Mets mi a beg yuh tell Denny chin say him can come out now. we know him a batty man suh him nuh afi hide. Him look like woman and him woman look like man. Wonder if a that’s why him del wid hard. Wwwwooiii



  1. What in the gay mariachi band member hell is this? no sah him look like him fi a sing “la cucaracha” inna a Mexican restaurant in high pitched voice and wid a lisp.

  2. Good day met an metters
    Faad God please am asking u if u not busy cld u please stop by wen passing cause u nd to explain to mi witch straight man gonna dress like dis

  3. I just can’t believe what my eyes is looking at, who told him that was remotely fashionable like please tell me, why! His woman should never allow him to leave out the house with her clothes on… I’m all about having your own fashion sense etc but for a man should never decided to transform woman clothing to his liking. SMDH

  4. You can’t place him Inna batty man straight man lesbian dyke or butch categories. Him and EJ Johnson need fi sit together nicely and neatly somewhere oVA yonder. My gosh. Mi vision a go spoil up before MI reach ole age.

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak BUT WAIT WHAT IS THAT Round HIM WAIST DOE????? Hellppppppppppp…I’m done ….so wait is a scawwwwf and shawwwl dat???? No ┼čah….

  5. Tings An times change gone are the days of Sandokan,claudia Massop etc nuh real
    Badman nuh deh again.
    Dem battybwoy weh ah guh dance couldn’t suh bright dem couldn’t pass fe borderline
    Wid dem freaky lifestyle an fashion.
    As far as mi see yah know 3quarter ah de man
    Dem ah f**k batty de whole ah de man Dem
    Feminize starter.
    It sad fe see de little island gone suh nasty pussy dem wire fe de whole ah uno

  6. @met the wrappa,bad and mean . Mi love fashion but wouldn’t tink of this one. I think he is happy so let’s just be happy for him/ she .@met yuh si wey Bruce jenner aka caitlyn jenner cause??a this yuh call expression. A must nanny daughter him dey with bravery must runs into her family. Fi him woman a real hero.

  7. Met,Sometimes people seem to be sane but really do have an underlying mental problem.

  8. Chin mi bway a you cause all a dis pon u self mi boi. U always do u ting different but breda deh one yah nuh cut it. Barda line fish flex. It nuh luk gud. U is a embarrassment to you kids not even anybody else bUT jus u kids

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