85 thoughts on “HIDDEN IN PHILLY

  1. Keem look shaky-ish still. Ano di camera person him did a look pan… A wha did a gwan cross di room mek him attention naay deh desso.

  2. Who send in this bullshit? I think I know. From he have his party she been on this dudes ass. But he corney asf. The party was hype but him fade out long ago. Him is a waste man just like the rest of them dutty Jamaican boy. Don’t have nothing about him. Garbage.

    1. Bitch you sound stupid af. How tf you know this man is a waste man? Shut your stupid ass up and go back to the hole you crawled out of.

  3. I know this post is not about falling star but I just want to say, falling star yuh very frightened tho. From yuh get the Benz you nuh stop tek picture side a it lol. Can tell seh yuh don’t use to nothing and Issa piece a shit yuh use to drive smfh. Girl this is America! Anybody can drive a Benz. Yuh don’t see seh all dead dog a drive Benz now? Mi know yuh work very hard because yuh don’t have a man a give yuh nothing but some fuck, but falling star plz go and sit yuh frighten ass down somewhere ‍♀️

  4. This how I know uno just send anybody in here, keem is a respected Nigga who have masters degree and run fi Jamaica. Dem man yah nuh do drama. Unu just chat too much and a look fuckry fi chat. Big up ute.

  5. Unu know is a man this who used to run fi jamaica and have nuff records inna college a foreign? Dem man yah above unu pay grade. Just look and Gwan

  6. Unu know a man dis who used to run fi jamaica and have nuff record inna college over here in America? Jus post Unu regular dancehall germs and Gwan.

    1. You said this in your first post. How many times you goin write the same shit? We get it. He’s a respected dude. Next…….

    1. That’s why he a waste. Hitch up inna dance like the rest of them. Degree or no degree that waste life. Every party or round robin you see him. Must have somebody fi si in there.

      1. Waste of life to go out? So to live life is to lay in bed? Do you travel as much as this man? Take care of your family like he does? People just needs to mind their businesses and enjoy their lives. God bless you bitter bitch.

    2. That’s why he a waste for real. Degree or no degree that waste life. Every party or round robin you see him. Must have somebody fi si in there.

    3. Why you have the time fi watch this man? This man not even see you and is going out because he can and he wants to. If only people could mind their business because I’m sure if him hitch up inna dance, its not near you so whats the problem?

  7. Either the girl in pic send in or him.
    Congrats on Masters and other accolades but be careful that the company you keep rubs off on you. Balance Philly is a place Weh easy fi water down. Mek them waan see you instead of automatically know where you will be. Upgrade lil bit because of you do what waste men do, in places waste men go, with waste people, people are not going to think you are Jesus who come to save the waste, they going to say you are the waste.
    But again big up on the accolades yute! Nice to see young black educated men in dancehall! Just balance ok!

    1. Why the fuck would the girl in the pic send him in? Some people just go out to have a good time and mind their business!!Something you guys have a problem doing.

      1. Some people draw bad attention to themselves to get recognized. But I don’t believe that’s the case. That’s his Bby mom I believe

      2. Some people draw bad attention to themselves to get recognized. But I don’t believe that’s the case. I think that’s his Bby mom

        1. Maybe him or she send it in to dig up some dirt but clearly there’s no dirt. Dem seh him deh dance every night so maybe she wah find out if him have gyal inna di dance dem

    2. If him a the girl in the pic a link then why would she want negative attention drawn to them you stupid bum. People go out and really just living their life and you guys are literally badminding them. You guys really need to mind your own business.

  8. Why you’ll Philly no papers bitches always find time to be in everybody business except to go luk a respectable job and stop run dung dancehall. So what if this man want to go out? is he spending your money? Unnuh just fass and illiterate. Go get a degree too. bumb ass bitch with not even high school education level.

    1. Ok so you see how you making assumption that everyone is illiterate on here. Well that’s exactly how the perception of people in dancehall looks. As a man with all these so call degrees, well after awhile his shit will be watered down. Most dancehall man is a waste man or a drug dealer. So which one is he? I guess he’s gone from Degrees to Drug Dealings. Sorry boo I don’t see no man with a master degree in dancehall Sunday, Monday, Tues, Thur, Fri. Sat. (Nothing don’t keep on Wednesday). Anybody with respect wouldn’t be out there like that. They find better places to go. Like traveling.

