek u haffi rally back ina u mind and really tek into consideration all that u did because dem walk and give people bad name just for helping dem so I understand whey dah person deh a se it hard

      1. Obara tek in some a dem whey u see comment yere a cuss people se dem house dis and dat and how dem did haffi clean. Notice none a dem neva yet se dem hungry ina people place but dem love se how dem haffi clean.. :ngakak

  17. Yup, Met..none ah dem did haffi clean my house thank God, mi ah clea, clean gal!! but chu life did good to mi and de baby fadda at de time was goodaz de jealousy was much!!…dem galang bad some ah dem, some juss get up leave and never to be heard from again, all family dis de program, but nobody whey yuh feed, clothes and shelter can never rise above you!!! dat mi knoe fi sure!!!

  18. tanya guh chue a likkle ting yes but she was wan a dem lazy bloodclaat pawty tee tee weh expect who she cum yah tuh fe tek care of her till she buss…nah work but as pan knock a she dat,smoke up har week nah mek nuh effort fe get work nd contribute duh de ppl dem start mask dem tings…wen mi jus cum yah str8 up my relative mek mi knw a 2wks dem a ge mi find out weh mi ago work sleep a dont even guh inna it cuz a mite jus bloodclaat call dem nd dip up cuz dem did mi wrong chue nd chue……a farrin mi cum learn sey stranger will help yuh tuh de phuck’n end cuz wen yuh deh yah wid out shit nd hab more dan the man weh have him papers fe guh duh shit dem start hate yuh nd tell sum breed a lie pon yuh 2 jaw pus-c yuh wuda tink yuh pus-c limb done by dis

    mi nah stop big up Dre!

      1. cuz dem cum yah wid fone numba fe link who nd who a pawty dawg ,f a dem fe ask dem fe link dem pon work dem rather ask dem fe link dem pon a money man cuz dem strongly believe inna phuck’n nd suck’n tuh survive,,, “SOME A DEM MI SEY”

        dem rather guh teef de clothes fe guh act like dem av it more dan guh work nd rent a 150 furnish room

  19. Met I think Tanya was use to living a certain life in Jamaica where she neva use to have to worry bout nutn so she wasn’t prepare for certain things she thought she was still gonna live a life where she cud live free and party as she like but then reality set in and she realize that foreign isn’t a bed of roses so she did wat she had to do to survive, I can’t sit here and judge her because she had to survive she neva did go sell drugs she sold her pu**y instead which a lot of us doing it, because a lot of women be saying they not f**king a man if him can’t do nutn fi dem to me that is still selling yu pussy same way…she had to eat suh mi can’t judge her…I jus wish her the best , I’m happy she got her papers now…she’s a overcomer

  20. Yeppie is why u angry at this lady? lol
    I dont agree with you yep ..
    at least she is doing her thing now she nah beg and she nah sponge on nobody she just a let ppl know The grass is not always greener on this side. It is rough in america and funny enough she said you cant beg your neighbours anything and its true,
    I recently was at a friends house and she didnt have any sugar or honey and she said she was gonna ask her neighbour and i was shocked I said to her “my girl yuh think a jamaica dis” first off anuh just the fact they would look at u all funny n shit but they will also walk n talk bout ur jamaican ass beg dem sugar like ur a bum and make it look like a big ol deal n some yankee nasty nuh claat u nuh wah beg dem shittttt outa dem place. Her story is sad bout the rape n gun damn .. Mi glad she a drive n ahve a work all she need to do is liberate herself think positive and trust in GOD as she say him nah sleep and thats facts ,, she probly suck nuff hood and f**k nuff man to get where she is cuz sometimes when u dont have papers its the only way out … @% of ppl are lucky to not go through shit as tough as this. I know plenty girls without papers who resort to selling pvssy. Shit is rough and even if she a curse a because she hurttt sometimes u haffi cuss some nasty badwud cuz wicked ppl will mek u f**kin sin!

    God BLESS her and i wish her the best!

    we all have a story .. cuz i have mine and i inderstand everything she a say all the part when she say some people just a get get get get get and sooo friggin easy n u just a wonder ah wah suh why u a suffer n dem dutty ppl yah just a get and as she say dem lose it fast ! THAT DEVIL CAN GET U ANYTHING YOU WANT DOESNT MEAN U WILL HAVE IT FOREVER BUT SEEK UR GOD CUZ HIS SALVATION LAST A LIFETIME AND MORE AMEN!!!!

