Mucuna Pruriens OC/ Velvet bean, Cowitch, Cowhage, Cow-itch, mucuna, nescafé, pó de mico, fava-coceira, cabeca-de-frade, cowage, bengal bean, mauritius bean, itchy bean, krame, picapica, chiporro, buffalo bean is good for the following

● May support overall vitality for men & women
● May improve mood & sense of well-being
● May support healthy energy levels
● Possibly supports healthy HGH levels
● May support bone health
● May support skin health
● May support a healthy nervous system
● May support healthy blood sugar levels
● May support deep sleeping patterns
● May have antioxidant properties
● May help to support a healthy lipid profile
● May support healthy and lean muscle mass
● May support a healthy immune response

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