So because you leave brookvally and look like somebody now ( thank god fi Julius 10star) you ️a mek fun of your cousin pon Instagram? 😕 bout U Actually know them bitch tell the people them ️a yuh Rass cousin wey yuh born and grow with yuh auntie daughter! Your ass once looked that way too until yuh f*** and suck yuh way out ️a brookvally don’t forget it and Eva Inna mix up cause yuh mouth light badddd at the end ️a the day ️a yuh family don’t be doing her like that although she NUH care ️Smh




7 thoughts on “HEY GIRL

  1. A same so a likkle youth from Jamaica… him big now still an have him ting but him parents geem everything a Jamaica. Everything! an him a bout 25 an him a do damn well fi a 25 him write pan fb say ” I’m rich now looking back at the days when I never had a pair of shoes on my feet”. Him wicked eeh

  2. Always use to hear old time ppl saying ungrateful wuss dan obeah…. Didn’t understood what it meant until now.

    MEANING: dem sey u can tek duppy off a ppl but you caaah tek the ungrateful ways outta dem.

    Have a good day met and metters.

  3. the girl inna a legit video, not a low resolution grainy sex video a bum boy shot pon him blackberry, y unu mad, jeezam man

  4. Unnu need to shut the f*** up dutty sender!! When she saw the video she was actually vex & saying why tyga them did haffi make the place & di video look like this! She said dem mek we look bad like we a di worst! & is not she alone was of that opinion!most of jamaica felt that way! That was what her post was about! Her saying she know the people in the background & they dont care was just a comment in response to what the kimmiminaj person said! Dutty sender Y u never screenshot that part? Unnu a gwaan like di girl never seh she born & grow there & know the people dem! She never did a act like she better! Sender go drink bleach & dead cause it look like is di man wehh a help her vex you!

  5. Sender what was the “bad” thing she said about her cousin? She never created that meme! Alotta people posted it on IG saying tyga getting banned from jamaica because of how they made the people look & she only repost it because she felt the same way! The other 2 girls commenting on the post live a brooke valley as well but u not mad at them, stop trying to make something out of nothing

  6. Whoever send this must still live in Brooke valley and is jealous that they can’t f**k or suck them way through …because nothing she said was offensive…and so what if she never wanted to broadcast on the internet that she is related to the person…atleast she acknowledged that she knew her…I think unu need to just leave her …past is past.. she nuh round a valley in a nuh more mix up again..and I think that’s what u guys need to try and do…evelate yourself ..

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