1. He needs to stop date women way to young, she seem to look young but we never know if she is of some age that is manageable… He should know that he needs to do a lot to keep young girl… The man needs to slow him role, your not young anymore and if your money nah tall the young girl dem nah want you…

  2. But he likes them young!!!!! sad thing these ole men don’t want a soul them just a use them money and freak out these young girls then onto the next one..sad!!!!

    1. Freak dem out yes. That is all most of these girls are good for. They think they are using the older men, not realizing that they are being used/abused and then cast aside. Most of these Jamaican girls are in it for the money and will sell their soul to the devil for money.

        1. Anon said it right, but for the sake of the motherless child…him better make the best of choices! Ms. wid the gun tattoo cannot be ms.permanent.

          1. Met,me ago say ‘hope frigging not’At 20 life just start to say hello.

            The next one was like peel food skin. Sure fi tun waste in time

          2. Di next one cyah tame, mi hear seh is a next money man she grab on pan yah now…But all dis one a jump up bout she a 20 wid har 1920 vintage stomach. Dont reach no whey in life and a compromise harself..PP u nuh waa see di caption under di picture

      1. :hammer shi 20 times too rass nuff fi true if a certain position she a look fi capture.

  3. Obviously he has a “type / prefernce” they all know what they are and were getting themselves into #noexception.

    1. Where you heading with this comment? Being slim and ambitious n isn’t a fault. the #noexception is a curveball

  4. F**k off Met bout licky licky and low the girl.. you don’t know her or her background and if you knew her you would know that it has nothing to do with money or whatever the f**k u thinking. Joe special? That’s the problem with u ppl unu think because someone has money it makes them more special than u are. As someone said she’s 20 so she no illegal so wish them well n stop hate pon the young lady.

    1. Yuh upset? Yuh too damn lickey lickey go learn fi wuk and get yuh own..No ambition watsitnat claat lickey lickey likkle gyal. Gwey wid u caustic soda stomach

        1. you think you’ve hit the jackpot? Ms. you are dating a man child who has yet to grow up or face the fact that he is old, he is with you to satisfy his ego that he still “got it.” you are in it for the money, the old shriveled lizard is not your type, if he looked how he looked and had no money you wouldn’t give him the time of day, his money and status is what is attractive to you. he knows that deep that and that is why he probably resents you and will punish you in someways, either he belittles you or degrades you sexually. but you feel it’s your come up so good luck with that. not because yuh legal nuh mek it rite.

    2. Joe special to you! Him pocket, connection and name have value to who no want sweat doing hard wuk!

      Majority age 15 and up BITCHES a Jamaica a sell pussy, mouth, batty and soul fi compete wid those who wuk! Onu is for the moment. All dog and sodomites unu mek a f**k onu fi . Unu ancestors no stop bawl in the after life.

  5. Well said Anon 5:48pm. However I feel Jamaican need to provided more for their youth. Puxxy and batty selling or badness appeared to be the normal. I knew nothing not new but it a profession now.

  6. Dih 80 year old wambat need fi leave the younglings dem alone! Cause him can manipulate dem,,,him prefer dem. Dih man nuh hah nuh morals, money r nuh money

    1. He makes my skin crawl, dam pervert all he uses his money to do his freak out these girls with him raw crawny self yuck. Social media hype mek Dem a sell them soul enuh and that is why them a smoke and drink so hard to ease them mind from all the nastiness they have to indulge in;!!

  7. HI mets, soon and very soon, he is going to need someone to change him, wipe his mouth when he is drooling and remind him of who the fu… is looking back at him in the mirror so yes he needs 20yrs

  8. Dirty Met we a hide behind the computer screen me say it already n me a go say it again… low did likkle gal u badminded pussyhole! My mother always say is 1 thing you can’t borrow in life is a next gal pussy suh stop stress pond the likkle gal own. Smaddy type say she is 20 and I simply reply and now me a she? ?? Met a sunday school alone u did go? You no si say nobody nah follow u up? 2016 ppl stop try to disgrace ppl and tear dem down. The likkle gal look good like she all model. It burns u how “Special Joe” nah look pon Ole gal Met ehhh. Yuh wah post n ppl cyan disagree with Yuh or u try jump pon ppl. Move Yuh 2010 bloodclat Caz groupiemet days done n nah resurrect. A shaderoom a dweet now so get with it! For a change reveal yuhself me we put u pon the table n fix u. The like gal probably don’t even know say ur site exist. Met the only thing u have ova ppl a BAD MIND! F**K OFF DIRTY BANG BELLY MET!

