Paula from you come out of jail you start look lean an bout stay good u stay bad all u hair pon you head nuh LOOK good bout ppl grudge u who Aguh grudge ah thief u come home and do the same ting!! Wat a careless big women u and Frenchie ah get 2 old mon stop it


6 thoughts on “HI PAULA

  1. leave Paula alone!! Very nice lady. Hi Paula..
    Sender how u look? send in your pic? Paula just come home.. let her live. Welcome home Paula.. mi kno sey u soon bingo!!

    Nah but 4 real..PAula mad cool, I actually think all Frenchie daughters are cool especially Paula.
    And yes I hate a teef.. but she too cool. FOH sender..

  2. Sender muv yuh nasty badmind bloodclaat an leave har alone. Yuh stink nuh bloodclaat.

    I doh kno why jamaicans always a fight genst dem own kind. Kmft

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