1. Metty, as the old saying goes…7 times rise…7 times fall. I would give anything to become a fly on the wall in Kartel’s prison cell…..

      1. not me oooooooooooooo mi wudden waa deh no where dere him….some a dem demon deh pan him live…mr talkie talkie

        1. A guess him mussa did tink seh if him use euphemism like shoes and dash weh nobaddi wuddn’t pree seh dem mean gun and kill. Him did well light wid di tongue doe. Him ready fi go dash weh di bwoi mumma di poor lady wuddn’t know wha shi de ded fah

        2. Metty, it woulda be me as a fly ah chill out pin the wall wid mi popcorn and mi big ole 1 liter of Pepsi ah skin teet and ah laugh aafa Kartel :ngakak

    2. Met den u nuh siseh a problem child and shorty sell out di chatty chatyy fool fool bowy … cause him a lauf like dem a go have him in di killa hall of fame…den go innna court a bawl like gyall ole ediat

  1. good mawning met,

    u know mi love u met. thanks fi get access to sum a di voice note dem.

    so a dem yah stinking finson did a seh splice up splice up?

    dem sound ligit to me, u hear di last voice note weh play? him want know exactly weh di person hear bout di lizard killing, a who a di fuss man di person hear it from and if di person know a who tell deh person deh.

    there was no surprise in his voice upon hearing the news about lizard, he almost sound as if he is laughing

    1. morning :kiss
      exactly…that is why mi seh this morning he is still laughing how dem cannot find the body…SICK MAN

    2. Di only ting splice a Finson dirty balls and some a di ooman dem whey a seh splice a dem four way road splice :travel

      1. :ngakak :ngakak met why u a trouble di man balls?? :ngakak

        but on a real, hearing those voice notes, hearing kartel’s voice, hearing the tone and the emotion in his voice for each voice note…… fills me with sadness met.

        because at no point did i hear in his voice, him feeling really really upset about di guns going missing, to me, he sounded almost normal. so if someone’s life was taken and in my opinion he didn’t sound all that upset like he suffered a tremendous lose by losing di guns, can u imagine what would happen if he was really seething?

        1. Lundun remember we had said that he killed lizard for no reason…it was not that lizard offended him..its all a game to him and he is in charge

          1. met its heart breaking bad!!

            the release of these voice notes only further my opinion seh him fi rot inna prison.

            i knew he killed lizard for no reason,but thought he was very upset about losing the guns, but was afraid to confront the real takers, so he just took things out on lizard.

            but in the above voice notes, di pu-ssy neva sound all dat upset, as foxy seh, its as if killing was so normal to him dat it is the first thing to do even when its not needed.

            him don’t fear lizard, lizard was of no threat to him, so why him neva mek lizard just pay back fi di gun dem?

          2. Lizard is a small fry…small fish, why him pick out lizard and not chow? Him hot fi ratty bad bout him a informer

          3. Yes Met him hot fi ratty and the police dem duh everything fi ratty testify for even the Barrington trial and him refuse. If a Kartel dem di hold fi squeal on his friends him woulda sing like Sinatra. A suh him turn dem gainst each other bout ratty a informer. Long run short ketch. Him chat everybody. Look how him a chat all Shawn Storm on the voice notes.

          4. he was a wicked man no loyal to nobody and want everyone loyal to him…but a sociopath have no love ….smaddy need fi write a book pan him

          5. But Foxy memba di police give Ratty hell jus fi Ratty talk eno but I dont think a did bout this case..other murders were in the phone dem did want ratty forward bout dem deh ..God keep Ratty because Kartel did a send man fi him and di police did after him as well

        2. Met not only a book but my BFF and I were discussing this saying a movie should be in the making as well. Of course no profit to Kartel nor any of his affiliates.

          1. The way him terrible it would be hard not to do it without him getting money but he should be a case study because he is a true sociopath

  2. All the man mumma a guh dash wey! How Kartel fi get off when him send threats, explicitly stated that he’s gonna kill Lizard then after it hit the road sey him dead, the man simply waa know a who it come from….
    The worst part, there is no anger in the man’s voice to indicate him act in the heat of the moment. Murder to him was nothing. Fi a man discuss a pending murder so casually it’s somn he’s accustomed to.

    1. @ foxy :shakehand2

      i never saw your comment before i posted my 11:10am comment above. same thing i observed in di man voice.