  21. Well to be honest this was a load of crap.She a talk how she suckkk how much cacky and still did a live pan road. No one knows the circumstance between she and the family and why they felt the need tolabel the food, Cause again, she a talk bout have a bag of tattoo and naw no money. Then in the end she stated that she buy up the bag of food and the man never give her none – which really lead me to believe that she thought people owed her something. she said straight she was with the man for papers. So the man wanted bloody pums she couldn’t give and he became vexated.

    I don’t know but maybe she was just young. We need fi hear real story of so many people like myself weh a work a farin how long and still wondering when the winding road will finally be straight. Mi sorry but me naw come so far fi come suckkk a whole heap a cack…… me coulda do that a yard and live well comfortable. Madness.

  22. It would be very interesting to her a lot of people story, mine including, when I began school here, the names I was called, I have to look back and laugh now, some ah de pickney dem use to sey…go back to Jamaica you coconut, or go back on your banana boat..(Big up Harry Belafonte), mi si mi mother do ah four Jobs and mi fadda, mi in ah class room and hole up mi han and sey SIR to de teacha, as how we were taught to do back home (respect), and de whole class laugh afta mi, and de teacha tell mi in front ah everybody fi doe call him sir (shame me), mi si my madda get fresh Jamaicans, whey just come here, people whey she know from back home, and get dem inna har building, ongle fi si dem waan fight off mi madda afta dem seckle an comfortable, so many stories…. adjustment to a foreign land is never easy at all, we just have to make the best of it.

  23. some people were meant to have and some were meant to have not, Limitations makes us not able to comprehend the mind of God, we Just have to focus on Our own lives and go chu!!! If all of our lives were the same there would be no need for dialogue!!

  24. Who feels it KNOWS!!!! That.is.all!!!
    Some ah unu ah say the lady never did a contribute
    N ray Tay we do not know that! But all mi know is
    Whatever she a say is true! … Look here if ppl come kitchen ah my yard
    I wouldn’t ask them for jack! Yes times are hard but you give them time
    And u write a contract n u sign it n u say listen by this time u suppose to good
    Some dutty stinkin ppl just help ppl fi chat bout it & disrespect ppl
    Just to have shit over ppl head!!! That shit is not right!
    Anuh everybody come here good & some people can say what they want
    Cuz dem come here good with papers 85% of us Jamaicans RUN OFF! & smaddy mumma n puppa did haffi run off n go thru this shit so unu coulda come good so mi nuh WAH hear it
    Yes her ass is ghetto n a chat bout weed n party! But u never know th same ppl
    Weh she did a kitchen wid might be who introduce her to it
    Mi see nuff ppl come a foreign from country & start act like some
    Dutty teggareg from tivoli or jungle!! Foreign change ppl
    And u have to be true to yourself but that’s on her mi nah dweet to mi family
    Before that mi tell dem dem can’t comeeee FOOOD RESTRICTIONS??? Where they do that at!!!
    Kmbct! Somebody tek har off d streets though n she seem to never have a prob wid har
    Cuz she woulda say it .. This gal is a REALIST she just RAW! & mi wa hear part 2
    Regardless of whatever ppl nuh fi treat dem WAH n blood suh! But as she say when dem wagonisssss a yard come dem better come good!
    Mi av a fren a yard everyday she say she a go baddy go try get visa if she can stay wid mi
    When she come & mi say wtf !!! No you most definitely cannot run off but u can visit me.

    Before mi treat ppl bad u tell dem what it is before dem come here
    What them choose to do after that is not my concern
    But mi na go refuse dem tin a bloodcleeet corn kmft

  25. Smfh I think I know d voice,most of u people don’t f**king listen to d story, she never say she ago beg r sell r pussy she was 14years old when she came here,how people wat kinda work u think she can get? People just love chat shit and don’t know shit,diss is just apart of r book smh don’t feel sorry if r cause now she is a Flight attendance.some a u big hole gal love chat shit and a f**k out yard and abroad and ain’t getting shit but find time fi bash people! Mi know if a fact u can’t sit a people yard mi more than 2weeks and don’t have a job without them a show u bad face, most Jamaican people believe u.s is what they c on t.v (Fact) ,how much a u people know ur neighbor a foreign? But Jamaican know everyone a them neighbor most yardy never work a day inna life c them a party them look better than who d hear a work inna hot and cold,when them call and a beg them want shit u don’t even have like example phones,when them c phone pon t.v fi $50 them nuh know say it come with a 2 year contract and fi u f**kup b4 d 2years u pass a rass fee. She just a mek people know who a kill if come hear say it nuh easy but wat from there is life there is hope,most people like she kill themself , the rich a kill themself if f**kry much less but wat we show them love same way but when people a talk wat them go tru and over come it u have all kind a shit fi say. Member every1 go tru shit but some worst than u ,if u 4get where u a come from u nah go know where u a go, u go girl and I hope God keep on blessing u