    2. Only an illiterate person would write this! Tell me please which decent person would want to stand up in Philly dirty ass dance every night? Let’s analyze this, Philly dancehall spots consist of skilly moley club Weh police always lock down for no license and illegal behavior. Some ole pop down restaurant on Germantown. Summer the people stand up in a damn junkyard. So what’s the argument. Which decent sumbaddy can defend that madness. Philly dance them not even nice! They all flop and people don’t even come out dressed. Only good thing come to Philly was show wah day down town. All party dem flop and played out. No nice day party no nothing same old tired people a recycle man. Most people no even come out no more. Look pon skilly and Shauna dance flop. Prezzi and Jigga dance flop. Educated dunce what are you defending bout illiterate.

    3. Stop! This was clearly written by some angry fish. One who is clearly not educated and should take their own advice. You keep style up the people as bum bitch (not bumb) what is all the animosity about they just warning him about Philly dancehall??
      What if they really went in on the educated, ex runner you would pass out the way you angry!
      Trust me past accomplishments are very cute. Master’s, ran for Jamaica but what is he doing with his master’s now? Is he doing a documentary on Philly dancehall? He clearly is not running for Jamaica because he is rather chubby and has man boobs. How long ago did this running take place? Wasn’t he same one par with the yute Dennis weh just get lock up in airport last week? Stop diss up the people for trying to warn the man. I sincerely hope it’s not the man typing these reply’s? If so where did you get the masters? Apply it! Dunce!

      1. True pop dung Pat come out like a big mad woman ina fish net fava whale. Mi shame fi ar pickni dem all now fi see dem look pon ar cloths dem weh come like dutty horing gyal. Cherry beat ar bad Abaayyyyy. Cherry come out like sweet 16 all wid ar false teet weh help Pat wid Voodoo Abaaaayyyyyyy. Cherry yuh look gud frm yuh born

  9. Bad mind is a hell of a thing the guy have a masters and still a worry bout how him enjoy him life him mussi a borrow uno money fi brafff cause this ca real a rass a so uno love tear down ppl weh above uno pay grade uno talk bout the other girl weh go dance n she have a degree now uno gone pon keem n him have a masters n bet all who a write nav a high school diploma

    1. I have a PHD and there is no way in hell you would catch me in a dance daily much less monthly. I have too much going on to waste my talent on just partying especially if I’m not a big party Promoter. Elevation is key, and there’s no elevation amongst those who ain’t elevating themselves is the point that the others are making. Not that he can’t enjoy himself or spend his money the way he wants, is just a word of advise. It’s kind of ignoring to continue to through the degree card and act as if everyone on here is dunce when your on here also. You definitely not better than anyone else cause you typing too.

    1. My point was to show you there’s no difference between dancehall and pink wall. Since I’m waste or can’t possibly be highly intelligent on here it’s the same point I’m making with Keem being an educated individual itch inna dancehall. It onbhim though. Fuck it. Him is a waste man periodt

      1. I don’t know this guy personally but he seems like a pretty low key type who just do him own ting. My view is why people care what he chooses to do with his own life? If him want to go out if every pan a knock then, it’s on him. Sometimes we need to focus on our own life and stop watch people. Honestly, happy people don’t find time to try to tear down people. Some bad mind inna it.

    2. Only people with Master’s would be on here right? Please stop advise that Educated man and let his ass dun Philly dancehall! Lol! I hear about Master’s what type of work or business is he in? Anyone coming on here to cuss and defend themselves being in a Philly dancehall daily obviously has quite a bit of free time and wealth and probably didn’t even need the masters degree. It’s not required to get into dancehall scene.

  10. Gucci what a way every party ya and ppl ina argument over date ya love gwan like ya area leader y ya never keep the live up since ya bad gal ya ca even walk good lowe di dancehall scene man

    1. Imagine how people wicked. These are the same people who going to party and just a watch people. Why what people doing with their life in their spare time a bother unno? Gucci not even see unno but unno got fi her.

  11. How Gucci reach inna this? Lol. This is to show how nuff of unno just come a party go watch people? Gucci no come a party fi nobody but herself and have a good time. But some of unno just internally unhappy with unno life so everything bother unno even when it has nothing to do with you.