  3. gm.met and metters :peluk thanks for the voice notes ….wow he wanted to kill the poor madda i wonder whats his fans thinks about this also miss slim ..shit same way he would have killed me and my family

  4. Karthell u is a wicked bombo hole u see how innocent ppl always a ded fi no reason di devil say di muma fi get dash whey to OMG I hope say u deh jail till u two balls dem tun rock stone evil bitch oh my God man

  5. When someone is a killer and did it on a occasional basis, there is NO remorse, its the norm. People need to come out of the wood works and talk how much people Hell Bwoy Murder and dispose their body. After Listening to these voice notes, He should have gotten Life with 120yrs before Parole. What a wicked Monster!

  6. Can i say this doesnt sound like Vybz Kartel nah ! Its not Kartel talking these voice notes splice up !! Kartel nuh sound suh the person sound fooooooool

      1. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

      2. but met, how she fi seh it don’t sound like kartel, wen if u listen to any one a kartel song dem, a di same voice u hear???

        how she fi seh it don’t “sound” like kartel because di person sound fool? lmfao, dem gaza fans here is of a different type i tell u, dem daft so till.

        mi did tink “sound” refers to tones, vibrations, melody, pitch and such di like. mi neva know seh “sound” refers to foolish or sensible :hammer :sup2:

        1. No dem tink kartel intelligent eno…they dont know that when they see him in public and him a talk him jus a repeat wha him read so now dat she hear how mucha fool he is because he is being a little of himself being that he is in his own likkle environment di person cannot believe say him sound dunce suh….fanatic shock :hammer
          All ah dem swear he is one big intellect :ngakak dem cannot believe say he is so daft

          1. met, wicked statement mek mi a dead wid laugh, mi cyaah breath dwrcl :ngakak

            she seh “dat is not kartel vice, kartel no sound so, di person sound fool” :ngakak :ngakak

            ping ping ping, dats what jmg has been trying to tell ya’ll for ages, KARTEL IS A BIG BIG DUMMY! :ngakak

            i’m dying over here met, please call 999 and tell dem is an emergency :ngakak

          2. like smaddy dash water pan dem and wake dem up di person is in shock and awe :ngakak

          1. met, u r a terrible fassy :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

            ledda belt, curtain runner, slippazz and rock stone fi u rass!! u too bad!!!

            met seh she tink a shorty, she neva know a di bride of chucky


          2. :angel a di choot mi did tink a shorty and someone come seh is chucky after mi put up the post

    1. But @Wicked, it seems you don’t know what ‘splice’ mean. If the audio splice up that means they have taken his voice from elsewhere and put it together to create the audio tape you’ve heard above…that would still make it his voice. So you see, by you saying it’s not his voice and it splice up….you make absolutely no sense.

  7. now wah yute a tell mi seh kartel mussi fraid fi him life so if him get off pon appeal him wah live like a protective lifestyle………..is this bitch crus??

    1. him mek it bad fi him wid di appeal with all that he did no court nah go grant him that so him cudda protected like a glass casket

  8. mi si two gyal a come outta court house a bawl oman a hold dem up all telll di gyal seh ar fren go prison fi twenty year…………..uhmmm weh dem a bawl fah??? bawlin eva let out nobody yet

        1. Real u know say mi nah laff tho whey say Nuffy dress up inna drag just the way him boo love to see him cause Nuffy gwaan like say him a wine Kartel eno lmaoooo

          1. mi a pree di tng in a kartel and him leggo mouth carry him go prison …..because u know se legally shawn storm nuh really se nuttn pon di voice note dem…a company dutty kartel a look a prison …dem fi appeal an let off storm dem ,,,,,all di yute weh name madd puss dem fi lessen him sentence,,….and mek him tan in deh by himself ….because mi nuh know a which man a go really hear ppl a call him oman chucky and go get di tattoo …him boderline illiterate …him jus love chat and have a good memory

          2. I was going to say it say Shawn Storm might get di appeal but then again he may not. I would not advise them fi start no appeal process now

          3. Met, Shawn Storm won’t get the appeal. He just as much orchestrated the murder as Kartel. The victim and witness implicated him as the courier and placed him delivering the men to pearly gate and at the scene of the crime. By his own testimony, he admitted being there. While the others might have a chance, Shawn and Kartel will not get off. Also, he sent text messages saying big things a guh dung, man a guh dead prior to the murder so conspiracy, accessory and murder charges fit.

        1. Shawn Storm was an accessory to murder, a him carry de bwoy dem guh ge kartel,. das why de judge teck little offa him time. him just as guilty as kartel. him ded know seh lizard fuse dida guh out. yuh remember when him dida talk to some one an tell dem seh nuh feh tell mama? him pickney name Lizzy?. it neva seems as if him ded unda duress, though ina reality him mussa ded fraid a kartel or him dida look stripe. him mussa ded waa prove that:”HIM LOVE TEACHA DE BEST”.