  26. @ Fashion passion I agree with 100% 2 years before I come to America one of mi linky did come here and tell the rest a crew how up yah hard, and we all crucify her, because we did think a lie she tell caw she nuh want we fi reach a farrin tuh, we were ghetto fabulous girls living in the hopes of coming to the US, and we were so sure big things must gwane fi we, all of us lived in our family yard that we grew up into and yes we eat out of one another pot, and as we tuch di road all sorts of men a let off them money, back then girls have them bups and them count out, we never short f nothing, I worked some times in Jamaica, but I wasn’t a big deal if mi not working because I have no land lord to encounter, the light bridge, and we can use candle or amp so we good. And lot of come down to Jamaica and floss and hype suh the ppl think money grow pan tree over here, them nah tal how much months them save them money fi take a litte vacation, and I don’t want mention the Flipper type of flossing, so of course lots of people come here thinking it’s a bed of roses. The girl did not come off as a begger to me, she was just tell the Jamaicans home to appreciate what they have there, because life here can be hard and even yuh own family fling out before you can count 123

    1. as fp se who feels it knows it..I dont know why people tink the person a look a handout, the funny thing would be to hear the stories of other immigrants from other countries and to see that the jamaicans have one thing in common..we nuh stick together nor do we think of helping each other

  27. @Facts if I was near you and Fashion passion I shake off uno hand, I made sure I listened to every last drop of what she was saying, she said she prefer to sell her pussy but she nah mek a gal suck her pussy neither will she do that, hood sucking his her thing, she never allow the Yankee fi do her in her period, she does what ever she feels is morally right to her, I could not support the fact that people would label food, and tell you not to eat, in Jamaica we nuh used to them slavery mentality deh. I put up people in my house too and them give me hell too, but there is no way I am going to treat people bad, specially with food, those are some low life deprave set of shit house never see come, come see , frighten Friday. I stand with her all the way, see finally got what she needed . she is driving and working, so please listen to what she says before we bash her.

    1. Dat food ting is serious eno..whereas you cant and shouldnt deny people food u have some people whey will come and eat u out a house and home and u whey buy it nuh taste it but fi put people name pan all can corn mi neva hear nothing like dat from mi born

          1. In college it really bad so mi understand why people haffi do dat because imagine u deh deh wid ur lil bit a money and dem come eat out di whole a u food den pretend dem doe know wha happen

  28. jah kno da story ya real as fukk..when mi juss fawud fi live ina di US, ja know di struggles mi face it tek mi 4 months and 3 days fi leff mi family memba house amd mi pay back di same day mi leave and move in a nexx fam memba and she rob mi bloodclaat money and mi nearly shat har ina har bloodclaat and mi likkle wifey seh juss leff it and many more stories after weh dem same pussy deh a beg mi money now….

  29. Wha she mean by she no fraid fi talk a whole heap a cockie she suck and a nuff f**k she get… She no fraid fi talk but she fraid fi show ar face… A she a dutty gyal!!

    1. We r nobody need to see her face poor us again the mentality that if a woman fuxx a lot of men she is nobody buddy don’t depreciate a woman’s worth this backward thinking kmt let fuxx be FREE cause it Neva kill Mary lee a fast unnu fast meck unnu waa see the woman face kmt

      1. Chuet…Too much morality police pan spot. I like your comment on “buddy don’t depreciate a woman’s worth” and will use going forward. America is a market society…if it value can be placed on something then its a commodity fi market…de oman sell front fi nhame she nah gi it whey an hungry.

        Yep! de tone of the conversation is wha badda yu…it annoying fi true.