    1. A bang belly why u come so it couldnt be a bad thing. If mi dutty whey u a follow behind me fah u like dirt? Mi sure u a nuh soap. Mi nuh want nobody follow mi up cause mi neva seh Joe special so when yuh run in a come defend 20 nastiniess mi a go chat and if u dont like this site why u a ride it? Its not a dick

    2. Bloodclaat germs hop off a MET deep and wide bloodclaat expired pussy bitch….1 ting mi know MET nuh Inna white man so f%#k off and low ar….
      İf u nuh see nuth’n wrong with a 2o year old and a 70 +man a f**k u then whoring a yuh 1St 2nd miggle and last name…..maybe yuh mumma neva ab fi borrow pussy cause she did busy a suck out nuff gyal ole….fkkkkkkkkkkk offf and memba say nuff a fi regulas will drag yuh troll ass right back to the rat hole yuh come out from hoe

        1. Hey PP girl how you doing…hope life a treat yuh well…….it up top stink like…mi nuh know how he treated Toya but MI see how him exploit the next one…so Hugh Hefner defender need to slice off her own damn fingers and Lowe the site……..ttyl PP…gotta run.

  9. Hello Met!! The young lady will not see this as a warning, she will think that is jealousy and hatred. They are saying that your friend that passed away was younger than her when ahe started dating him and you didn’t have a problem. My mother always tell me that hard ears pickney bite rock stone. So some people just leave them and time and situations will teach them their lessons. Blessings to you miss met!

  10. Girl wish planet are you on all these thing that you hear about this man I would be running for the hill. Story is all true

  11. Some a unu just old and bitter, before unu guh find a nice man fi tek care a unu , unu siddung a bash people. Can all juss imagine how unu big n stay bad. gwaan ya girl, a your business a yuu him chose a neva dem. unu too likkle bit n badmind.

    1. :alay nah cunt stay tune! Watch the ride since we ole and bitter. Onu think a strangers to Bagdonovich alone de Pon pinkwal? :siul :siu

      Aija, Shen and watthef**kever bitches. Watch the ride young cunts :hammer. Unu friend ago attempt a belly? Watch how the system of class eject and correct itself. Frighten little lassies

  12. I never like a thread that make up that man, he is pretentious lie and deceitful. ANY woman/girl that makes a conscious decision to be with him will always be judged, makes you wonder about them than the man himself.

  13. Pig did ask him mother why had mouth so long!!!! It pays to listen sometimes. Unnu love call ppl ole, as if each day we live to see another day we are a day older. Enjoy it my dear while it last. I for one will not wish bad for you can u a live your life, but remember everything comes with a price.
    I would like to know the history of this man, a blogger once said that bet Yuh him ave a life he is running away from!!!!

  14. Wisdom can never get old. Those who went ahead of unno gathered the life experience and background knowledge fi warn unno young ins of destruction pon certain roads. Some of unno field of vision so narrow and shallow dat any likkle sprat jump in unno net unno tink is a whale. Unno nuh tink better dan Joe can come unno way, better in character, looks and wealth? But at 20 how will unno even know that, cause is ongle di ole heads see di big picha. Grab you shiny brass and call it gold, who di heck is any a we fi tell unno seh di shine is ongle fi a short time and di tarnish soon show, juss memba unlike gold, brass haffi polish everyday fi keep its shine and illusion going.

  15. What does shaderoom have to do with this? If JMG is old news, how yuh end up yasso? Unuh nuh like hear correction. My granny use to ask if stick bruck inna yah ears gyal?? Cause seems to mi it bruck and stuck. Ja man and woman love money is ashame. Some will sell soul, batty, front and even dem pickney fi di coins. My girl you a play di game so don’t be ashame.

  16. Met – do not allow these low lives to anger you! Clearly that’s some family if not the person in the pic! She is looking away out like so many others and she will use what she has and that is her mouth, butt and crotches!!! We see the pattern even if you all say she is a model or singer in the end Joe freaking that thing out! It will however be a even exchange. Pussy trading for comfort is a regular thing these days in JA or USA no one these days looks at it as wrong doing, wow! That man creeps me the hell out like he would sex a child he don’t look right to me but that’s my view on it. That woman cussing and carrying on was just looking for an opportunity to rant and rave at you Met dismiss her ass and continue. Shade room compared to the one and only PINK WALL, really?!? I love it here continue with the TMZ styling MET but ah full time you take your thing to some kind of access channel. Can you imagine this juiciness on TV???? Met – I don’t want to cuss home girl and tell her a thing or three not two but three instead let that maggot hatch her belly soon full because it’s only the dead she’s feeding on!

  17. Met u hurt by the situation baaad, its obvious u goin hard cuz a Toya but ur friend was no better. It look bad Met mi nah lie, u a try dun the girl bout her belly wah ntn dont wrong with. Somebody up top seh u musnt mek dem anger u like seh nobody do u anything. And i also agree with another person up top that anytime anybody disagrees with u u try to “dun dem”, u are ALWAYS right and everybody else wrong, mi a get tired a di same ole crap.
    As for Miss Mezanne u finally get the fame u was dying for Miss Bitch, enjoy it !

    1. The way some a uno lie its unbelievable..When did I eva mention di girl belly? Mi seh she lickey lickey that has nothing to do with belly and dont lie pan mi bout when people disagree wid me I try done dem dont tell no lie pan mi. Where did the person disagree wid me?? U know what a disagreement is? Whenever I comment I try to make it as jovial as possible and keep it moving, if its a discussion and me and smaddy disagree mi hold on to my point and dem hold fi dem. Sometimes uno chat too much and in this case u chat too much cause mi neva did a talk to u for one and two u too lie bout done people wid dem belly why uno lie so?