    1. Lalibela, I’m surprised by you. There is premeditation, threat, motive, intent and conspiracy to commit murder.

      1. Please note that I made reference to the actual clips that I’ve head—not the many other clips that are yet to be published.

        Please don’t equate my attempt at being objective to being an act of advocacy; I have despised and resented the licentious Kartel from the day that he disrespected Bounty Killer—prior to that, I did not know who Kartel was.

        No doubt about about it, there is motive; however, when you consider the life that the anti-saint Lizard lived–wanted by the law and by the underworld–one should not be surprised if he were to go missing.

        Factoring reasonable doubt, Lizard could have been abscond justice on his own or he could have been killed by several other who were pursuit of him…

        The defense could/should have articulated that, it was Kartel’s voice on the voicenotes and that yes he was infuriated with the alleged victim and spoke in a loose and liberal regard. However, his client was prudent enough not to act on his words.

        I have sought the demise of Kartel for the longest, he does no good for society–I mean, I can’t think of one good thing that he has done. He is a libertine, he is nefarious and he enjoys the visibility that his actions affords him. The truth is that many were of the opinion that he had to go and seemingly by any means.

        Kartel gave the [System] rope that was needed to hang him–per se…

  9. This come in likka say if Kartel shit him notify problem chile
    Kartel a two things mi haffi tell u 1) meck u goozum gal/bwoy fi send a blow pon problem chile cause that person tie u rass meck u have diarrhea of the mout massa n 2) tap teck u likkle tuppance give Finson bout no appeal him a rob u meck di money stay fi help u pikney dem n dem uglier than thou muuma OK over n out :travel :travel

    1. him say him a go call di priest dem or a me a hear wrong???
      it sweet him how him hear say people a se lizard dead dem yah evil yah fi chain

      1. Met ooo u know say a di likkle shotta dem call “priest ” tho smh yea man a di name dat fi di killa dem
        Fun n joke aside ppl mi want unnu know say we deh ya a say God give Kartel talent n blah blah but looking at it seerusly a no mus God give him eno ahhhh boy check di levels cause this seems like say he came to gather souls fi him master which he did smh

        1. yesssssssssssssssssss that mi know…The talent God gave him was the gift of writing, he was never to sing or take a mic . He wanted to defy his destiny and sold his sold to become the front man…God say NO and flick him wid him nail….LIFE IN PRISON…

        2. I dont remember clearly if I had put it here but people thought Lizard cudda get whey he couldnt…the only place to go was to the police and he had a prior case so maybe thats why he was afraid..see kartel confirm it deh that him cudden run…this wicked evil man

        3. When God say back page u cannot want what you were not destined for..das y people nuh fi red eye…He was writing and saw how big musicians got by singing them and he started to crave that spotlight but it was not meant for him

          1. Yea man n the enemy see him weakness n preyed on it n lie n confuse him till a dis become him faith boy oh boy

        4. I agree @Cheut. The bible states that Lucifer was the angel of music. That is why music carries the kind of potency to impact people psychologically and spiritually. He very well was doing the works of the one below.

    2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

    1. I am not disputing the voice; however, from what I have heard, that is not or should be enough to convict a person. I am sure that the other recordings pertaining to what they did with the body will be more damning and as a collective, intent and action can be proven…

        People need fi listen to the reporter.

  10. Saassss criseee how di f**k Kartel can chat so??? What a waste man sah you need 2 life sentence juss fi chat so much… Giggy giggy talkie talkie bwoy. Di man mouth juss dwoah stop runnnnn. Sick f**k!


  11. But Lalibela it was multiple things that led to his conviction did u have a chance to read the statement issued by the police yesterday?? Please read it and come back I will be here awaiting ur response

  12. Kartel is the devil him self mi blood run cold over him an dem two shoes deh all di man mumma di pussyhole waah lay out. Dat obeah wukking f**k bout yuh Nuh believe inna science but gal say…..a hope dem gih yuh some hard f**k unda yuh bumbo a prison and yuh don’t get fi do a next record inna dat rasss.


  13. All Unuh dutty Jamaica waste illiterate ppl unnuh two mouth like. Mi know nuff a Unuh whey did outta di court a bawl couldn’t wait fi dem flip up di sentence under him big giggy giggy cratches cuz Unuh sneakingly don’t like him. Busta come dash up two shilling and everybody a say free world ass!!! Likky likky!
    Nuff broomstick fi you and cronies Kartel dwoahhhh drap di cake soap.