  12. Seem like keem give ya a one fuck and never look back bout the man a waste man go open ya big pussy n see di waste

    1. Ah true! The girl weh send een dis post vex cuz him grine out har hole one time an nah luk pon shi agen. yuh pums nuh tun up miss. Yuh undaneath yuh sour like

  13. Why did Kerry go to shackles cables and cradles if she is married and twin inna d whole a philly hole mi huh get it shady enlighten me is it a open relationship outside he with Kerry in dance he with the lawyer weh d bunggo jungo

        1. It on YouTube under Philly Jamaican rub out or something like that. Search you tube. It’s long. Let me see if i have link

    1. You should let her know who she tief. Cause she walking very freely for thief? Usually thief have to run whey. Whoever let her secretly Tief dem is a fool to keep it silent. It’s not tiefing if you are silently giving her.
      And TanTan who she dun on the video please take time and read over your post! Why prove her right? Take time!

  14. Clara please don’t show ur face wideout makeup again di cuteness left you me frighten when me see you face pan di video..You and TT need fi go do unu hole instead body. The threading gone from unu reach 15. You come embarrass ur self more a betta u did kip quiet. It no make no sense a tell di ppl dem bout parnda mash up and u no gi di people dem back way dem throw in. Nothing more than you go did buoy some a di money fi keep him flop party and cah get back no return but the sperms pin ur chest.. go to church and go act ur age. No Wonda ur dawta shame fi know u.

  15. Wow I would’ve never expected to see him on here. I assume that’s his BM. Women should want more for themselves. These men breed y’all and hide y’all. Sad. He’s mad corny to me. I had to block his annoying ass on WhatsApp. Bout post flyer for party. Boy bye. I don’t fuck with you. He tried to talk to me a while back. I was over him after the 1st few days. Real cornball. He thought I was going to fly myself out, come fuck him, etc. Hell no. Masters degree or no master’s degree. He’s nobody I would take serious. Not much of a gentleman at all. Not my type. Seems to be a good father though. Good for him and his hidden baby mama

    1. So you blocked him because you didn’t get flewed out? Got it. To post this comment at 2am in the morning you must feel some type a way. People don’t post or care enough to comment on a person they think is a cornball.

    2. Oh yes I follow him on insta but I really didn’t expect 2 c him on here. He posted this pic recently then deleted it suh maybe him nuh ready Fi di relationship go public yet
      Him seem like a cool dude, always with his son big him up fi dat

      1. Then why would he post it at all? This era is so messed up that people believe social media shows your real life. Why don’t you block him on Insta as well? If this is the same person.

    1. Oh hell no which batty man a come boss up this fish fi tings. Philly man dem licky licky and corney he will fit in. See him at roun robin with some bitchy looking curls on him head. A next wack wanna be boss. Inna Philly bruk dung dancehall.

      1. So why you still in Philly Bruk dung dancehall madam? Why you a watch the man? Lol!! This just shows that people a live dem life and unno a bad mind. Him nah bother you but yet you got fi him. Like the post say, nun watch no face my youth. Dem people yah miserable bad.

  16. Mi naa lie bad 2 bad Donna and wingie rub out the showtime mattress Sisters unu time a Philadelphia is up Lizard party a it tonite I can’t mis dis fight

          1. How Munchy come out heavy Munchy fi come out heavy with her baby father and har sick childddd

        1. Donna and Wingie dun them from left to right all Kelly she dun, Maine, the Fren dem the mumma. I try put up video but the post them nah go up. Dem on YouTube under Donna Gucci rub out or veachy rub out. Will try add link again. Veachy they try bully but the two set a trash in philly. Donna been in soo much mixup past year. She getting to old fi dis and party life.
          Hell veachy dem to old so imagine big Donna with big kids a gwan so.

  17. Him an him whole crew bruk wen dem go out dem a scrape up fi buy liquor dem soon start hear back who neva did a put up

  18. The link nah go up but it all on YouTube but the thing is do any of dem even have green card? They always come on at people work a talk bout who munchie a hire on live who get who Job and dem all illegal. Uno fi stop bring down people biz with uno salt nasty dunce old self. All Kelly a grand madda, veachy look so dirty for tru. Donna olddd it no nice Philly a ole cesspool of nastiness gwan back a Waterhouse and towa hill and let some real tryers cum up. Uno been here too long man an nah change uno dutty living.

  19. Dance hall, clubbing and all Philly party is played out! Anyone that has a real career or something going on for their self wouldn’t waste their precious time in that bullshit ass scene! You see the same old people in the old pictures with their corny outfits and played out looks! Dancehall is tired!

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