Two women who were last week arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) for cocaine possession are scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Thursday, February 19.
They are higglers 39-year-old Ann-Marie Lawrence of Spanish Town, St Catherine, and 56-year-old Joan Davis of a Kingston address.
The women will answer to charges of possession and dealing in cocaine, attempting to import cocaine and conspiracy to import cocaine.
Reports are that about 11:20 am on Monday, February 9, Lawrence arrived at the airport on a flight from Curacao when she was stopped and interviewed by the police. She was subsequently taken to hospital, where over the course of four days she expelled 55 cocaine pellets, weighing approximately 1.8 pounds.
Davis, who also arrived at the NMIA on a flight from Curacao, was nabbed when she was stopped and searched and cocaine weighing approximately 1.2 pounds found strapped to her body.
The estimated value of the drug seized is J$1,907,000.


  1. @56 yrs old..woman a swallah coco? no sah dat nuh right!! Well a guess she now going to larn di err of har ways..smdh

    1. No, tinan. Di 56yr old had hers strapped to her body, is di 39yr old swallow. At any rate is two mature women who should know betta. I caan imagine a get lock dung at dem deh age. If you did tell dese two fi do prayer, fasting and vigils fi 6weeks straight and dem life would change dem would neva dweet, but dem happy fi guh deal eena dirty drugs. Dem lucky is not Asia dem deh where is immediate death penalty dem would face.

  2. Wait, I always hear of people smuggler cocaine OUT of Jamaica, not IN. I thought Jamaica was a gateway for Cocaine shipment to the US and UK. Did something happen over the past few years where no cocaine is getting into the island 100s of Kilo at a time why we have mule bringing in one or two kilo at a time?

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