  30. Met mi understand dis lady story and tru all di trials an tribulations she manage fi get har stay hope she continue2 persevere and achieve without having 2 sell har soul. At di same time some a wi riddled wid a greedy get rich quick mentality. Needing to Parade ourselves wearing di finest , and Driving di latest like dat represents who u are and commands respect. Some, will do aanything to achieve these material possessions losing demself life and liberty along di way. a nuh Jamaicans alone suffer from dis madness still, cause we all want 2 live di Big Life or at least look like we do,but at what cost? Hot Car and Designer labels nuh impress mi. yes dem look nice and…Wah me want to know is when u step out and tek off who di f**k ru without dem ting deh?di Duckin an Diving, Hustling Lifestyle is an addictive one weh responsible fi nuff Jamaicans weh come a Farrin behavior and attitude.Still i will continue fi help my people- Out of Many we are ONE.

    1. true true and di way she se people chat har is di choot…. mek dem eva see u look anyway ina farrin n u see how fast u name reach every lane and district

  31. @chuet I agree with you once again, however I kinda understand the blogger statement,… the narrative of the person in the video was done so vulgar, raw, if you will, that it is hard for the listeners or viewers of the video to soften (for lack of a better) to her story, however real it may be. She went through some horrible things, and as it has been said here today often enough so has a lot of people. Six ah one half ah dozen ah de nedda!!…Regardless her story is reality!!

  32. When someone comes n bare their soul I try not to focus on the mistakes they made along the way from morning all I’ve been saying is she weak she vulgar she raw but she had a fuxxed up life so let’s ease har up n if a 100 ppl come share dem story all I can offer his my understanding n best wishes. Obara a just life yaaaaaaa man

  33. The woman a talk what she went through and for me she want mek fellow Jamaican know sey wen dem come a farin, dem fi know sey it nu easy anu bed aroses. come a farin without papers it nu nice a survival a dweet, mi agree with her 100% mi na go prison a rather cell mi pussy a nuff a unu on here wey a chastise the woman a f…k tom, dick and harry and not getting anything for it, su wat if she a get a few $$$ fi nu dead from hungry, that was her only choice. a lot of organization want u proper document b4 them employ, suppose she was the 1 wey never av nu link so she could get a job. she c the easiest way out for her to survive to sell her pussy and s… k a lot a dick. she cant get in trouble for that. nuff a unu on here unu husband, f…ker man babyfather a rob and a kill people fi mind unu.. the man did want f…k her on her period and she refused she stood up for what she believes in. how many a unu do worst than that fi get papers (loose unu dignity) fi stay in a farin. big up uself Tanya, stay true to uself. who feels it knows it. all the best

  34. Mek dem know farin a nuh bed a roses, when dem ask and yuh tell dem NO a bare cuss dem cuss yuh and disrespect yuh and nuh have no clue how yuh live. People do wah dem haffi fi survive, all mi can seh be careful who yuh dis on yuh way up because u will pass them on ur way down… Nuff a we have a survival story some worst than others, people just know nuh matter wah de struggles dawn cometh in the morning, just trust in God…Living a foreign wid fambily a wicked sumting dem will treat you worst than a dog..But stay ambitious and persevere. Met you should make a post about the bloggers and dem struggles… That should make for an interesting topic..I have some stories..

  35. every immigrant have a story…whether good or bad! this young lady is just expressing herself the best way she can. The struggles they face have nothing to do with coming from ghetto or uptown. I have friend whose father filed for her and the stepmother treated her and her sister badly, some people are treated badly whether physically or emotionally. But you have to just be strong and have goals and work hard to achieve it. When you have made it ensure you help another in need

  36. ahh bwoy metty, wish you cud bring back the like/dislike button dem.
    gots to agree with yeppie…one on hand the lady does a good job of telling jamaicans that farrin a nuh bed of roses and that the perception they have in jamaica is not the reality once they reach america. HOWEVER…my god man, this lady neva hav no ambition from she de a jamaica. she kotch an beg an borrow an feel seh when she come here the same rules cud apply. honestly, her story gimme some likkle laff inna di nite ya, no lie.
    she tooooooooo good, but u dun kno, she soun like a str8 hustla, so she will alrite, yeah man, fi har bread butter pon both sides, mnl

  37. I fully understand what this lady has gone thru and as a child growing up in Jamaica, America was presented to us as the land of nothing but opportunity and wealth and so we all aspire to be here, without even knowing that this country has lots of people who are homeless and starving! I have witness my own mother turning like a green lizard on my aunt after just 1 month! The bottom line is America is filled with immense hardship and because none of it is being advertised we will always have stories similar to this young ladies

  38. We must remember dat she iz teliin “her” experience; and az much az it is “raw”, to me she’s keepin it “real”.
    I think the “labelling” of foods might b dat she waz roomin somewhere and “other” roomers might hav just been putting labels on items that belongs’ to “dem” and she might hav just found this “strange” or “insulting”.