    1. That negro would a rather have him batty molested before him make him cake soap drop….lololol

  14. My blood run cold when I listened and tears come a mi yeye, cause that voice that been with us all throughout the last ten years at every dance we go to is the voice of a savage murderer. Jamaica get the best and the worst of everything – Kartel represents the worst, him truly evil.

  15. Hi metty dawdling mi a keep up wid di wall yah everyday man but cawh comment. Afta dat voice note mi affi hold a meds an come talk cuz nobody shouldn’t speak so much like dat it’s a sin, there should be a law against Kartel mouth. A jah work, GOD set him mouth pan spring fi times like this. Good! :peluk :peluk


  16. No chuety from mi bawn a never hear anything like this, mi a listen wid mi mouth wide open wondering when is he gonna stfu him incriminate everybody him fi just hang himself yah now.


  17. Dem mi Nuh seem write say him innocent a wonder efff him know di meaning :ngakak :ngakak


  18. Hay met all di ress a cronies mi know when light lock off dem shit and piss dem pants and ask God why dem follow world ass? Yuh si how dem a skin dem teeth and a Mek joke coming outta court like is a giggy giggy ting. When lizard and roach jump pan dem inna dat dem muss heng dem self all dem dutty jail bwoy deh wih go throw a bucket a it pan dem. what a sweet outcome.


    1. No man bubble, him Nuffi hang himself. Him fi guh mad from the constant reply of torture that Lizard encountered. And when it becomes too much him fi bang him head pan Di concrete till him suffer some serious head injury. Dat fi reach him. He needs to suffer..

      1. Anon, Yu have a point, but this is a lower pit demon, so suicide is like a joy ride fi him.

  19. Metty yuh know mi just a read di comments now and reach di one whey somebody say it Nuh sound like Kartel di person sound fool…… Mi spread right ouutttttt :maho :ngakak is who dat man????? Poor ting, dem Nuh know dem daddy voice.is only a fool would think them above God and the law so yuh right him sound exactly what he is.



  21. Mi can’t wait fi the rest of the notes cause Jah know this a mek me laugh more than cry. This man used to walk a road and boast how everybody a idiat except him and how him a world boss, couldnt know seh if you murder summady don’t talk bout it – much less in details.

    Well we thank God. It is for this reason he is gone to the pen. For all the Gaza fans don’t worry Teacher soon come back. By that time uno can seh Addi a we Grand daddy.

  22. good day met,metters,peepers nd others….

    bwoy admin a suh wi live yah nung devuum a small mail fe seh fresh mix pon the oink scene a mek yaw gwaan suh wid me…mi aguh tap blog wid yuh soon enuh..

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  23. OMG. It cyaan plainer than that. What a wicked SOB. Di bwoi did really a live whe him sing & a sing whe him a live. When dem hear dis play in a court dem suppose to did sh**t in a dem pants. Mi haffi go call mi BFF ya now & have r listen. No man everybady need fi hear dis first han. Mi just get home & was still a little tipsy from my Margaritas at Happy Hour but hearing dis mi bright eye & chirpy again. No sah. Kartel how do u plead (let me answer) GUILTY. (I’m correct right). Met thanks fi posting.

  24. On second thought, unnu si seh di jury rendered the right verdict. All who a talk ’bout trial never fair and the system was predjudice against the DJ & horse dead and cow fat, see it deh all who have ears let them hear.

  25. I desperately wanted to defend myself earlier; however, I had issues commenting. The ones need to know that by no stretch of the imagination was I defeating or advocating for Kartel.

    He is not getting what he deserves and he should be devoid of life as I don’t suspect that he will ever atone for his ills.

    With his massive following and Kartel’s coy ways, don’t be surprise if a new and greater movement is created out of all that has transpired. Kartel is contending his innocence to the end, compounded with sheep-like following [some in academia and the youth] and the negative perception of the justice system, it is not so far fetched that later generation will perceive Kartel as being a victim and agitate for his release

    With academia and youth on board, a paradigm shift in Jamaica’s government, Kartel could be out of jail in 10 to 15 years–even less…

    1. You had me worried for a moment. That demon will remain right whey him de. I hope him pass before him time is up.

      The paradigm shift will be in favor of what we ancestors fought for…peace, equality and justice for all; not for the “kartels”, the sons of jezebels to become the new breed of slave masters/opressors.

      1. PhantomPhoenix, I fear that things will only get worst; Kartel is just the tip of the iceberg. His actions have created a new way of subverting the ways of the just.

