0 thoughts on “HECTOR DI VECTOR ?

  1. Morning JMG & bloggers . Dancehall woman the party promoters women me a talk ‘ is the lowest of scum of jamaica nyc party seen. Imagine this Hector class them & style up Jamaican man how they can not dress but yet still just for $20 they bow to him & eating of the Palm of his hands . Unoo sell unoo soul always for $20 dollars ” hector always a style them call them tief buy clothes & return or class them how them lived in basement or one room & our same Jamaicans put liked & cheer him on to class & style . Met he fck.. Couple of them well & refuse licky licky B…. Used them Hector I don’t blame u donkeys are made to rideeeeeee.

  2. Sender…him never say how long ago he became mature enough…if him jus a class up smaddy cratches weh day den clearly him jus get mature…dawww! dwl

  3. Everyone ah dem, (females) get a swipe from hector dats y dem lub him tongue wen him ah talk….pussy nyama!!!!!!!

  4. Andrea lub lub him to death they make a fine couple . A she run everybody foot hot & knock them FE first place with Hector . Her cooking tun to his heart not to mention clean nice house & glass ceiling Hector & Andrea hottest couple ina a dancehall . Shhhhhhhhh nobody has to know .

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