    Overall one of the bloggers mentioned a “part II”, I agree!!!
    Bigup JMG, Met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers and all.

  39. big up mi sister and mi mother dem never come ya come ya come sell nuh puxxy fi survive..but a so it go my girl my sorry fi hear di amount a cocky yuh tek but a u did waan tek it and it sound like yuh huh no self esteem nor self respect.cause nuff a uno neva wear gucci lv nor prada a jamaica all uno life but as umno step offa plane uno waan go lv go shop and live big life so if uno haffi suck dung di 52 state fi do it a so it go..PRIORITIES IS A MOTHA FFFF.. U NENEVR HAD TO DO WHAT U DID SO IF A MY SRRY FA YUHA LOOK MI NUH HAVE NONE A GI WEY..A FULL TIME UNO KNO UNO SELF.YUH BETTER GO CEHCK UP YUHS ELF IF YUH HAVE AIDS..

  40. nuff people nuh come ya did nuh green card nor backative and dem never do wha yuh do..but a so majority a di town ghetto people dem stay (not all).. uno born and grow inna ghetto poor like church mouse and uno get a little bly fi go foreign and as uno come offa plane uno waan live like jay z and beyonce,uno 2 f**kin red eye.. hold yuh own until better come uno would suck dung merica fi wear one little piece a lv or gucci or whatsoever….

      1. Never once you heard on the audio the person saying she wanted luxury then or now. If u come here and nah work and sell u front u haffi sell it because u want name brand? What does that have to do with thrift shops and all the other unrelated things u a mention? From u nuh have an income directly or indirectly , desperation a go reach u and desperation does not mean U WANT TO LIVE ABOVE YOUR MEANS… it mean u might hungry or naked or nuh have nuhwhey fi sleep so u can big up all who u did have whey neva desperate..That nuh se nada

  41. mi kno rich white people wha a live good and nuff time mi see dem in THRIFT SHOP AND GOODWILL,and mi know some lithe gal and bwoy wha can’t pay dem fu**king rent good and dem mum a huh live huh way and every week dem waan go a lv store go shop so mi just a show uno the mentality of the people..my girl a from yuh dey a jamaica yuh love suck and f**k yuh can’t fool me the amount a ghetto don pass try ur hole can’t count and den uno come a merica come run dung yankee fi papers until dem a beg uno pussy pon uno period,move yuh nasty rass and go way a u lay yuh self carless fi dat gwaan,yuh check sey him could ask certain woman dat..

  42. every body know sey merica not easy and its all about bills bills bills..but mi srry fi tell yuh sey a huh every body ago come ya come suck dung the place like u mi srry fi tell yuh sey yuh have people that come here and if a even toilet dem haffi clean dem do it till better come..RESPECT ALL HARD WORKIN JAMAICANS WHA NEVA BOW OUT INNA MERICA FI WEAR NAME BRAN OR BETTER DEM SELF..

    1. Why u want di girl show har face? Why u mad? Did she sell anything for you or concerning you? As mi tell u likkle while stop it because u a look silly now. Di person neva seh u fi sell or anybaddie fi u fi sell she said she sold HERSELF..NOT YOURSELF..HER—SELF.so why yuh upset? Real people are people who can put themself ina adda people shoes while being fair and logical


    1. Do you know what options she had? Did you give her any? More dan 5/10 Jamaican ooman sell demself…is because she se she sell why it look a way or wha? All of us have different limitations but it nuh mek any of us less than the other..If she rather sell har front that go tun a drug mule who are you fi call har less of a woman for that? If u waa see it wrong ok and that will be your opinion but u a run in like you knew her options and opportunities and u dont..neither do I.