        Individuals are now if the opinion that they are justified in anything that they desire to do and most will seek to go beyond where he has gone…

        1. Gwan have to respectfully disagree with you. All when Jamaica a burn and the smoke black like midnight I will see an Hibiscus and a hummingbird. ME LOVE me Birth land so that me ago see a better future for it.

          It will get better when we have many Lamar Chows, Judge Campbells, Paula Llewelyns, Jeremy Taylors,Detective Lintons to defend it. All the naysayers spread dem bed a broad and buy dem grave abroad. Not everyone desire to see it fail.

          1. Though I am hopeful, I am afraid that I am also a pragmatist. I want the best for Jamaica; however, without access to education and a path to gainful employment for the greater mass, the ones will always look to the likes of Kartel.

            I don’t see Jamaica producing a Marcus Garvey–that they actually didn’t embrace–or anyone like him. True champions of truth are marginalized to the realm of irrelevance. The unfortunate reality is that the appetite of the masses lean more on the side of the Kartel’s of the world…

      1. Hey Met…go sleep, you had an excellent week *wink*

        Lalibela…I am not a Garvey fan to the extreme. Education in Jamaica is there for all. I am the grandchild of simple farmers (orange, coffee, coco, taya yam, pimento, etc, with a grandmother who slept inna grass market) and we all went to school.

        I resist the propaganda that we cannot get equal treatment in we own land. I will NEVER be a cheerleader for the likes of kartel. Kartel is nothing but a mere stain upon we nation. He isn’t and will never be a Bob Marley or a Garvey. Kartel is more like an Idi Amin. If you do a poll you’ll see that the masses DO NOT lean towards the scourge we had name kartel. Kartel was able to infuse himself using the ills of our society….Hitler did the same in Germany after WWI.

    2. Lalibela A Nile behaving like a secret admirer of Karthell, all that fancy writing of words as if advocating a early release for Karthell…JUST BE CAREFUL OF UR DEMONS THEY ARE VERY TRICKY MS Lalibela A Nile!!!

      1. @Hmm, how are you getting all of that from what I wrote? By no stretch of the imagination should I be accused of being a fan or an admirer of the Kartel.

        No promotion for the man and his status; I am simply stating that many have been inspired by him and though he is not dead, some my regard him as being a living martyr and advocate for his release–along with an elevate status…

        I have never been impressed by Kartel; All this talk about how great of a song writer and a lyricists he is, I don’t see it. Other than being a provocateur, Kartel has not broken any other grounds…

        Praises for Kartel is more of an a front and disrespect to all quality and professional entertainers…

  26. The issue here simply is morality vs Law, now i can relate to this with my own life. I pay an enormous amount of money every month for child support for one kid due to the amount of money i make, mean while i have a family to support other kids and a disabled father and mother. now morally this is wrong but as per the law the amount of money i pay is mathematical. now in kartel situation morally is actions are wrong but in the context of the law he should be free, due to all the errors and corruption the police department portrayed. so one must ask themselves this question how do we judge someone with morals or law. also you cannot bend the law for one and forget everyone else. you cannot use morals to judge in one case and not the other. I believe the system in jamaica is designed to fight “ghetto youths” however kartel got what he deserved due to karma but this is a failure of the judicial system. legally he should be a free man. please respond

    1. The judge who has a better vantage point when it comes to the judicial protocols of Jamaica and armed with evidence, concluded that the burden was to great for Kartel to have gotten off free.

      I’ve got to confess that I know more about the American system than that of the Crown; henceforth, before I can judge whether or not this is a judicial travesty, I must first know more about the Jamaica’s jurisprudence.

      Kartel being a rebellious youth had so much going on at one time, so much so that he lost track of reality. The physical person is now behind bars; however, as long as his music and message lives on, society will continue to pay a his moral price…

  27. The rise and fall of kartel, he killed lizard for no reason a wonda if dem find out a who tek the shoes dem, he was so casual about it, there is no doubt a him kill the yute I honestly feel it fi Shawn storm he was in a conflicting position so sad he choose the wrong way out, as for the appeal they should give it a back maybe next 5years after the hype cold dung. Society will forget about him only a matter of time see dudus ppl not even too memba him Zeeks likewise ppl life continue

    1. Don’t feel sorry for Shawn Storm, he was in a position to help himself and he elected not to. He is just as guilty; I am sure that he did not vocally opposed the actions of Vybz Kartel.

      Entertainers are different from area dons when it comes to reaching the masses of the people.

      Kartel, is still poisoned to reach the masses and as long as the masses seek to embrace garbage, Kartel will alway have a place in Jamaican music…

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