1. Yes sah….creativity at its worst :ngakak. Unno tek time gwine through wid unno lack ah talent bout Kenducky Fried Chicken & Chips (KFCC). Hope di lawsuit send unno straight back unda di rock weh unno crawl from.

  2. Unno, tink dat bad? At least fi dem chicken might look and taste like de original, han dem put three people inna the sign. That was not de case with this Pakistani family dat open one chicken place name “KFC – Karachi Fried Chicken. Everything, pan the store sign wudda mek yuh believe sey a de real deal. De differences btw dem can only be observed upon close inspection (han mi mean close). Fuh example – di original colonel is a Caucasian man and fi dem own is a slight variation of the white man, yes he has a tan. The word Karachi was so small and out of place dat it could and wud be easily overlooked by anyone, and especially if dey are hungry. Oh, and how can I figget, de most obvious too – not a smell of Chicken or grease around. Just some red-red chicken (tandoori) pan display. Dem too bad man.

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