      1. I put up an immigration post before this and someone commented that she had to sell herself to meet her rent..People who nuh real wudda tun up dem nose and se she a dis and dat but rather than live on the street she did whey she feel she cudda do fi continue living..No one can say that was right and this a di reason why things like this you cannot condemn people because you do not know how they were feeling at the time.Sometimes things reach u and a after u done do certain things u see se u cudda do it differently..She is raw yes , vulgar as you said..di weed part and party part is no plus but the situation is nothing to condemn her for..Remember also she said she was raped..that put people brain ina different place

  44. Gm Ms Met n Metters, I believe everyone has their own bad experience on arriving n living in America others more drastic than some, but at the end of the day who feels it knows…Ms met someone up top suggested that u should do a topic about this.. it would be very interesting to see that most if not everybody had their very own 6′ o’clock…Hoghead, unless you’ve been in this lady’s shoes u shouldn’t judge, just keep giving thanks n praises that u dodged the bullet..

    1. same suh…yeah man i will do a topic…i did it before but people will not leave their true experiences if people a go run in and make assumptions on what they could have and should have done…pan something whey done and gone already

      1. shani rite desso mi haffi disagree wid yuh caw nuffffffffffffffffffffff prostitute enjoy wat dem doin…selling!!

        @hoghead :shakehand2

        1. nooooooooooooooo if u go and do an interview especially the low level prostitute them they will tell you how they got into it..and if they were offered a better job wid whey dem a mek as prostitute they would take it.. a nuh sex addiction mek ooman tun prostitute..maybe porn stars have sex addiction but not a woman whey get up and sell..most of the time it is by desperation or force

          1. its not sex addiction why women turn to prostitution<<<<<that's a fact! BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT there's levels to this shit make no mistake about it! There are people in jobs they dislike but to pay the bills they remain until………….BETTER COME!! Dis ooman inna di post mi nawww lie she soun diffrantttttttttttttttttt from di norm suh dats why mi stay away from di post caw everbaddie entitle to dem own opinions

          2. But zervah is a contradiction dat u jus put there are many people in jobs they dont like that stay until better come..what if the person cannot find a job? The person in the audio is raw a little too raw but if she had a soft spoken respectable voice crying about what she did to survive would you feel the same way you do now?

          3. I spoke of her “rawness” but that does not and should not take away from the point. I stayed clear of this discussion because I DISAGREE WITH MANY POINTS in her story. Yes yes and yes ppl cum yah n caw fine job an still neva sell dem puxxy and yes yes yes ppl inna dancehall naw luk wok n a sell puxxy but wat is my opinion belongs to me its my opinion and may I add dat nuff ppl cum yah n neva sell including my maddah…no greencard, sleep pon ppl floor, ride di subway til mawnin, cook fi ppl huzban caw she a cotch n blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhh n still neva sell har puxxy and yes everbaddie different suh you have a opinion and mi hav one dats all…an I really do hope she tone it down both verbally n sexually

          4. Zervah some people are closer to certain opportunities than others. You cannot tell someone what they should or shouldnt do for their own survival..That is their call..All you can do is suggest a better way but if we do not have the same circumstances and opportunities how can you say what they person could have or should have done? This person said she was RAPED for one so she will have a different outlook on sex than a regular person, for all we know there may be no emotions attached to sex for her so she needs therapy..If u havent walked in someones shoes u cant tell them where it a burn them

          5. Let me make two points here met and den dun wid dis story caw my point remain di same a cuddah hell she guh chue barefoot..my point is di same but lets look at this


            SURVIVAL: I doah care to tel dis big ooman wat survival skills she shuddah use NOPE! I neva seh nutten bout dat I seh weh i will alwayz seh…MI DOAH AGREE WID IT!!! Dat is weh mi a seh n mi add my likkle pawt a story fi show seh deres always odda means to a enn

          6. Den u wudda really tink she would know se she need help ? You cant say u dont agree wid wha she did to herself..we can always se we nuh agree wid homosexuality and dem lifestyle but we cannot tell dem wha fi do wid dem body..You are not getting over the fact that she said she sold herself and mi nuh understand why. Tell her to find another way of doing things tell har wha fi do and encourage her to make changes but how can u condemn? U remember the video whey mi did put up wid the school children in yellow? n one did a cuss di next one se she deh wid school boy n di next one a se she deh wid man whey can give har something? That is also prostitution..Jamaica has a culture of it and until we can find a way fi get through to the less fortunate so that they will not use their body to survive we cannot condemn them..but I wish someone would send in a story whey can open people’s eyes on this silent culture in jamaica..the pedophile ting and di prostitution

  45. then and again maybe its not ok..why when a woman sleep did 10-15 different man people blast her why does society classify her as a whore and why are they placed upon groupie sites that try to belittle them even more? and why do people keep on commenting sey dat can’t happen to them and she is a bitch and so one..why why why why why…….F**K DAT SHIT…..UNO CANT FOOL ME THERE IS NOTHIN OK ABOUT SELLING PUXXY.