      1. And lastly to u up top whey mention toya and u whey a bring up Toya whey dont have a thing fi do wid this..MIIIIIIIIIIIIII ALWAYS LICK OUT PAN YOUNG GYAL AND OLD MAN but because uno think uno know you all feel free and fi bring up people whey dont have nothing fi do wid it. She is not the first or the last but dem is too damn lickey lickey and a dat mi seh. Toya dead and gone low har name mek she rest in peace..Marie hailings and thank u fi clarify cause this aint have shit to do with Toya

  18. Met u cant talk bout the girl licky licky that mean Toya did licky licky to ,cuz she was only 16 suh she did licky licky more than this girl .Toya dead but we still hve to use her as a example bout u fren and leave the girl alone

    1. Anybaddie whey tek a old man fi money lickey lickey. If u waa use di dead as example gwaan keep har memory alive..She dont know u though lol

    2. And FYI the person stated I was speaking because of Toya and I said this was not the case so how Toya and example reach ina it? A u mi did a talk to? Uno love come in pan di tail a argument and then divert and spin things den when mi ansa uno ketch a set a feelings.

    3. … and onu will NEVER reach her levels dead or alive. Joe Only see onu as space fillers. All if onu catch a belly her son still remain heir with seniority. Onu dutty pot can’t catch Joe ask icewata. Confidentiality papers is a bitch.

  19. Weh Mek unuh big and badmind suh??? Met y yuh nuh stop stress pan di Likkle Gurl?? Obviously the big man a cheer fi har??? Everybody know a dutty weezle send een DA post ya… But it seems like met did wah a f**k offa di big man Mek it bun har suh… Joe like Likkle and neat a baiii a who vex??? Dem seh if yuh nuh hot yuh name nuh call… Gwan Mezzy a you name stick and stain. Everybody weh know this Likkle Gurl and know har background know anuh money Mek she duh ntn she duh it by choice. Met you is a long time big woman me nuh know why Dem nuh terminate yuh site yuh coming like bloodclaattt parasites hard fi get rid off. Anybody weh find ppl business fi sidung and talk bout obviously nah nuh life and me nah ask nuff a unuh would love fi big man joe even tek a glance at unuh dutty bloodclaaattt… Him like har cause anuh taxi drop har home after Dem many vacations together. Him drop har off Inna big dutty grants pen to. Something else fi mad bout. F***g idiots smh.

    1. Yes mi is a long time big woman and she going to be 20 fi di next 20-30 years. As ISPY seh pig ask him mumma why him mouth so long and she seh by and by you shall see…Mi cudda never ina di last part a my mind grudge any body fi any man but tell the young lady mi seh God’s speed since mi badmine she :ngakak

  20. Exactly the behaviour im talking about, u say so much crap I dont even know what u mean, u seh something bout the girl belly, god alone know what u mean. And people who tell u u wrong and guh easy always chat too much for u but when di mix up a drap dem nuh chat too much, u one sided like. And yes u always a tace people if dem disagree with what your opinion is. Mi mah argue cuz u will never admit u weongs EVER.

    1. I dont care, the person said about my big belly and mi seh a big belly bring she so a nuh nothing so das y people mus stay outa next people argument because clearly u did not see that. Dont lie on me because mi nuh daft..u can disagree with someone respectfully but from u a go disagree and a go fiesty and den get upset when i strike who u think u is and who do u think i am that me fi tek whey smaddy seh when dem disrespect. Dont come in the argument unless you read it from the beginning because a so uno tell lie pan people and dont understand what is going on.What the hell mi wudda business wid di young lady belly fah???????Does that make a lick a sense????

    2. And stop watch mi, enough eye deh pan mi cause u chatting and chatting a big a nonsense then a go talk bout people disagree but u nah chat bout how dem talk. Mi seh she lickey lickey and mi nah stop seh so..Who fah skin bun dem when mi seh dat mek it peel off. Mi waa know a who fah side mi deh pan ina dis yah post yah. When mixup drop mi bus out bay big laugh. Why u upset? Stop watch mi because never once since u a comment yah mi sidung and pre u tap watch mi because mi a nuh tv. Yuh cyah understand whey mi a seh but u ketch di most pertinent part whey mi seh yuh chat too much..Mi good wid dat part

  21. Spain If he is so into her as you are saying.. Why drop her off in big dirty grants pen as you put it..I am not saying anything is wrong with grants pen. Why didn’t Joe put her in a apartment uptown..20 something go and get something in your head(education)

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      So the “lawyer” say Joe grime out de likkle gal, feed har and drop her right back in a de class from whence she cometh? Second vacation should a earned her a relocation from dutty grants pen as the “lawyer” call it.

      Who know Joe know yu “client”is like prune juice to Joe digestive system-ease of passage.

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