Hi Busta Rymes,
Good morning Sir. (Ghetto voice) Di people them said to tells you, dot, the lawyer fees that yous paying Sir, his non-refundable. Dem said to hawks you Sir, hef you really dids thinks sey Kartel was gwing to win di kayse, why yuh dips in your pockets to pays? Is you reading di news Sir?

Him sed him gwing to kills Lizard, and all him mummas dem, hin di voice note Sir. And hes tells dems fi goes and meks somes ones pops Sir and returns backs di shoes pan di Gaza whey strips whey Sir. I duzent tinks you will gets back hallah dems monies dere Sir. Case closed, shop locks Sir. Hend di shopkeeper said he moving di shop to Central, Sir.
Gud Day

*English version Monday*

0 thoughts on “HEY BUSTA BUST!

  1. Although the circumstantial evidence and other corroborative evidence point to Kartel and friends taking out their criminal pals, there still remain more than reasonable doubt (so far) .There is no clear evidence that the person is dead .

    1. Dem a go need u pan dem legal n forensics team den. Also a video editor fi rub whey di pickaxe killing. Are u up for the job?

      1. But met if the cop watched the video and said he saw a man with a pick axe stick how did wee testify about seeing mad suss with a building block???? How the police never mentioned anything about seeing that on the video??

          1. This case too confusing and the prosecution dragging it out a bit. Come Monday the video missing and the defense get the chance to argue that the witness said building block the police says pick axe stick jury tun idiot and affi rule not guilty based on indifferent testimonies. When you have a good case go for the slam dunk.

        1. Think the cop saw the dismembering of the body or what he think he saw .I don’t know if they actually positively ID it as a body or any of the persons in the video .It is very clear they killed them but proving it is another battle .Kartel and his cohorts (including Lizard) have killed quite a few Jamaicans ,

        2. If a group of men set out to kill someone, do you think they pass one weapon around to use in the killing or everybody will have a weapon to use? You have a brain, use it.

          1. IT DEPENDS ……….if you want to incriminate everyone u want the finger prints from the group………THIS IS THE USUAL WAY IT IS DONE………….

          2. When inner-city youths who can’t find food fi eat are involve in a scenario like this (man send dem fi commit crime fi earn a meal) it is the ONE gun being use in MULTIPLE acts. Hence, DE TOOL HAVE NUFF HEAD PON IT! or as onu now a days call it SHOES….we brain function pon many levels…some de pon shut dung from birth.

        3. COM, you are hard to figure out. Which side a de court room yu de pon? Met’s reporting from a primary source and yet you and others are clouding up de facts with ASSumptions.

          A witness answers to the questions put forth….a fool of a witness includes what wasn’t asked of them. Remember finson try fi sey the witness was schooled on how to answer…..your assumption proves that he wasn’t and the evidence is being used in a chronological manner. Defense wanted to create disorder with the evidence and the corresponding witnesses.

          1. :travel :tkp :ngacir2 :travel
            BIKE BRUK DUNG MI HAFFI START WALK ………………………..

        4. mi did seh pickaxe whey day and when di police come n se pickaxe doe? mi linkie neva se nothing bout block..and dis a mi real real peeps

          1. dem hack di yute to death///////////but true kartel ting him a bad man ar eal life him soon sen threat to di juror dem family because him ting him above …………nuh dj nuh have nutten fi seh bout him

          2. di dj dem a old cowards oo…all dem can se a free kartel and dem know dem doe mean it but dem fraid fi se him wrong dem fraid a licks

    2. Dwl which law school you attend? Well any law student can tell you that kartel is going to jail.. him maybe no get life but he’sgoing to spend some long tme in there

      1. Law schools students are hardly lawyers and not every lawyer is good at their job,not every athlete is Usain .For example Kartel lawyer is very popular but he’s lost far more cases than he have won .

        1. That’s not the point everyone, remember the jury is the one to interpret the facts. It is up to the jury in this case….

        2. Jay There is confession and directly incriminatory statement by kartel, with intent to cause serious bodily injury to an individual an act clearly dangerous to human life that caused the death of said, Lizard any rational fact-finder beyond a reasonable doubt that kartel acted with the intent means rea necessary to murder. Example voice-note text messages- video

          you see when ooun talk foolishly me just do this :maho because me head cannot tek it sir me no so patient, me no know if a act you a act stubborn but it don’t look cute

  2. BUSTA BUSTA BUSTA really doh? u have money fi waste? why u nuh put that money to better use and build a computer lab or recreational center for the children (our future) back home! bowy some ah oonu wid money really luuuuuuuuuu!!

    mawning metty and jmg fambily!

    1. because di devil is a liar he had told busta that kartel will be free and him and him a go release the first song when dem free him…………BUSTA HEAD BIG SO FI NUTTEN ……………………………..