    1. who said there was? I never said it was right I said that the person may have felt like they did not have an option and unless you yourself did not provide one for them you dont have the right to tell them what they had because you do not know..Yes people are placed here that have many sleeping partners …many people will call people names for sleeping around but many like myself will seek to find the reason why…

  46. having understanding is a very powerful gift.. more time we guh thru inna life feeling as if certain things can’t reach wi, forgetting that we not know what tomorrow brings, just last year across the street from where I live, a lady left to the store and on coming back home, they were fire trucks all over, not sure how the fire started but not only did she lost everything in the fire so did 4 other apts beside her, got caught on fire also..so 1 fire, 5 sets of family lost everything..i’m pretty sure they worked very hard for what hey had, but in the end they came out with their lives, but had to start all over again…reason for saying this is that, u just may never know what curveball life throws at u..survival is the name of the game..7 times rise 7 times fall

    1. I used to see this lady always in two sweat suit ..and mi used to wonder why she couldnt change her clothes until someone told me that she used to dress well before and because of a fire she lost everything and had to start over…my point here is sometimes looking in we are barely seeing the half of a person’s life and the rest may be too much to tell…There are people who come here and tink farrin a go nice and leave all 5/6 children a Jamaica…come here…Mi waa smaddy tell mi if minimum wage can house that person and mine di other 6 children in Jamaica…mi want someone answer that please

  47. so its ok to sleep with 15 man if yuh nu have huh room nor green card but its not ok to sleep with 15 man if yu have room and green card…So how u kno if the girl dem wha have green card and room nuh want a mansion a hollywood that s why dem a sleep did 15 man everybody have different goals so dat mean sey huh whore nuh dey…cause if yuha sell pussy fi a reason yuh a nuh whore, but then and again who would sell their pussy for ni reason?

  48. well i do understand that she is an uneducated whore just like many of the girls i see they blast on this site. if yuh sell puxxy and get pay u are a whore it dosent matter for what reason…U don’t have to show ur face honey but yuh can send on yuh numb mi have 7 bredda a boston wha maybe would buy some puxxy from yuh so yuh can beta yuh self even more because ea dat yuh love do sell crutches..

  49. I could neva violate my bady like dat fi nuh form ah money nuh part pan har nuh hav nuh maiden lef an shi soun young she cann tell me sey sucking cock was di only resources she could think of she wanted fas money fram shi leave ja shi hav intentions to come here an sell har big rubba pussy go sit di f**k down somewhere you can warn anybady ewww!!!!

  50. Everyone has a story but this girl is not telling a story for the typical Jamaicans who migrate to the US.(A man probably brought her here).
    She has the mentality that her looks would have brought her all the riches that she believed was here in the US .
    She is used to living off others without assisting in any form of financial ways and now that the reality of life hit her she is very angry.
    We all have heard the saying that after 2 weeks family start giving you the side eye, but who would not be upset to see a grown ass man /woman just lay up n bed and eat up your food sit around smoking weed ,getting high and not contributing.
    While no matter the weather you take your ass to work to make sure your bills are paid.
    Yes she maybe illegal but it does not seemed ( based on her words) as if she tried to do something constructive with her life.
    I am not sympathetic towards her at all as she has not mention not once where she has tried to adjust her lifestyle or mentality.
    She is just a crude product of her environment who did not use her opportunity to uplift herself from the ghetto mentality.
    A woman should not be so crude,,every word she speaks a curse word followed.
    A lot of Caribbean people come here illegal but they had a constructive plan in mind and they worked towards it.
    They did not come with the ” I am owed something by family ,friends etc” mentality.

  51. If you listened closely, it seems as if she is still selling puxxy.
    A car horn blew and she stopped and asked ” a who dat a blow ” and got real quiet as if she was scoping out the scene to see if it was a potential customer.

  52. Tanya…u a talk bout ur experience. Me ovastand. A lot a Jamaicans think it is easy here all because it is America the land of dreams. However u come here without papers there are a lot of obstacles to encounter, AT the end of the day its how u deal with it.

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