  3. He said he was going to murder someone and he did.. and it was all in his voicenote.. what more do you all need.. did ooun see the video with zimmaman a beat trevon no.. but ooun hear the case and know he was guilty.. so what makes kartel not guilty? And ooun get voicenote and soon get tape.. ooun just dont want to believe oon boss guilty

  4. Blessed morning met n metters….suh a buss a buss spen meck shawtie can hav sumuch big chat bout shi nuh need nuh donation lol …..an dis nuh soun too far fetch cuz mi member one a di time a bay letta him did a sen out, di lawyer ooman get one, shawtie get few, muta did get a lengthy one, suh it comin like buss a buss did get one to dwrcllll

    1. _____________________________________________________ mi baddyyyy maybe busta get something lengthy but not in letter form :angel

  5. I believe the jury will convict, any reasonable thinking person will conclude that skartel and his friends are the reason for lizard’s ‘disappearance’ presumed dead. Some of the evidence doubters believe that if it has not been seen with their own two eyes, you cannot do simple sums and add up…… It so obvious :siul

  6. Why do I not find this surprising? Trevor and him woman hating self finance another woman hater’s defense in what should have been an open and shut case…..And he used to act like Joanne should make miracles happen for him to finance his children, but he can give batty-bwoy Kartel money with no issues…smh…. but him and Kartel have nuff in common, they love hitting women, and Busta is an occasional 5%er… so he’s a god too..kmt

  7. The voice note is especially damaging to the defence because it expresses kartel’s motive and intent to kill this young man. This is a murder trial, so lizard has been presumed dead. With that in mind, the instructions given to the jury is to consider other equally conceivable possibilities, which will be provided by the defence. The defence will go about this by confusing the evidence by way of cross-examination in order to cast doubt. At this stage of the case there are two possibilities. He might have ran away as shawn storm texted, or he might have been murdered. Now, in deliberations, the jury must decide if the evidence provided by the prosecution is consistent with murder or lizard running away. Contrary to popular belief a body is not needed in a murder trial in order to secure a conviction.

      1. Anon is a line from kartel song “broad daylight”. 33 degrees a masonry heights a evil. him live it an breath it fi choo. him songs is a diary of real life events, not 3rd person accounts as he refers to himself in interviews. vybz kartel and adidja are one and the same. pree dat

    1. a same way em seh “tings weh mi duh ppl tel mi seh mi muss guh a hell mi seh puxxy mi nuh muss noe God” SKARTEL MUSS PERISH DAT OLE DEMON

  8. Ok lizard ran away. Men have been locked up without evidence like this because they have conspired to murder some one.

  9. @Met, me say dung tuh di blind man can see rite chue dis..DI MAN GUILTY AS RAAS SIN. Weda me like him or not, if i was on that jury, the evidence itself is vastly overwhelming, circumstantial or not, its immensely overwhelming, STR888888 PRISON…I could not acquit this demon based on the evidence and more which is being presented, i would NOT BE ABLE TO LIVE WITH MYSELF.. That demon belong a jail till him teeth dem skin like dead dog..

  10. @Met, u mean fi tell me say DUTTY BUSTA, send donation to this demon?? Luk how many hungry and sick pickney woulda benefit from him donation..BUSTA U STINK LIKE, ME LOSE OFFAA U…

    1. Fi him donation may have been the shoes in exchange fi ganja. Anybody whey rob up donations capable a anything under-handed.

  11. Summa unu ago ave heart attack to B/C an drop dung when Kartel buss di case. MET, u a di worse one, always negative when it come on to Kartel case. Neva positive. A weh di man do u man, or a who a pay u mon ? If Busta wah help Kartel, nuh fi him rass business. Him mus know weh him a get out a it. Busta a millionaire, look how money n thing him gi to charity ova di years. Gi di man a break now n mek the justice system do dem wuk. SUCK UNU MUMMA…#FreeWorldBoss/GazaFiLife.

  12. Anonymous. Yuh draw mi out. Yuh nuh read weh dem seh bout Tavares fi stop the appeal weh him start from LAST year? Even him kno Kartel guilty. Also did yuh read weh dem seh if Kartel feel him can trick jury, there are many more PHONES with many more MESSAGES pertaining to other bodies?
    Yuh a run een and dis up Met cah shi nuh agree wid YUH? Who is you? You can’t even discern. The day will never come when I am under pressure of my own ego and doing and have to rely on idiot people who I do not kno to support mi.
    A long time mi tink some a unnuh Kartel fan weh call yuhself “man” a faggot. This worshipping of somebody who hasn’t fed and watered you and hates women is not in any way normal. Nuh even gay men love man so much. Unnuh DOWNLOW suh till yuh nuh eeven reach up to gravel. Move from yah, man and stop try dis people weh have sense ( even if they like Kartel music).

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